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A white 2023 Nissan Armada for sale is shown driving off-road.

Enhance Your Nissan Armada With These Great Add-Ons

Your search for a full-size SUV may have led you to the Armada, one of the most capable and eye-catching models from the respected Nissan brand. With so many benefits to driving this vehicle, including a powerful engine capable of towing up to 8,500 lbs, a spacious interior with up to 92.6 cu. ft. of room for gear, and exceptional tech and safety features, the Armada has everything going for it. There are ways to add even more value to this popular model; if you’re looking at a Nissan Armada for sale, then you’ll want to pay careful attention to some of the features that can make a serious impact on your journey. So, are there any available packages or upgrades you should strongly consider when shopping for the Armada? The answer is absolutely, and here are a few of the best additions to the Armada that will make your time in the driver’s seat phenomenal in every way.

The Midnight Edition

The Midnight Edition enshrouds the Nissan Armada in sultry elements designed to add an allure to this practical machine that can’t be ignored. Black features accentuate this full-size SUV from front to back, allowing it to stand out from–or disappear into–the crowd. With a sleek black grille, blacked-out Nissan badging, and exclusive Midnight Edition styling enhancements, this Armada is more captivating than ever, adding intensity to your travels in undeniable ways. Its 20-inch 12-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels showcase a machined, black-painted finish, adding even more mystique to its exterior presence, and with black skid plates, roof rails, and more dark elements, this special edition commands attention on the streets.

Inside, black interior trim and a black headliner, specialized carpeted floor mats, and an overall sultry flair surround you, adding a more understated and sophisticated appeal to this versatile everyday traveler. If you want to take your style game to the next level, opting for the Midnight Edition will surely turn heads on the road. From its black bumpers to its exclusive badging, the Midnight Edition stands out, offering intense appeal to your ride like you never imagined.

The white interior of a 2023 Nissan Armada is shown.

Luxury-Grade Appointments and Convenience Features

The inside of the Nissan Armada is exceptionally designed with three rows of seating, space for up to eight, and plenty of room for all of your cargo. To make your ride even more appealing, the Armada offers available features to elevate comfort on board including quilted leather-appointed first and second-row seats, heated seats, and a heated steering wheel to provide a cozy oasis on the road. Opt for second-row captain’s chairs and enhance your passengers’ comfort as you make your way to your next destination. Available one-touch power-folding third-row seats allow you to maximize cargo capacity on board, while an available power liftgate helps you load your Armada up with ease, especially when you’re carrying too much and need an extra set of hands. Whether you’re searching for optimal elegance or heightened convenience, the Armada can be kitted with the necessary equipment to impress you during any type of travel scenario.

Cameras and Driver Assistance Tech

If you’re drawn to innovative tech, then you’ll be captivated by the available add-ons you’ll find in the Nissan Armada. Its Intelligent Around View Monitor helps with everything from hitching up a trailer for towing to making your way through crowded parking lots, providing you with a crystal-clear view of what surrounds your vehicle. Its Intelligent Rear View Mirror watches out for what’s happening behind you, making it ideal for when you’re traveling through unfamiliar territory or maneuvering out of a busy parking lot.

Various driver assistance features are included in the Armada, but available features further improve your time behind the wheel. Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention helps you avoid making contact with a vehicle in your blind spot while you’re changing lanes by gently braking and leading you back until it’s safe to change lanes. You’ll also find Intelligent Back-Up Intervention to keep you from striking an object behind you while you’re attempting to back out of a parking space, applying the brakes and keeping you and those traveling around you safer. There are plenty of additional assistance features that can be found in the Armada’s arsenal, which makes it a favorite for families and everyone else looking for optimal safety on the road.

Trailering Help

The Nissan Armada’s powerful 5.6L V8 engine is capable of towing up to 8,500 lbs, which makes it the ideal travel companion, whether you’re loading your boat up for a day out on the lake or hauling your camper for some time out in nature. The Armada is armed with an auto-leveling suspension system, which helps provide immense control, even on rough terrain; however, when you want more out of its trailering capabilities, the Armada’s list of available features delivers. Trailer Sway Control can expertly manage your trailer, applying the brakes when needed, especially on open highways or during windy conditions to maximize control. An integrated Trailer Brake Controller can also be utilized to activate your trailer’s brakes to enhance stability so that you can remain effortlessly in control of your haul. No matter what type of haul you’re tackling, these available add-ons will help you maintain confidence and security on the road ahead.

A gray 2023 Nissan Armada is shown towing a trailer on a dirt road.

Intelligent 4×4 Capabilities

You don’t need to be an off-road adventurer to prefer four-wheel drive (4×4) capabilities in your vehicle. Even navigating through inclement weather is safer and more enjoyable when you’re taking advantage of these outstanding performance features. Opting to add the Intelligent 4×4 system to your Armada takes your ride to the next level, as you’re able to coast through rough terrain, snow-slicked roadways, and other challenges with increased finesse. Being able to cascade over different terrains with varying inclines makes it easy for the Armada to travel anywhere you want to go. Selectable drive modes help you fine-tune your experience, whether you’re battling a winter snowstorm or heading off-road to your favorite campsite, making the Armada ideal for any type of travel situation you can envision.

Advanced Tech Add-Ons

There’s plenty of tech that resides within the Nissan Armada, including a standard 12.3-inch infotainment display, but if you want more, then you can get it with the Armada’s available tech features. Available wireless charging and a 120-volt power outlet help keep all of your must-have devices ready to hit the road, while an optional Tri-Zone Entertainment System keeps your passengers occupied on even the longest of road trips. An available Bose premium audio system doesn’t just pump out the tunes with gorgeous clarity, it also adjusts your music levels to account for outside road noise so you’re able to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts without interruption. It’s no secret that technology is prioritized in the Armada, and with these additional features, crafting the ride you deserve is a given in this highly innovative machine.

Add Value to Your Drive

Whether you’re searching for extreme styling enhancements to make a statement on the streets, or helpful camera and driver assistance tech to add security and assurance to your drive, the Armada offers plenty of available features to optimize your experience on the road. You’ll find high-level luxury, expert trailering assistance, and impeccable 4×4 capabilities, not to mention cutting-edge tech add-ons to maximize your drive in every possible way. From taking the family camping to navigating your rush-hour commute in comfort, the Armada’s special packages and editions, plus add-on features, help craft the ride you desire. This is why many drivers gravitate toward the Nissan Armada when they want to improve their time on the open road, the trails, city streets, and anywhere they yearn to venture next.