A rendering of the 2021 BMW I4 in bright blue

Straight Outta 2021: Looking Forward to the BMW i4

Even as find ourselves edging toward December (and the new year, resting hot on its heels) it’s all-too-often that we find ourselves still talking about some of the things to come from October’s Paris Motor Show. The biennial event is, of course, of the oldest and most highly-anticipated showcases for all that is new and [...]

BMW for Sale

Why BMW is the Hero Luxury Cars Deserve

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind if Bruce Wayne was a real person, he would drive a BMW. BMW is the first brand that pops into people’s heads when they think of luxury vehicles, to the point where owning one is more than just owning a car; it’s a status symbol. A guy [...]

2018 BMW X5

Can the X5 Be a Good Off-Roader?

The right vehicle can make a drastic difference when out in nature off the beaten path. Some vehicles just aren't meant for off-road environments. They may lack the necessary engine and drivetrain or fail to provide the reliability that true off-roaders have. Choosing the wrong vehicle can be detrimental and unsafe. That is why it [...]


Common Sense Tips for Selling Your Car

So the time has come, and you are finally ready to sell your old car and trade it in for a brand-new model. While it sounds ridiculous to say, don’t feel silly if you are a little sad to be saying goodbye to your trusty old steed. After all, you and your car have been [...]


Top 3 Reasons to Buy the BMW 3 Series

When it comes to buying a BMW, you really can’t go wrong. Renowned for their impeccable engineering, agile handling and of course, their sleek sex appeal, the BMW family is comprised of truly spectacular models, including the X models and the M models. However, perhaps no other model line-up or series personifies the true beauty [...]

Bmw 3 Series

Why the BMW 3 Series Sedan Provides More Than “iPerformance”

The BMW 3 Series Sedan is one of the most impressive and unique sedans in the entire industry. One of the biggest reasons for this sentiment has to do with the nameplate’s classification as an iPerformance offering. This distinction means that vehicle provides unmatched power and capabilities via the many engine offerings. Ultimately, thanks to [...]

Why BMW?

A list of compelling reasons why so many drivers all over the world find themselves drawn to a BMW Dealership could (arguably) go on forever. After all, as far as high-end sedans go, BMW does an impeccable job of blending performance, all-wheel versatility, luxury styling and available technologies within an iconic, and perfectly on-brand design. [...]

Maserati Ghibli vs BMW 5 Series

In terms of styling, it is not uncommon for most of today’s automakers to blur the lines. From crossover SUV’s to sporty sedans, driveways, highways and dealerships are rife with cars designed to be ‘a little of this’ and ‘a little of that’. Follow any line to the top, and you can expect to see [...]

Exploring BMW’s Three Diesel-Capable Vehicle

There are a number of reasons why car buyers may pursue a vehicle with a diesel engine. These motors have proven more efficient than their gas counterparts, and they also require much less maintenance and repairs. If you're someone who may be pursuing a vehicle with a diesel engine, then you shouldn't ignore BMW's crop [...]