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A tan 2025 X3 M50 xDrive is shown under a New Car Alert banner.

The 2025 BMW X3 Has More Power, More Tech, and a Missing Letter

These days, compact SUVs are big business, even for luxury brands that built their reputation with high-performance sports sedans, so it makes sense that BMW pulled out all the stops for its brand-new 2025 X3. After all, in the first quarter of this year, the X3 came close to outselling the 3 Series and the 4 Series combined and even outsold its big brother, the midsize X5. The fully redesigned 2025 model is set to continue that momentum with upgraded powertrains and a ton of tech features, from hands-free driving to a fresh operating system. It also marks the first BMW in the American market to introduce the brand’s updated model naming scheme, which drops the “i” after model numbers in order to make room for new EV models.

A Whole New Look

The new 2025 BMW X3 survived the brand’s attempt to introduce more unique styling to its different models relatively unscathed. Rather than the universal understated sophistication that marked all of the previous generation models from BMW, the new lineup attempts to put a unique spin on each model. Fortunately, the X3 received a fairly sleek and modern style without the massive grilles or overwrought design elements of some other recent model makeovers. While it might come across as being a little less elegant than the previous X3, it’s inoffensive and contemporary.

BMW also took the chance to massage the dimensions slightly, stretching the length and width by about an inch and lowering the car a similar amount. This gives it a more athletic stance and has the happy side effect of substantially increasing the cargo capacity by a noticeable amount. The 2025 X3 even received a 400 lb increase to its maximum towing capacity, allowing you to haul up to 4,850 lbs if you are one of the rare drivers who hooks a trailer to their luxury SUV. However, the biggest design change is the updated powertrain options.

The black and gray interior in a 2025 BMW X3 30 xDrive is shown.

New Models, New Engines

Two models are available for the 2025 X3: the X3 30 xDrive and the X3 M50 xDrive. BMW fans will immediately notice that those model names sound a little strange and follow a different pattern than last year’s xDrive30i and M40i options. This is part of a recently announced brand-wide model name realignment intended to bring EV model names more in line with the rest of the BMW family of vehicles. On top of the name changes, the turbocharged four-cylinder and turbocharged six-cylinder engine options now come standard with 48V hybrid assist that has significantly increased their power outputs and should improve overall efficiency.

The X3 30 xDrive now offers 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, which is a 37 lb-ft increase over last year. Even greater improvements are seen in the X3 M50 xDrive, which takes things up a notch with 393 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque, for a 59 lb-ft increase over the old M40i. Surprisingly, though, BMW estimates that the 0-60 mph times of the models are unchanged from last year, although we will have to wait for independent testing to see if this is accurate or simply your typical BMW modesty when it comes to performance figures.

A High-Tech Experience

While performance and style may or may not have improved, the technology in the new X3 certainly has. The headline technology is the new Operating System 9. This was first introduced with the 2024 X1 and lays the groundwork for a multitude of new features, from improved intuitiveness to third-party apps through BMW Digital Premium. It even offers video streaming and gaming when the car is parked. The combination of ConnectedDrive over-the-air updates and app downloads from the ConnectedDrive store means that the available technology will always have the latest tools and features that you need.

But the coolest tech features are the variety of self-driving options available. Traffic Jam Assistant offers unlimited hands-free driving in highway traffic at speeds of up to 40 mph, which can take the stress out of your daily commute. BMW Maneuver Assist is another form of self-driving tech that allows you to program complex maneuvers and have the car repeat them on command. Up to 10 maneuvers can be stored and then activated from inside the car or via your smartphone. This is perfect for getting your car into and out of the garage each day.

A gray 2025 BMW X3 30 xDrive is shown driving on a city street.

A New Face for an Old Favorite

Overall, the redesigned 2025 BMW X3 is a solid entry in the luxury compact SUV segment and continues to compare favorably to competitors like the Mercedes-Benz GLC and Lexus NX. With BMW’s attention to providing class-leading performance in addition to high-tech luxury, the X3 has long stood out in a segment that often skimps on power and handling. While the new styling may not be every driver’s cup of tea, the fresh looks are far from the worst to come out of BMW’s design department recently and don’t detract from the model’s many advantages.