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Buy New or Used?

All too often, our older cars leave us high and dry, and typically they do so when we’re about 100 kilometres away from the nearest civilization in the depths of the Canadian wilderness. So if you’re in the market or could potentially be soon, your local Nissan dealer has great new and used inventories for […]

Can a Minivan Be Luxurious? The 2022 Chrysler Pacifica Proves It’s Possible

Your growing family deserves luxury transportation, but from experience, you’ve learned that luxury often comes at a premium. Maybe you’d rather spend your money elsewhere, like making meaningful memories traveling. Fortunately, Chrysler shares that mentality—and proves you can have the best of both worlds with models like the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica. This best-selling minivan achieves […]

Off-Roading 101

Maybe you have a new friend who lives for the mud spatters, and you’d like to understand off-roading enough to have a conversation. Maybe you went off-roading for the first time last summer, and you find that you have fond memories of it. Or maybe you’re thinking that you’d like to try it out yourself, […]

Which Toyota Is Right for You?

When you first start shopping for your next car, the massive number of options available to you can feel pretty overwhelming. I’ve found that what helps is narrowing down your options with big-picture decisions to let you focus on just a couple of models that fit the right category for what you’re looking for and […]