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The Best Used Vehicles for the Outdoor Enthusiast

The outdoor life is part of our everyday life. Whether you’re traveling through the swamps or the woods, you’ll surely need a rugged vehicle that’s prepared to overcome the ever-changing and diverse terrain.

When shopping for that next new-to-you vehicle (which sounds so much better than “used car”) keep that outdoor lifestyle in mind with the model you select. Of course, this applies to anywhere you live. From Boston to L.A. to Atlanta, used car search should not only fit your lifestyle but even enhance it.

Below, we’ve explored some of the most adventurous used models commonly found.  No matter where you are


Jeep Cherokee XJ

This model is already well known for its off-roading prowess. However, if you’re pursuing a variation of the SUV that was produced during the 90s, you probably would expect many of the mechanical features to be compromised due to age. Well, that isn’t the case with a used Jeep Cherokee XJ, as the vehicle is still more than capable of traveling off the beaten path.

Specifically, the vehicle’s adventuring ability is as tough as the exterior look. The vehicle has the ability to overcome any odd obstacle, and the powerful engine should bail you out of any tricky situation. Sure, since you’re opting for a used model, you will probably have to add some new parts. Fortunately, inclusions like wheels and a lift kit won’t break the bank.

Ultimately, customers can expect to secure this particular SUV for around $4,000 depending on options and condition. That’s a hell of a bargain for an off-roading juggernaut.


Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

Regardless of what model year you opt for, we’re sure you’ll be happy with this adventurous vehicle. After all, Toyota’s engineers have always done an admirable job of assuring that the nameplate’s components are high-quality and reliable. Therefore, even if the vehicle is getting up there in age, you shouldn’t expect the ride to necessarily show any signs of decline.

The accompanying 4.7-liter engine that was featured under most of the Land Cruisers’ hoods is mighty, and owners should still expect solid horsepower and torque numbers. Surprisingly, this unit has also proven to be relatively fuel efficient, meaning you can save some extra money at the gas pump. Even the interior is top-notch, providing you with a comfortable riding experience.


Suzuki Grand Vitara

Don’t let the flashy design fool you. This vehicle is more than a commodity. Rather, it’s proven to be a perfectly logical target for those who are seeking a used adventuring vehicle. Specifically, the third-generation of the nameplate has proven to provide the best bang for your buck.

Both the four-cylinder and the six-cylinder engine provide all of the power you could possibly want, even despite the fact the third-generation Suzuki Grand Vitara is pushing 20-years-old. The accompanying mechanical aspects (like the solid rear axle and the manual or automatic transmission) lead to a smooth, consistent driving experience. This means the ride can even be used as a daily commuter.

Perhaps best of all, the SUV is relatively small. This doesn’t only make it fuel efficient, but it also makes it easier to maneuver through tight spaces. This will be especially important as you’re off-roading, as you’re never certain what obstacles you’re going to come across.


Ford Ranger XLT

How about a pickup truck? Sure, the Ford Ranger XLT’s aesthetics may be a bit outdated. However, if you’re solely focused on the drivability, you’ll be more than happy with this option (especially if you opt for a model that was released in the early-2000s).

This vehicle is mostly known for its reliability, as many Ford Ranger XLT owners are still driving their truck. While the engine could produce a bit more power, it still delivers enough torque to get you through any type of road conditions. Of course, it’s important to remember that some of the other parts don’t necessarily last all that long. If you’re going to be taking your Ranger off the beaten path, you might want to consider opting for new tires (at the very least).

Best of all, since Ford seemingly over-produced the nameplate, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find this pickup sitting on a dealership’s lot. Ultimately, you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than $5,000 for the ride, and any new parts shouldn’t stretch your wallet.


Mercedes Benz G500

If you’re pursuing a used vehicle because it’s an inexpensive alternative to a new SUV, then this is the perfect ride for you. Yes, considering the brand, you’ll still have to pay a pretty penny for this particular ride. Plus, the boxy look may not be for everyone. However, if you’re not worried about the exterior or the price tag, then you’re going to want to add this ride to your list of targets.

The vehicle is one of the most luxurious SUVs you’ll be able to find on the used market, and the sturdy, hand-crafted exterior will hold up under any conditions. In other words, if you’re planning a rugged excursion, your SUV will be more than ready to withstand the test.

As we noted, the vehicle will cost you a pretty penny. If you’re eyeing a version of the nameplate that was released in 2000 or later, you’ll have to budget at least $25,000. Of course, that’s a fine price to pay for one of the most luxurious used adventurers in the industry.


Land Rover LR3

Remember when Land Rovers were the hottest vehicles on the market? Well, now they’re practically littering used car dealerships, meaning you can easily secure one of these used vehicles for not much money. Plus, when you consider that this particular nameplate was available between 2004 and 2008, customers shouldn’t have to break the bank.

The vehicle includes a number of luxurious interior amenities, including leather seating and a wood trim. In other words, while you may be traveling through the woods, you’ll be able to stay comfortable. However, the vehicle is truly known for its off-roading prowess. Thanks to the five available terrain settings (including Sand, Grass, Gravel & Snow, Mud & Ruts, and Rock Crawl), you won’t have to be wary of any terrain that comes your way.