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Welcoming the 2024 Chevy Equinox EV as the Ambassador to the Electric World

For a brief moment, it seemed like maybe this electric vehicle (EV) takeover wasn’t going to happen the way we thought it would. Major automotive manufacturers came out with talk of an all-electric future. Chevy introduced their plan for a smaller carbon footprint, which included the electrification of some pretty unusual choices. An electric Silverado […]

How a Midsize Truck Can Bring Big Time Joy: The 2024 Ford Ranger vs 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Off-roading is one of those things that drivers either enjoy every once in awhile, obsessively adore, or passionately avoid. If you are in the last category, the 2024 Ford Ranger vs 2024 Toyota Tacoma are still excellent choices for mid-size trucks. Each provides plenty of enjoyable drivability, adequate power and performance for their class, and […]

Why the 2020 Ford Escape is One of the Most Reliable Used SUVs On the Pre-Owned Market

Some would say there is no better automotive band than Ford, with their invention of one of the first commercialized cars setting the stage for the automotive industry and its evolution over the past century. Although two Germans developed the first gasoline-powered automobiles eleven years before Henry Ford produced the Quadricycle, the Ford brand is […]

For the Last Time: The 2023 Chevy Colorado and the 2023 GMC Canyon Are NOT the Same!

We are living in a world in which smaller trucks like the Colorado and Canyon are becoming increasingly popular. While bulky full-size pickups have long been favored for their capability, lighter trucks are now being revered for their peppiness and maneuverability. While they can’t move massive loads like their bigger brothers, the Silverado and Sierra, […]