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A blue 2024 Hyundai Santa Cruz for sale is shown driving off-road.

Five Awesome Aspects of the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s Bed

Drivers love finding a Hyundai Santa Cruz for sale, as it’s an innovative, compact truck that will make you rethink everything you know about this segment. On the market since 2022, the truck has already made quite a splash.

In fact, if you’ve seen this truck on the road, you might have asked yourself what kind of vehicle it even was. Is that a car? An SUV? A truck? It sort of operates and feels like all of the above, actually. Its unique unibody body frame comprises a cab that transitions seamlessly into the bed for an almost SUV-like profile. However, its compact bed is one of the highlights of this truck; it’s unlike any bed you’ve ever seen.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz’s compact bed is creating tons of buzz. It might be small in dimensions, but it is mighty in its capabilities. Below, we will go over five awesome features of the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bed that will make you fall in love with this pickup. In fact, you might not even find yourself wanting a larger bed!

1) A Built-In Cooler

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is ready to transport and preserve the food and beverages you need to make your adventures and workdays more enjoyable. Having a built-in cooler comes in handy in so many situations. When you are tailgating, you can stash your adult beverages in here so they are always crisp and refreshing. When you are taking the Hyundai Santa Cruz to the beach for a day of surfing, you will love returning to ice-cold drinks after a long day in the sun.

Are you headed out for a camping trip? Leave your bulky cooler at home and save the cargo space for your other gear, like tents and portable grills. You can keep the hydration you need in this bed. This is also an excellent feature for those who need refrigerated medication. Plus, with a built-in cooler, you aren’t limited to non-perishable food and snacks. When you can’t stand the idea of any more trail mix or beef jerky on your hiking excursions, you will love having fresh fruit or yogurt in the cooler.

So, the obvious question is: how do you empty the cooler out when you are done using it? Well, the cooler has a built-in drain! So when your ice has melted and your sustenance has been enjoyed, just open the drain and let the water out. Enjoy having fresh ice for hours with the built-in cooler in the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bed.

A Tonneau cover is shown on a blue 2024 Hyundai Santa Cruz HTRAC 2.5T while driving on a dirt path.

2) A Tonneau Cover

The bed of your Santa Cruz has several useful features and storage areas, but the Tonneau cover is a major selling point of this truck for a lot of buyers. This cover slides back at the push of a button when you want to access the contents of your truck bed. It is resistant to snow, rain, wind, and other elements, so you can feel confident that, when unexpected weather hits, the items in your bed will remain dry and safe. This bed is lockable, too, so when you cannot monitor your pickup, you can be certain that the contents in your bed are secure.

Many drivers note the almost nonexistent profile of this cover. That is thanks to its ultra-lightweight design, which boosts the aerodynamics of the vehicle and fuel economy. When looking at the truck from the side, you cannot tell that the cover is there even when it is extended.

More traditional covers on pickup beds are heavy and bulky and require two people for removal or installation. Meanwhile, the Santa Cruz’s cover is minimalistic and super easy to use. You don’t even need to find somewhere to store it when you aren’t using it because it stores directly into the front wall of the bed!

3) Hidden Underfloor Storage

On days when you don’t want to cover your bed but do need to conceal valuables, take advantage of the underfloor storage. This gives you a discreet place to tuck away items you want to hide from peering eyes while your cover is open. Even when you aren’t concerned about theft, the underfloor storage opens up cargo possibilities, showing that this bed can hold more than you might have thought at first glance.

The underfloor compartment is also a great place for more fragile items that could easily be crushed by heftier things in your truck bed. Plus, you can add dividers to organize things like tools and other supplies here.

4) An Available 115-Volt Outlet

This is a very convenient feature to have when you are working or adventuring far away from the conveniences of civilization. Built right into the bed, this power outlet can easily charge devices like phones, tablets, and some small laptops. So when passengers are already using the USB port inside of the truck cab, you can sneak around to the back and plug in your items.

You’ll also love having this feature around camping trips when you want to get some work done on your laptop or stream a movie in the bed. Plus, it can charge single-serve coffee makers, so you can enjoy your preferred caffeinated beverage on the road. You can also plug a small electric griddle into a 115-volt outlet, so you can grill up hotdogs or flip pancakes wherever you are to feed your group.

Plug lights into the outlet to illuminate your work or play zone after the sun sets. You can even plug some gaming systems into this outlet for virtual fun wherever you are. There are plenty of ways to utilize this outlet; we’re just getting started.

A close-up of the bed on a blue 2024 Hyundai Santa Cruz is shown.

5) Sidewall Storage Bins

The storage does not stop at the traditional bed storage or the underfloor storage, as there are also two sidewall storage bins. When you have small items that you don’t want to be crushed by larger things in your bed, tuck them away in these covered bins.

Do note that these are not weatherproof, so if you do want these items protected from the elements, be sure to close the Tonneau cover. When you want to hang out in the truck bed for a movie night under the stars or as an alternative to sleeping in a tent, create more floor space by shoving items into these storage bins.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bed might appear small at first glance, but look closer and you’ll find thoughtful compartments throughout that’ll let you bring more than you can imagine along on your adventures.

Hyundai’s Small Bed With Big Personality

The compact Hyundai Santa Cruz is attracting a whole new driver demographic that might have never otherwise considered driving a pickup truck. While its profile might lead you to believe that it doesn’t keep up with more traditional beds in terms of cargo capacity, dive into this unique truck and you’ll see that simply isn’t true.

Drivers can enjoy the maneuverability and fuel economy of a small SUV with tremendous bed cargo capacities in this excellent compact pickup. You’ll rethink everything you know about pickups once you’ve experienced this model’s innovative design. Whether you are looking into a truck for recreational purposes, work, daily driving, or some combination of the lot, the Santa Cruz’s unique bed can keep up with your demands.