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Ford Focus Takes 2018 by Storm

The 2018 Ford Focus is a fun driving experience. It’s a great car for long distance road trips because it’s roomy, and it gets great gas mileage and has excellent performance. The ride itself, especially at high speeds, is completely smooth and quiet—perfect for alternating driving shifts while the passenger takes a nap. The hatchback version of the Focus is great for storing larger amounts of cargo you may need for a vacation (clothes, camping gear, etc.). The Ford Focus doesn’t have to just be a road trip car, though. The Focus is a durable and reliable machine that will serve you in any capacity you may need. Let’s meet your new set of wheels!



The Ford Focus is available as both a hatchback and sedan. It comes in 10 different colors. Some of the hottest new colors are White Gold, Outrageous Green, Hot Pepper Red, and Lightning Blue. The ST model is a performance-inspired version of the Focus made to look extra sporty and sleek for drivers who want some snazz. It comes standard with a bright-tipped center-exit exhaust that is truly one of a kind.

The ST also has lower valances and rocker moldings that make the vehicle more aerodynamic, and in the back, an eye-catching rear spoiler. The ST can be upgraded as well to include some slick 18-inch machined aluminum wheels with red brake calipers and black pockets.

The design of the RS model is inspired by the racetrack, and you can judge a book by its cover in this case because it performs like a racecar too. The SEL model simply looks classy, while the Electric looks smart and sophisticated. Whatever your flavor, there is most likely a 2018 Ford Focus model that fits your needs as well as your personality.



Tired of hacking at ice on the windshield while you count down the minutes until you’ve made yourself late to work? You can download a mobile app that allows you to start your 2018 Ford Focus while you are getting ready for work to get the engine warmed up for you. You can set the defroster to start deicing your windows well before you leave the house. You can even set the temperature of the vehicle to whatever you like so that your car interior is nice and cozy as soon as you hop in.

Other features include Electric Power Assisted Steering, SYNC® 3 for Apple and Android, a digital touch screen on the dashboard, a standard rear-view camera. With intelligent access push-button start, getting in and out of your car and starting it up is hassle-free. That means you’ll no longer have to fumble for or keep up with your keys again. The Titanium model offers active park assist for those who are incapable of parallel parking (don’t be ashamed—there are tons of us) or those who just prefer not to. The Focus even has USB ports built into the dash for charging your electronic devices as you drive.



The 1.0L EcoBoost® engine has won first place in the sub 1.0L category for six years straight in the International Engine of the Year Awards. It’s a three-cylinder engine that is turbocharged and fuel injected, and it packs a healthy dose of horsepower. The 2018 Ford Focus is powerful but efficient and a lot of fun to drive.

The 2.0L High Output EcoBoost® engine that comes standard in the Focus ST model is direct injected and turbocharged, and it has plenty of horsepower for superior handling and smooth acceleration. It’s got a high-pressure direct injection fuel system and finely tuned twin independent cam timing technology. We could keep explaining all the wonderful, technical, top-of-the-line features with their fancy names, but the point is that the ST is super fun to drive. It’s got the power and command of a sports car, and it can leave a Prius in the dust on the highway.



The fine craftsmanship of the design team is evident immediately when you sit down in the car for the first time. The interior is subtle and classy. The lighting is ambient and nonoffensive. The interior of the Titanium model is luxurious, with leather-trimmed power seats, an eight-way head restraint, heated seats, and a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel (that you would think is an unnecessary luxury unless you have it, and once you have it, you’ll never want a car that doesn’t have it). You can even add a Sirius XM navigation system for an additional cost, which is basically a GPS built into your dashboard touchscreen. One other cool thing about the Focus’ interior is the dual zone temperature control system, which allows the driver and the passenger to have different temperature preferences at the same time. Have that problem where you are always hot and your partner is always cold? Not anymore.



The Focus is also available as an electric car. It starts out around 4k more than the standard model, but the money that you will save in gas in years to come is well worth the investment in going electric. Not to mention, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your car isn’t destroying the world, one plume of carbon emissions at a time.

Going green is not going to fix the problem immediately, but if enough people make the switch, we will start to see some serious results, and our grandchildren might get a chance at having grandchildren that don’t have to live on the moon in some space colony or frantically design underwater cities because we destroyed the atmosphere of our planet. While that may seem a little dramatic, and it is strange to see a company that sells millions of petrol-powered cars step into the electric market, every time someone decides to go electric, that’s one less vehicle pumping out pollution. In big cities with lots of traffic, that pollution actually lessens people’s quality of life significantly. The Focus Electric has every bit as much power and performance as the standard or deluxe model editions of the Focus. In fact, the Electric has more horsepower than the standard-edition Focus.

Overall, the Ford Focus is a solid car. If you are in the market for a new car and want something that is both powerful and efficient, as well as safe and fun to drive, then the 2018 Ford Focus is worth looking into. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself.