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Different Ways to Buy a Used Car: CPO, Used, Under 10k

It might seem obvious when you first set out to buy a used car or truck that “used” only means one thing. You’d be wrong in that assumption, though. When you set out to buy a used vehicle, there are actually several different types or used vehicle categories and different ways to pay. These include [...]

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“Buy Here Pay Here” And How it Can Help You

Navigating the world of car buying can be overwhelming and intimidating, to say the least. While many of us are not quite car experts, it can feel like you’re entering the situation blind when you approach a dealership or inquire about your eligibility for a financing plan. We don’t understand all the terminology, and we [...]

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Your Alternatives to Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Buying a new or used vehicle can be tough for just about everyone, and if you have poor credit, then the process often seems impossible. This is why Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have become so popular - they give people who couldn't hope for traditional bank financing a chance to buy a new vehicle. [...]

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

What is Buy Here Pay Here? Tips To Save You from Financial Heartache

There are a lot of struggles when it comes to getting a reliable vehicle but hands down the most difficult to understand is the financial aspect. The confusion caused by financing can cause your head to spin and push you into buying a vehicle that is not right for you; or taking on a loan [...]

Buy Here Pay Here

What The Heck is Buy Here Pay Here?

Plenty of people out there have bad credit, whether it came from poor financial management at one point in their life, challenges of personal life or career difficulties, or even having their identity stolen by scammers. No matter how it comes to be, bad credit has the potential to haunt people for years, limiting their [...]

Buy Here Pay Here

Adjust Your Expectations Before Shopping Buy Here Pay Here

  Despite the cost (second only to that of a home, in most cases) the purchase of a vehicle is really no different than any other purchase. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a new TV, an outfit from Amazon or even a meal at a restaurant. Regardless of what we’re purchasing, an intelligent [...]

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When Buy Here Pay Here is Your Only Option

Buy Here Pay Here (or BHPH) car dealerships are a car buying option where the dealership sets up a loan and finances your car payments in-house. So instead of having a bank or an outside source put up the loan for your car like they do in major dealerships, BHPH dealerships finance the whole operation [...]

Fact v. Fiction: Buy Here Pay Here

Regardless of your walk of life or level of income, the experience of buying a car can be exhaustive in terms of your time, energy, resources and (of course) money. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to treat yourself by upgrading to a new model year offering or search through older inventory, car-buying can be [...]