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A red 2021 BMW M5 is shown from the front while parked in front of a concrete wall after getting a great BMW lease deal.

Leasing vs Buying a BMW: Which Is Right for You?

It’s the age-old debate between drivers everywhere, should I lease or should I buy? There are loyal supporters of both options, pleading their case to those who disagree, attempting to get them to realize that their way is best, and although it’s doubtful that this dispute will ever end, finding what works for you is most important. For those who are looking at a luxury brand, like BMW, feast your eyes on all the amazing BMW lease deals available right now.

You may be tossing it around in your head, wondering about leasing vs buying a BMW. Let the experts help you figure out what is going to work with your lifestyle, your budget, and your current needs so that when it’s time to sign on the dotted line for your shiny new BMW, you know that you’ve made an informed decision and the right choice. There are many different types of people in the world and many different ways to shop for a car, so let’s talk about the advantages and limitations of both options so that you can enjoy the exhilarating feeling of riding around in a BMW without the stress of making the wrong decision.

Popular BMW Models

From coupes and convertibles to sedans and SUVs, BMW has been busy throughout the years crafting an exquisite lineup of luxury vehicles. Whether you’re just beginning to shop for a BMW or you’re quite immersed in the process, finding the right model can be a tough choice. When it comes to Sport activity vehicles, one of the most popular options is the BMW X5, known for its exciting performance, designer features, and efficiency found in its hybrid option.

If you’re looking for a sedan, the M5 is a top pick with impressive horsepower, a super-powerful engine, and a comfortable interior. The 2-Series Gran Coupe’s affordable price tag is the perfect way for buyers to ease into the BMW lifestyle. For a more electrifying experience, BMW offers a nice selection of eco-friendly options, like the i3 and i8, helping you find the best BMW to check all the boxes on your wishlist.

From the X to the i Series, M to Z, BMW offers up a legendary inventory of vehicles designed to transform the way you drive forever. Once you get your hands on the steering wheel of one of these exceptional cars, there’s no looking back. That’s why more and more car shoppers are wondering if they should take advantage of the perks that go along with a BMW lease deal.

A blue 2021 BMW X7 is parked in front of a modern cabin in the woods.

Advantages of Leasing a BMW

Leasing is an excellent way for first-time BMW drivers to test the waters of this luxury brand. With a shorter commitment of a few months to a few years, depending on your lease terms – as opposed to buying, which can leave you stuck with a car you don’t like for years – leasing a BMW is a recommended choice for this type of shopper. Although lease deals will vary from state to state and across various dealerships, it’s important to research your options first and find the best BMW lease deal that suits your needs. For those who are life-long BMW supporters, leasing is the perfect way to always have a new BMW to take advantage of all the fabulous new features and cutting-edge design. When you lease, you know that you always have a new car at your service with all the state-of-the-art features, bells and whistles, and more.

When you lease a BMW, you also get to take advantage of lower monthly payments and lower down payment requirements. At the end of the lease, you have the choice of buying that particular car, trading up to a newer model, or simply walking away and finding another type of vehicle, making leasing a popular choice among many drivers. Another great thing about leasing is that maintenance tends to be minimal due to the fact that you’re most likely not going to have a car longer than the first couple years of its lifespan, avoiding most types of costly repairs and service. When it comes down to it, leasing is ideal for those who always like to have the newest features and don’t mind having continuous monthly payments.

Limitations of Leasing a BMW

Speaking of monthly payments, yes, when you lease a vehicle, you’re going to have a monthly payment. And being that the car is never actually yours, you’ll need to make a decision at the end of the lease term on what you want to do next. Typical lease agreements range from 36 to 48 months, which means that every three to four years, you’re back at the dealership going through the entire process again. There may also be mileage restrictions, depending on the terms of your lease, so if a long commute is part of your everyday routine or you’re an avid road tripper, leasing may not be your best option.

Advantages of Buying a BMW

A dark blue 2021 BMW i3 is shown from the side charging under a brick structure in front of a large tree.

Leasing isn’t for everyone, and there’s no amount of BMW lease deals out there that can get some shoppers to agree to a lease. If you want a more solid foundation, knowing that after your monthly payments have all been made and your BMW is officially yours, then buying a BMW may be the right choice. Once you’ve submitted your last car payment, it’s an expense that you won’t have to worry about for a while, which means you can focus on saving for other aspects of your life. You’ll also save more with your insurance, as these rates tend to be lower when you buy a car, as opposed to leasing one.

In addition to savings, you won’t be held to the strict standards of leasing a car, like mileage restrictions, modifications, and any damage that may occur to the vehicle. You’re free to travel wherever you’d like with no hassle, outfit your BMW to the standards you want, and avoid panicking when that pesky shopping cart dings your side. This makes buying a BMW a much better option for those who want the freedom to travel how they wish without anything holding them back.

Limitations of Buying a BMW

In exchange for that feeling of freedom comes some drawbacks of buying a car. For one, your monthly payment will be slightly higher, especially since you’re not taking advantage of any of the BMW lease deals available. You’ll also be making a commitment to whatever model you choose, and in some cases, you may have this particular model for years, meaning that many of its features will soon be outdated, and there will be more exciting advancements that you wished were included in your car. And don’t forget, when something breaks, especially after you’ve been driving your car for a number of years, it’s on you, so be prepared to shell out some money for repairs, ongoing maintenance, and more.

Leasing vs Buying a BMW

In the end, it’s recommended to weigh the pros and cons of each option so that you can choose what works best for you. Leasing is great for those who like to have the latest and greatest features in a car and not have to worry about things going wrong. Plus, with the BMW lease deals available, leasing makes getting your dream car perfectly attainable. Buying a BMW is perfect for those who want to own their vehicle once their payment obligations have been met and don’t want to have to go to the dealership every couple of years for a new car. The choice is yours to make, but now you’re better prepared to make the right decision on your next BMW vehicle purchase.