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Ford Dealership Near Me

Something for Everyone at a Ford Dealership

We as a society are extremely lucky to live in a world where we have the technology and resources to build such a variety of vehicles that everyone can feel satisfied with their driving experience. At a Ford dealership near you, you will be sure to find a model that every member of the family and every type of personality can enjoy. You may be thinking “but how can a Ford dealership near me really have everything?” and you would be right to show skepticism at such a grand statement, but the proof is in the facts, and the facts are in the Ford lineup.

The best way to display that a Ford Dealership near you has something for everyone is to list all the people Ford was made for, and exactly how it has helped their life.


For The Family

For the parents of the world, Ford has a fantastic line of SUVs that are spacious and are up for any amount of carpools and weekend vacations you and your family can handle. The storage space will allow parents to always be prepared for the unexpected situations that come with parenthood. Speaking of the chaos that is parenthood, with kids comes a mess, so look into a vehicle that offers an onboard vacuum to get all those nasty crumbs. The hands-free Liftgate system is also a popular feature these days that will make loading a piece of cake by a quick kick of the foot. Overall, the list of features that will make the lives of parents easier go on and on.

The parents aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the ride; the kids will have a blast too. One child-friendly feature to look out for are safety-belt clips that make seat belts more comfortable for children by pulling the strap away from their neck. It is also often overlooked that you should pick a vehicle that offers a window that is low enough for children to see through so that they do not start getting fidgety during long drives. Another feature is backseat storage spaces for all the things your kids love like toys, books, games, snacks, and drinks. For those kids that enjoy their gadgets, and who doesn’t, you can also get a USB connection in the back for easy charging, or invest in a DVD player for additional distractions. Finally, dual-zone automatic climate control and the plush seating in Ford vehicles will also stop the complaining about the level of comfort, and keep them feeling nice and cozy the entire ride, and hopefully help them nap.

The best vehicle options for the whole family include the Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, or Ford Edge.


For The Thrill Seekers

Adventure is out there, and you want the car that can help you embrace every second of it. Ford offers the best selection of powerful engines and incredible transmissions in order to produce thrilling speeds and smooth handling. Ford vehicles are also at the top of their class in towing capability so you can feel like a superhero every time you hitch it up.

The Ford Mustang is a true purebred sports car with incredible power with over 450 horsepower available if speed is your thing. If you are more so looking more for muscle then the Ford F-series or Ford Expedition will be the best place to look with a max towing capacity of an incredible 34,000 pounds for the heavy duty F-350.  Invest in a 10-speed automatic transmission with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive in order to gain the best handling ability.


For the Tech-Savvy

Technology is amazing, even more so when it is applied to our vehicles. Infotainment systems with touch displays are becoming standard in almost every vehicle being made these days, and these systems are backed with some amazing connectivity features.

The first thing the infotainment systems in Ford vehicles are capable of is to allow you to connect to Wi-Fi as well as your personal smartphone. This feature involves both Apple and Android brand phones. These connectivity features are branded by Ford as SYNC 3 which allows you to play music, pull up maps, make hands free calls and texts, and stay completely connected with the world around you in a safe and simple way while on the move. It also connects to SiriusXM Radio so that you can listen to over 150 channels from around the nation.

The second tech feature exclusive to Ford is the FordPass app which will allow you a number of accommodating features to improve your driving experience. With FordPass you can easily find parking and save the space in advance for your convenience. You can also find the cheapest fuel price in the area or along the route you plan to take. Additionally, you can keep up to date on every piece of vital information about your vehicle such as mileage, gas level, and tire pressure. If anything about this information seems worrisome, you can instantly use FordPass to make a service appointment and use FordPay to pay for it.

Honestly, these are only the top technology features that will make any tech-savvy buyer excited. There are plenty of other interesting, fun, and helpful tech features that make driving easy such as rain sensing wipers and memory power seating.


For the Overprotective

Safety is essential when driving a massive machine that can go over 100 mph. Ford takes safety seriously and has added a long list of features to many of its vehicles to ease your mind. Some of these features include cross-traffic alerts, lane-keep assist, park assist, automatic high-beams, and a front 180-degree camera with a washing system. This is in addition to the standard airbags and rear vision camera. Ford is also known for the tough body of its vehicles so even though a crash is unlikely with all of these features if the unthinkable does happen, you will still be secure in the strong structure and integrity of Ford’s enhanced vehicle body design.

Ford dealerships near you are always prepared to have a vehicle in stock that is fit for every type of person because everyone deserves that perfect vehicle.