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Hyundai Proves Commitment to Safety in 2017 Santa Fe

Hyundai has continued to prove that its vehicles are among the safest options in the class. This dedication to passenger safety is clear in the 2017 Santa Fe, with the midsize SUV earning the best possible ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the Moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, head restraint and seat tests. Meanwhile, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration handed the vehicle a five-star overall safety rating.

If it’s even possible, the 2017 Santa Fe may be even safer than previous versions. Hyundai included the Automatic Emergency Braking system, and the brand has also been pushing to have the technology included in all of its vehicles. Of course, there’s an assortment of additional safety features, including a Blind Spot Detection system, a Multi-view Camera system, and even Dynamic Bending Light.

If you prioritize safety over any other feature or capability, you’ll be impressed by the 2017 Santa Fe’s variety of preventative and protective safety technologies. Before we focus on each individual feature, let’s first explore Hyundai’s commitment to safety…

Dedication to Passenger Safety

Hyundai has been one of the most outspoken proponents of making Automatic Emergency Braking technology a standard feature in all new cars. Brands from around the automotive industry have teamed up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and the group’s unified goal is to have these systems installed in all vehicles by 2022.

Automatic Emergency Braking systems rely on radar and cameras to sense when another vehicle, pedestrian, or stationary object has entered a vehicle’s path. The technology will alert the driver via audible and visual cues, and if that ultimately fails, the unit will automatically manipulate the brakes to avoid a potential accident. This technology is already included in a number of Hyundai’s current vehicles, including the Santa Fe, Sonata, Tucson, Elantra, and Genesis. Hyundai touts that the system is capable of “full brake-force stopping power from 5 to 50 mph.”

“Providing effective safety technology is essential for our customers,” said Mike O’Brien, the vice president of corporate and product planning for Hyundai Motor America. “With all our new models, we are ushering in new standards for safety, featuring technology proven most effective in preventing accidents in the first place, and reducing injuries should an accident occur.”

The Santa Fe’s Other Safety Technologies

Of course, the Hyundai Santa Fe offers a variety of additional safety features that will prevent accidents or keep drivers safe in the event of a collision.

Lane-Switching Features


You understand the dangers of having another driver traveling in your blind spot. If you decide to switch lanes, you may find yourself in a wreck.

Thanks to the Blind Spot Detection system, the Santa Fe will alert drivers of any vehicles that crept up beside them. Using built-in radar, the technology will alert the driver, via visual and audible warnings, to any cars in their blind spot. The accompanying Lane Change Assist will monitor how fast other vehicles are approaching, alerting drivers when it’s best to shift out of their current lane.

The Lane Departure Warning serves a similar purpose, although it’s intended to keep you in your desired lane. If you begin losing focus on the road and drift into another lane, the Santa Fe will immediately warn you to adjust.

Rear Parking Assistance


Reversing your vehicle can be difficult, and many drivers find themselves in small fender benders due to a careless mistake. Thanks to the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (via the Blind Spot Detection system), the Santa Fe will warn the driver when it’s unsafe to back out of their spot. Meanwhile, the rear parking sensors situated in the rear bumper will monitor your proximity to other vehicles as you’re reversing. This will be especially helpful for parallel parking.
Of course, the Multi-view Camera System will also help in these situations. With four cameras surrounding the entire vehicle, drivers have access to a 360-degree perspective of their ride. You can view what’s going on in front of your vehicle, behind, to the side…you can even check out an aerial viewpoint of the SUV.

Smart Cruise Control


Ever felt the urge to just take a brief break while driving? The Smart Cruise Control allows you to take your foot off the gas or brake without compromising safety. Featuring stop/start technology, the Sante Fe will sense your distance from other vehicles, keeping a safe gap between you and another driver. The system is even capable of coming to a complete stop if necessary, and it will resume driving once traffic picks back up.

Electronic Parking Brake

Live in a hilly neighborhood? The electronic parking brake will make securing your Santa Fe a breeze. Pulling a switch near the center console will activate the system, keeping your vehicle in place on steep inclines. When you decide to deactivate the system, the ‘Hold’ technology will automatically apply the brake as you get situated in your car.

Plus, if you push the gas pedal, the system will deactivate, so you’ll never accidently drive off with your parking brake on. The Santa Fe is seemingly prepared for everything, taking away plenty of needless responsibilities from the driver.

Dynamic Bending Light

When driving on dark roads, you may find that your lights are just too dim to provide optimal visibility. The Santa Fe’s Dynamic Bending Light automatically adjusts the direction of the headlights when you turn the steering wheel, allowing drivers to see everything in their driving path. You’ll never have to fret when traveling on a dark road late at night thanks to this innovative safety feature.

Could you possibly ask for anything more? All of these innovative safety technologies couple with the Santa Fe’s sturdy and rigid body, and the interior is also equipped with a number of airbags.

It’s reasonable to be anxious while driving around with your family, especially children. You’ll want to be assured that all of the occupants are safe and secure. If you do find yourself in an accident, you don’t want anyone to suffer any injuries. Thanks to Hyundai’s commitment to passenger safety, you’ll know that all of the SUV’s occupants are in good hands.