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2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

2018 Chevy Corvette – 24 Configurations

2018 is a landmark year for the Chevy Corvette, as it marks the 65th anniversary of the iconic performance vehicle. The Corvette appeared in the Motorama display at the New York Auto Show in 1953. After seeing how taken visitors were with the Corvette, GM developed a production version to be released to the public. With that, a true American legacy was born.
For the past 65 years, the Chevy Corvette has been an icon of the American roadway and within American popular culture. Only 300 Corvettes were made during the first model year, though that number increased tenfold the next year. Originally, the Corvette only came with a 150 horsepower straight-six engine and only included two luxury features; a heater and AM radio.
For its 65th anniversary, the Corvette is shaking things up a little. Far from the days when only two luxury features were available, the 2018 Chevy Corvette has 24 potential configurations to choose from, allowing you true customization of your dream sports car. We’ll take you through all of the various trims and configurations so you can see exactly what the all-new Corvette is bringing to the table.




The beginning of the expansive lineup of Corvettes is the Stingray 1LT. All versions of the Stingray have a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine with direct injection and active fuel management technology. This engine can be paired with one of two transmissions, either the standard seven-speed manual or an optional eight-speed automatic.

The trim has an aluminum frame, performance tires, and 19-inch front and 20-inch rear aluminum wheels. Other exterior features include front and rear performance brakes, polished aluminum exhaust tips, high-intensity discharge headlamps, outside heated power-adjustable mirrors, and solar ray light-tinted glass.

Interior features continue the luxury with dual-zone automatic climate control, GT bucket seats with magnesium frames, eight-way power-adjustable driver and passenger seats, cruise control, power door locks, keyless open and start, engine oil-life monitoring, power windows, and a rear vision camera. These creature comforts are paired with convenient technologies like a premium nine-speaker audio system, Chevrolet MyLink with an eight inch diagonal touch screen. Enjoy standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio along with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for up to seven devices.

This trim level comes in two versions, the coupe or the convertible.



This trim level includes all of the specs of the previous trim with some additional features. The 2LT comes with a 10-speaker audio system, power-adjustable side bolsters and lumbar seat controls for both the driver and the passenger, and heated and ventilated seats. Some other upgrades specific to the 2LT are a heads-up display, a theft-deterrent system with an independent power source, a removable luggage shade, and a curb view camera.

This trim also comes in both coupe and convertible versions.



The 3LT trim comes with everything that the 1LT and 2LT trims have with the added Chevrolet MyLink with a GPS navigation system that maps in both 2D and 3D, a leather-wrapped interior package, and a performance data recorder.

Like the above trims, this trim also comes in coupe and convertible versions.



The Z51 is a performance package that can be added on to any of the above trim levels in either the coupe or convertible versions. The performance package includes a variety of special features like a dry sump oil system, electronic limited-slip differential, larger front brakes with black calipers, specific shocks, springs and stabilizer bars, differential and transmission cooling, and an aero package to reduce lift for high-speed stability. Corvettes with this package have more finely tuned tires for better handling, grip and road-holding capability, HD cooling, slotted brake rotors, performance gear ratios, and optional Magnetic Selective Ride Control and Performance Traction Management.


Grand Sport


The 1LT is the base trim for the Grand Sport model of the 2018 Chevy Corvette, which tweaks some of the aesthetic features but mainly upgrades the vehicle in the performance department. It has the same 6.2 liter engine as the Stingray but adds five horsepower and five lb.-ft. of torque for a grand total of 460 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque. Other performance features unique to this trim are HID Xenon lighting with LED park and turn signal lights, a flat bottom leather-wrapped steering wheel, six-piston front and four-piston rear brakes, and signature 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels. This trim also makes standard some of the special performance features that were only options on previous trims, like the dry sump oil system, electronic limited-slip differential, higher specification shocks, springs and stabilizer bars, differential and transmission cooling, and magnetic selective ride control and performance traction management.

This trim also comes in either a coupe or convertible version.



This trim contains all of the performance features of the previous trim with some added features that are all about passenger comforts. Some of these special features include heated and vented seats with lumbar and wing adjustments, a 10-speaker premium audio system, universal home remote, auto-dimming mirrors, driver preference memory settings, and a head-up color display. You also get a curb view front camera to keep the bumper nice and pretty, a one-year subscription of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, an enhanced theft-deterrent package, a luggage shade, and cargo net.

The 2LT is also available in convertible and coupe versions.



The 3LT trim once again improves upon the interior luxury and adds the Corvette Performance Data Recorder and an integrated navigation system. Including all of the features of the previous trims, the 3LT has a leather-wrapped interior with leather seating surfaces and a suede microfiber upper interior trim.

This trim is available as a coupe or as a convertible as well.




The 1LZ trim of the Z06 model is the beginning of the most premium, luxurious, and top of the line Corvettes available. The trims get increasingly more luxurious and only improve upon the impressive performance of the previous trims. Standard on the 1LZ is the LT4 supercharged 6.2L V8 engine that has 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. It is mated to a seven-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching and launch control. Some additional performance features are Chevy’s Magnetic Selective Ride Control and Performance Traction Management.

The 1 LZ is also available in convertible or coupe versions.



Including all of the features of the previous trim, the 2LZ adds luxurious comforts such as lumbar and wing seat adjustments, heated and vented seats, embossed seat emblems, a 10-speaker audio system, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, front curb view cameras, a universal home remote system, auto-dimming mirrors, a driver memory package, enhanced theft-deterrent package, a luggage shade, and cargo net.

Find the 2LZ in coupe and convertible editions.



The last of the trims is the by far the best, as it is the pinnacle of luxury and performance. The 3LZ includes all of the performance and interior features of the previous trims with additional premium comforts and technologies included in the interior. Find a leather-wrapped interior, microfiber-wrapped upper interior trim, and leather seating surfaces in the 3LZ. The trim also includes an integrated navigation system and Chevy’s Performance Data Recorder.

Like all of the other trims, the 3LZ is available as a coupe or a convertible.


With 24 different configurations of the Chevy Corvette, it’s impossible to find one that you won’t like. To experience the magic of the 2018 Chevy Corvette for yourself, visit your local Chevy dealer.

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