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Ford: A True American Automobile

Ford is one of the most iconic American brands, and the company has revolutionized the way manufacturing operates across many industries. Ever since Henry Ford invented the Model T in 1908 and popularized the use of the assembly line to increase productivity, Ford has been at the center of innovation.  When you buy a Ford automobile, you’re not only getting a reliable, American-made car, you’re supporting a company that is committed to making the world a better place.

At Ford, helping the community is a top priority. Hear it from the people at Ford themselves: “We don’t just build cars at Ford. Our global community is a fundamental part of who we are, so we’re working to support hunger relief, encourage safe driving habits, introduce education innovations, and much more.” The results speak for themselves; the Ethisphere Institute rated Ford one of the world’s most ethical companies in 2017, and Universum voted Ford one of 2017’s most attractive employers.

Whether you’re looking to buy a high-quality pre-owned vehicle as a first car, upgrading to a larger vehicle for your growing family, or trading in your old Ford for something newer, your local Ford dealers can help you find the model that meets your needs. No matter what kind of vehicle you want, Ford has something for everyone. Whether you want a sedan, SUV, pickup truck, or even a commercial truck, Ford has crafted a quality, affordable car that is right for you.

Innovation: The Heart of America’s Economy

The very foundations of America’s economy rely on innovation and competition. Ford has been innovating in automobile technology since the company’s founding in the 1890s. To this day, the company is still consistently looking for new ways to improve automobile travel.

One of the best examples of Ford’s innovation is the F-150. This pickup truck is one of America’s bestselling vehicles for over 30 years, and Ford has improved on its classic truck with a new steel frame and a military-grade aluminum alloy body. These improvements make the new F-150 a powerhouse of strength and durability while decreasing the truck’s overall weight by as much as 700 pounds.

In addition to the new F-150, Ford has committed to using advancing technologies to create more environmentally sustainable vehicles. The company has invested $11 billion into converting its most iconic cars into electric vehicles. Ford will be one of the first automobile manufacturers to introduce a heavy-duty, hybrid utility vehicle—a hybrid F-150 slated for a 2020 release. In this way, the company is smashing stereotypes that electric and hybrid vehicles can’t get the job done. By 2022, Ford plans to have 40 hybrid or fully electric models available for purchase, joining their current line-up, which includes the C-MAX, the Fusion, and the Focus.

Safety: Committed to Protecting Your Family

Nothing is more important than keeping yourself and your family safe while on the road, and Ford agrees. That’s why they are committed to being a top-rated safety brand and making continued strides to protect drivers and passengers. Innovative technologies assist the driver in making safe choices and protecting all occupants of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Ford vehicles have a variety of potentially life-saving safety features. The Blind Spot Information System detects when another vehicle is occupying their blind spot, and Cross Traffic Alert notifies the driver of other cars approaching while they are backing up. The heated mirrors will come in especially handy during the frosty Ohio winters. The lane-keeping system and the reverse- and forward-sensing systems help drivers to stay in their own lanes and to parallel park their vehicles with ease. The electronic stability control helps to stabilize the vehicle during emergency maneuvers, and AdvanceTrac with RSC reduces the chances that the vehicle will roll over during accidents. The Safety Canopy deploys side airbags in the event of a flip or a side collision, while Ford’s SPACE Architecture structures the vehicles in such a way that diverts force away from the vehicle’s occupants during an accident. Finally, the BeltMinder and Tire Pressure Monitoring System alert the driver in the event of unsafe situations, such as an unfastened seat-belt or low tire pressure.

Ford received the award for car seat safety—the Car Seat Honor Roll—a high honor in overall vehicle safety. According to the announcement of the award-winners, only six vehicles received this honor out of the 84 that were tested. The vehicle that won the award for model year 2016-2017 was the 2017 Ford Escape. This SUV received top ratings in latch, infant, rear-facing convertible, forward-facing convertible, and booster. The Escape’s simple latch anchors, removable headrests, and reclining rear seats made properly installing car seats a breeze. Ford takes the cake for best in family safety and protecting your most precious cargo.

Community: A Company That Gives Back

Not only does Ford create innovative technologies and life-saving safety features, Ford takes its corporate responsibility seriously, giving back to communities on both a local and global scale. This commitment to bettering the world makes Ford a company you can feel good about supporting. The Ford Volunteer Corps does over 100,000 hours of community service around the world every year. Ford also sponsors a program called Ford Driving Skills for Life, which goes beyond the average driver education practices to create a new generation of safer drivers. On an international level, specially-equipped Ford Endeavors brought healthcare to people in the remote villages of India’s Tamil Nadu region.

No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking for, Ford will have something that meets your needs. A true American company, Ford is committed to innovation, safety, and improving the communities in which we live. Visit local Ford dealers in Ohio today, and take one of its award-winning, high-quality models for a test drive. We promise that once you drive a Ford vehicle, you won’t want to go back to the competition. Ford’s American-made innovative technologies, safety features, and environmental soundness in all models are a good fit for any driver. And you can feel good about buying a Ford automobile because you know you’re supporting American workers and a company that is committed to helping local and global communities flourish.