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A person is shown riding on a black and white 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S.

The Black Sheep: How the 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Steals the Stage

What immediately comes to mind when you think of a Harley-Davidson cruiser? Most riders imagine a bike dripping in chrome as its V-Twin engine produces the classic Harley-Davidson rumble. It’s easy to envision because Harley-Davidson has built its reputation around these elements for the last century. However, the 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S proves the revered motorcycle manufacturer is capable of far more.

The 2023 Low Rider S is the black sheep of the Harley-Davidson cruiser lineup. Although it lives up to every standard of a traditional cruiser, it differentiates itself in several ways and showcases how important even the smallest details are in designing a motorcycle. What do we mean? Here’s a closer look at those details and why the 2023 Low Rider S is an iconic cruiser capable of turning heads with its West Coast style and jaw-dropping performance.

A West Coast Flair: Skipping the Chrome

The Low Rider name isn’t new to the Harley-Davidson lineup. The manufacturer introduced the Low Rider in the late 1970s. This first-generation Low Rider answered the growing demand for a cruiser with a sporty chassis and a more potent engine. Riders wanted more power without compromising the cruiser styling, and Harley-Davidson delivered. Today, the 2023 Low Rider S adds a unique twist to that design with its West Coast aesthetic.

Rather than being draped in chrome, the 2023 Low Rider S rolls off the Harley-Davidson production line with blacked-out elements that complement the standard Vivid Black or optional White Sand Pearl finish. The Vivid Black bike starts at $18,199, with the White Sand Pearl adding $525 to the sticker price. Either way, the bike is a beauty with unique details that enhance its styling. For example, the vintage Harley-Davidson logo on the tank pays homage to the Harley-Davidson race bikes of decades past. Likewise, Harley-Davidson maintains the bike’s sleek silhouette by mounting the speedometer to the handlebar, giving you vital performance insights without compromising the West Coast style.

An Engaging Riding Position: Your Experience in the Saddle

As a cruiser, the 2023 Low Rider S is a lightweight powerhouse that measures 93.1 inches long and weighs 679 pounds in running order. Harley-Davidson differentiates the cruiser by its riding position to deliver a more aggressive and engaging experience in the saddle. For example, the laden seat height is 27 inches and can accommodate riders of all heights. The bike’s lower center of gravity complements this position, giving you more stability and control over the nearly 700-pound cruiser.

Harley-Davidson takes the cruiser’s design even further by moving the foot controls to the middle. This repositions your feet and heightens the bike’s agility and handling. Adding the moto-style drag bars completes the aesthetic, with Harley-Davidson mounting the one-inch handlebar on four-inch risers. The result is a distinct riding position that enhances your control and reflects the bike’s signature West Coast styling.

Plenty of Power: The Signature V-Twin Rumble

A Harley-Davidson cruiser is expected to offer jaw-dropping power and pure thrills in the saddle, and the 2023 Low Rider S is no exception. Even as a black sheep of the Harley-Davidson cruiser family, the Low Rider S roars to life and delivers the expected rumble of a V-Twin-powered road hog. Harley-Davidson outfits the 2023 Low Rider S with its Milwaukee-Eight 117, a high-performance V-Twin engine that sets new standards of performance across the industry.

The Milwaukee-Eight 117 features precise air and oil cooling that optimizes its performance at any speed and condition. With a maximum torque output of 125 lb-ft at 3,500 RPM, the Low Rider S roars to life as its two-into-two offset shotgun exhaust delivers the classic V-Twin rumble. Harley-Davidson gives you even more control over the bike’s handling and ride quality via the preload adjustable mono-shock, which encourages you to go the distance as the Low Rider S modestly sips fuel and averages 47 MPG. The bike’s five-gallon fuel tank guarantees you will spend more time in the saddle and less at the pump.

A close-up on the gas tank of a black and white 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S is shown.

Going the Distance: Cruising Made Easy

Many people assume that cruisers are designed solely for getting around town in style. While that’s the case for many cruisers, Harley-Davidson ensures the 2023 Low Rider S isn’t limited to the city limits. Instead, Harley-Davidson delivers a cruiser that feels at home everywhere it travels.

The Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine ensures the 2023 Low Rider S has plenty of power, but Harley-Davidson gives you more opportunities to enjoy this power at any speed. The Low Rider S shines in the city, but its integrated cruise control also makes long-distance riding more enjoyable and hassle-free. The feature ensures you have everything necessary to explore life beyond the city limits in the saddle, setting the cruise control and genuinely enjoying the ride as you chase the horizon on the Low Rider S.

Bringing Your Cruiser Dreams to Life: Plenty of Ways to Customize

The 2023 Low Rider S has a distinct West Coast style, but Harley-Davidson ensures that styling doesn’t eliminate further customization options. After all, Harley-Davidson is renowned for its customizable bikes, and the 2023 Low Rider S shares that characteristic. We see that in the bike’s expansive catalog of accessories and modifications, from Screamin’ Eagle Performance parts to its various packages and saddle, footpeg, and handlebar upgrades.

Riders looking to begin the customization process can opt for the 2023 Low Rider S with the Coastal Package. This package adds a Vivid Black Quarter Fairing, End-Game Rider Footpegs, and a Bevel Solo Seat. It also includes a Flat-Out Bar and Get-A-Grip Hand Grips, which complement the bike’s streamlined silhouette and aggressive riding style.

You can also take the cruiser’s performance to the next level with Screamin’ Eagle Performance components. Harley-Davidson makes it simple to increase the Milwaukee-Eight 117’s output with stage kits that lessen the learning curve and make boosting the cruiser’s performance straightforward and hassle-free. From the stage kits themselves to the individual components, the Screamin’ Eagle catalog is expansive and guarantees you get the most from your Low Rider S every mile and adventure ahead.

A close-up on the handles of a 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S is shown.

Enter the World’s Most Revered Motorcycle Legacy

West Coast cruisers are widely popular because of their sleek silhouettes, potent engines, and engaging powertrains. However, not all West Coast cruisers are created equally. Some, like the 2023 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, are legions better than others because they offer more than pure thrills in the saddle.

Harley-Davidson does something truly remarkable with the 2023 Low Rider S by showcasing how the smallest details make a vast impact. We see this in the cruiser’s impeccable styling and how it serves dual purposes, from the moto-style handlebar to the mid-mount footpegs that give the bike its West Coast aesthetic and heighten your control and experience in the saddle. Yet, the perks don’t stop there.

When you ride a 2023 Low Rider S, you’re also investing in one of the most revered motorcycle brands in the world. You gain entry into the Harley-Davidson legacy that’s shaped the motorcycle landscape over the last century. This invitation adds to the cruiser’s incredible value and gives every rider bragging rights that complement the head-turning style of this West Coast powerhouse.