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A blue 2018 BMW X5 is shown from the front driving on an open road.

Everything You Need to Know About BMW Maintenance

Driving a luxury vehicle means that your travels are elevated in an indescribable way. From the opulence that surrounds you inside to the cushioned ride quality and powerful engine, a luxury vehicle takes your journey to a whole new level of exceptionalism. When drivers are looking to take advantage of modern luxury, they often turn to BMW to achieve it. If you’ve spotted a used BMW for sale near you, you may question whether or not it’s finally time to obtain this level of luxury for yourself. Buying used will help keep the initial cost down, but what about maintenance? When you’re thinking about the financial burden of buying a top-quality vehicle like a BMW, it helps to know exactly what to expect from a maintenance standpoint.

The BMW Maintenance Program

Every driver knows that if they want to get the most out of their vehicle, they need to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. After all, the quality and safety of your ride depend on it, which is why BMW makes it easy for new BMW owners to stick to their car’s maintenance needs through its comprehensive maintenance plans. This, in turn, means that used BMW models are often in impeccable condition. New BMWs are covered under one of the best maintenance programs in the industry, and this quality is present when these models hit the used BMW lot.

BMW models from 2017 and newer come with what’s called BMW Ultimate Care. This program is active for the first three years or 36,000 miles, whichever is reached first, and covers all scheduled maintenance. For vehicles that are a little bit older, rest assured that they were also protected, as models from 2015 and 2016 came with what BMW calls its BMW Maintenance Program, which is active for four years or 50,000 miles. While second owners are not eligible to receive any remaining complimentary maintenance, used car buyers still benefit from this coverage because it means the first owner likely maintained the vehicle well.

When you own a BMW, you have the opportunity to drive one of the most sophisticated and refined vehicles in existence. Even if you’re looking for a used vehicle to save a bit of money, you should still maximize your vehicle’s performance by working with a team of trained BMW technicians to ensure your journey is nothing short of perfection. BMW-trained technicians at BMW service centers can keep your vehicle up to date on all its maintenance needs and address any concerns that arise. Whether your BMW was purchased used or new, you can reap the benefits of service delivered by an expert.

A popular used BMW for sale, a grey 2020 BMW X1, is shown from the side.

BMW-Approved Parts

In addition to the incredible peace of mind you have from the various maintenance plans offered by BMW, the brand takes it a step further by outfitting your vehicle with parts specially designed for your BMW. For example, BMW-specific batteries are used, which offer a longer lifespan than standard batteries, allowing you to travel with confidence that your BMW won’t let you down. Original BMW engine oil takes performance to a new level, offering efficiency and capabilities you won’t find with other engine oils. Tires approved by BMW provide enhanced durability and exceptional performance, so you can stay safer and enjoy a better ride, no matter which surface you’re traveling on during your journey.

It’s crucial to prioritize your vehicle’s parts, and with BMW’s arsenal of high-quality options, it’ll be easy to maintain a remarkable ride in your used BMW. Partnering with a local BMW service center will allow you to take advantage of better service and parts. Ensuring that you keep up with maintenance and opting for BMW-approved parts will make a big difference in the feeling of your ride.

Keeping Your Ultimate Driving Machine Running Optimally

You want to get the most out of your BMW, and the best way to do that is to take care of it as best as possible. Along with maintaining its service schedule and choosing high-quality parts, you also want to ensure that you keep it clean with regular car washes and detailing. Dirt and debris can find their way into the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, which in turn can make their way into your engine and affect your vehicle’s ride quality. Taking some time to regularly clean your vehicle inside and out will decrease the chances of unwanted debris making its way under your hood.

You also want to be safe while you travel, following the traffic rules at all times and maintaining a safe speed. Not only will you keep yourself and everyone around you safer, but you’ll also reduce unwanted wear and tear on your vehicle. Another good practice is filling your BMW’s tank with high-quality gas to ensure a better and more efficient ride. A used BMW is a solid investment that will provide you with an outstanding ride for years, so treat it that way by making sure to fill it with only premium gas to maintain its integrity on the road.

Protecting your BMW from the elements is another critical practice. Waxing your car is a good way to protect against rust and corrosion, and utilizing a leather protectant product will ensure that your leather seats remain at their best. There’s a reason you’re interested in a luxury vehicle, and if ultimate comfort is what you desire, it’s important to protect the elegance that resides inside as well as outside. This is made easier by taking just a couple of extra steps when having your vehicle detailed. Finally, you’ll want to stow your vehicle in a cool, dark place if possible. Garages and carports are the perfect places to store your BMW to ensure that harmful UV rays don’t wreak havoc on its paint and seating surfaces.

A tan 2021 BMW i4 is shown rounding a corner.

BMW Maintenance and Care

Keeping your BMW operating at its peak is easy with the help of the top-notch experts you’ll find at your local BMW service center. Choosing to partner with a team that’s well-versed in BMW care is important to maintaining your vehicle’s quality. Remember, not every service center is experienced working on BMWs, which is why choosing the right professionals will be key to your success. Ultimately, ensuring your vehicle is performing at its best is up to you, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Staying on top of these maintenance needs, as well as the tips we mentioned above, will keep your used BMW taken care of for years to come. After all, when you’re driving a vehicle as impressive as a BMW, you want to be sure that it’s offering you the ride quality and comfort you deserve.

If you were wondering about BMW maintenance and whether or not you’ll be able to keep up with it, now you know that it’s easy when you have the right team standing behind you. BMW offers professionals who put your needs first because they know that your ride matters. If you’ve always envisioned yourself behind the wheel of one of these exceptional vehicles, there’s no better time than now to make it a reality. Buying used will let you save more money upfront, and paying attention to maintenance will save you even more in the long run.