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Nissan Prepares for ‘Birth’ of Newborn Kicks

We get it. Crossovers and SUVs are “in” right now. With gas prices plummeting and the economy on the rise, people are reaching for the larger, less efficient vehicles over the smaller cramped sedans. As much as this trend makes sense, it still leaves me wondering how many more crossovers this industry could possibly take? Every major auto brand has at least one in their lineup, with most boasting a small handful of nameplates under this trend-setting designation.

With award show season in full swing, car brands are unveiling their newest models and redesigns left and right. As much as we expected some of these to be crossovers, it is overwhelming just how many made the cut. In the midst of the numerous new crossovers and SUVs hitting the market, I can’t help but be excited for one that is catching the attention of segment fans and industry experts around the world.

Meet the Nissan Kicks

As much as I am sick of seeing the same old, same old in terms of available crossovers, the newest crossover from Nissan is as unique as it is unassuming. The newest nameplate added to the Nissan lineup has been named Kicks, and it is just as cute as it sounds. Subcompact in size, the Kicks is the first official vehicle of its kind to join the 2017 Nissan lineup.

Kicks is the size of the Versa sedan but offers the utility and convenience of a crossover. Slated as a direct competitor to the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3, the new Nissan Kicks will breathe new life into the brand’s current lineup. Where the Nissan Juke was designed and marketed as a sporty crossover for single men, Nissan hopes that Kicks will appeal to the widespread mass market. Expected to carry a low-end price tag, Kicks will be the more affordable alternative to higher-priced crossovers. Nissan hasn’t yet released any specific details about what Kicks will offer in terms of amenities, fuel economy, or power – but it is expected to hit showroom floors here in the United States by early 2018.

As Nissan prepares for the upcoming birth of Kicks, they have been spotted road-testing the mini crossover in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The subcompact crossover looks slightly more significant than a five-door hatchback car and features sculpted side panels and sweeping lines that allow it to stand out from other vehicles in Nissan’s lineup.

Another important difference between Kicks and Juke is in the crossover’s appearance. The Juke features a style that can be classified as “funky,” while Kicks features an exterior design that is more refined and traditional. This mainstream appearance will certainly help Nissan reach drivers who enjoy the subcompact crossover segment, but not necessarily the far-out design language that exists on the Juke and Kia Soul.

Keep an Eye Open for More Updates

As the official “birth” of the Nissan Kicks gets closer, be sure to keep an eye out for more updates as they are released. We can’t wait to see the cute little birth announcement and check out this subcompact crossover in person.