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A black 2021 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 is shown from the front while parked.

8 Reasons to Choose Harley-Davidson Certified for Your Next Bike

As America’s most beloved motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson is constantly finding ways to improve its lineup and better meet rider needs. For years, finding a Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson near you was impossible because Harley-Davidson didn’t have a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. Instead, riders were relegated to shopping for used models that may or may not have been thoroughly vetted or inspected by the dealer. While shopping for a used Harley-Davidson still isn’t a bad idea, the manufacturer found a way to improve the experience by introducing its Certified Pre-Owned program in 2021.

Today, shopping for a CPO Harley-Davidson is as easy as finding a Certified Pre-Owned car, truck, or SUV. Like automakers, Harley-Davidson requires its CPO models to pass higher standards for quality and dependability before earning the Harley-Davidson Certified title. These bikes also have additional warranty coverage and plenty of other unique benefits, which adds to their value and appeal. Whether you’re a long-time Harley-Davidson fan looking to get in the saddle of your next motorcycle or a new rider looking to invest in a pre-owned model for your first bike, here’s everything you can expect from a CPO Harley-Davidson road warrior.

#1 – Mileage and Age Matter

Just as a newer vehicle with low mileage is more appealing when shopping for a used car, age and mileage matter when investing in a pre-owned motorcycle. However, motorcycle miles are different from car miles, which is something Harley-Davidson recognizes with the stringent requirements of its Certified Pre-Owned program. For example, every CPO Harley-Davidson must be less than five model years old and have fewer than 25,000 miles on it to even qualify for the Harley-Davidson Certified program. This is considerably more selective than the CPO programs you will find from car manufacturers. While bikes can log hundreds of thousands of miles given proper care, these strict limits ensure you can enjoy your Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson longer without worry.

A red 2022 Harley-Davidson Street Glide is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has a Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson near you.

#2 – High Quality Standards

The second most important factor that the Harley-Davidson Certified program looks at is the bike’s operating condition. For example, a used motorcycle may only have 12,000 miles on the clock, but it could have been pushed to its limits every mile without being adequately maintained. In contrast, a bike with 20,000 miles may have a pristine maintenance history, making it far more appealing and more likely to serve you well for many years and miles down the road.

When buying a used bike from a private seller, there’s no guarantee of the bike’s operating condition. Instead, you’re forced to rely on your instincts and glean as much information as possible from the seller. Even then, the seller may not tell (or even know) the entire story, which can lead to buyer’s remorse if you discover a long list of problems after the sale.

Buying from a dealership means you are far less likely to wind up with a true lemon. However, most dealers sell used bikes that would not meet the standards of the Harley-Davidson Certified program. This isn’t because they are trying to cheat you but simply because some shoppers are willing to accept a higher level of risk in order to save money or may even be looking for a “project bike” to work on and restore to full running order.

Harley-Davidson mitigates the risks of buying used with its Certified Pre-Owned inspection process. Every CPO Harley-Davidson must pass a 110-point Quality Assurance Inspection. During the process, certified technicians assess the bike, looking at its cosmetic, mechanical, and functional features to ensure it meets the program’s high standards before earning its certified badge.

#3 – Clean Histories

As part of the inspection and vetting process, Harley-Davidson also looks at a bike’s history to determine its eligibility. For example, if a bike has an open recall or a blocked VIN, it’s immediately disqualified. The same is true for bikes that have been involved in major collisions or haven’t been properly maintained, such as those with no history of receiving routine scheduled service. In addition, models that have aftermarket modifications to the engine, transmission, chassis, or electrical components are also ineligible for the Harley-Davidson Certified program.

#4 – Factory Warranty Coverage

Buying a used bike is a fantastic way to get in the saddle and save money. However, a used bike usually comes with a degree of risk because most aren’t backed by a warranty. Instead, you’re responsible for covering any repairs or related expenses, which can be costly. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson Certified mitigates those expenses with its Certified Pre-Owned warranty coverage.

Every CPO Harley-Davidson is backed by a factory Limited Powertrain Warranty. With this warranty, you will enjoy 12 months and unlimited miles of coverage on the engine and transmission. This protection gives you peace of mind as you navigate the road, whether you’re a veteran rider or getting in the saddle for the first time.

#5 – HOG Membership

Why are you drawn to the Harley-Davidson name? Since opening its doors in 1903, Harley-Davidson has established a loyal following of riders. It’s carved its niche by attracting all types, from doctors and lawyers to librarians and teachers to plumbers and electricians. These riders are bound by the camaraderie of the Harley-Davidson family, the manufacturer’s reputation for rebellion, and the constant pursuit of open-air freedom in the saddle.

Harley-Davidson’s Certified Pre-Owned program celebrates that camaraderie. Every CPO Harley-Davidson motorcycle comes with a one-year national membership to the Harley Owners Group (HOG). Members gain access to local HOG chapters, the Ladies of Harley group, The Enthusiast Magazine, and free entry into the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. The membership also includes a host of side benefits, including RIDE 365 challenges, a HOG patch and pin, EagleRider rentals and tours, AT&T wireless discounts, HOG merchandise, and access to rallies and events across the country.

#6 – Roadside Assistance

Harley-Davidson gives you more confidence in the saddle and peace of mind on every journey with access to its roadside assistance program. As part of your HOG membership, Harley-Davidson roadside assistance means help is always just a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For example, your Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle has one year of complimentary service coverage. This coverage can get your bike back on the road with fuel delivery or have it transported to the nearest Harley-Davidson dealership for any necessary repairs. You can also extend this coverage and your peace of mind with various packages and plans.

A red 2022 Harley-Davidson Street Bob is shown from the front at an angle.

#7 – Hassle-Free Financing

One of the most stressful parts of buying a motorcycle is securing financing. Fortunately, purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson isn’t complicated. Harley-Davidson guarantees a hassle-free shopping experience with easy financing whether you’re purchasing from a dealer or a private party. Buying a Harley-Davidson Certified bike means you have access to Harley-Davidson financing with competitive rates and special offers.

#8 – Make It Your Own

Harley-Davidson carved its niche in the industry by giving riders more opportunities to customize and modify their bikes. Although a new Harley-Davidson is enticing because you have every opportunity to customize it to your needs, a Certified Pre-Owned model comes with a story and the chance to start a new chapter. You can make any CPO Harley-Davidson motorcycle your own with genuine factory parts and accessories, which you can roll into your loan during the financing process. As a result, you can get in the saddle of a bike you love and customize it to match your style and riding needs at a fraction of the price.