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4 Reasons Toyota’s i-TRIL is the Best Concept Vehicle Ever

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show sure isn’t getting the short end of the stick when it comes to innovative concept cars. The world is watching closely as some major automotive players roll out their most creative and cool concepts yet. While most of these badass dream cars won’t ever see the brightly lit sales floor of a car dealership, they are still worthy of our full attention. With so many creative concepts unveiled in Geneva this week, there is one that we can’t stop drooling over.

Meet the Toyota i-TRIL Concept

Toyota has done it again. This time, with the i-TRIL Concept – car? As you can see, there is nothing car-like about the Toyota i-TRIL concept, in fact, it resembles a motorcycle more than anything else. Featuring an enclosed cabin with seating for up to three passengers, Toyota is classifying its wild new ride as a car. A car unlike any other ever produced, conceived, or designed, the Toyota i-TRIL Concept is obviously a really awesome concept.

4 Reasons Why the i-TRIL is the Best Concept EVER

Aside from the fact that it looks awesome, there are more than enough reasons why car lovers will hope and pray that the i-TRIL turns from a concept car, into a production model. Check them out below.

  • It’s Efficient – Boasting an all-electric motor and rear-wheel propulsion, the Toyota i-TRIL offers a range of 124 miles on a single charge. While it may not be as much as the Chevy Bolt’s 238-mile range, 124 miles is still quite impressive. Efficient and all-electric? Yes, please!
  • It Features Active Lean Technology – Toyota first debuted its Active Lean Technology on the i-Road concept a few years back, but it is arguably put to better use on the i-TRIL concept. With front wheels capable of leaning up to ten degrees and rear wheels staying perpendicular to the pavement, the i-TRIL is one maneuverable little guy. On top of the Active Lean Technology, Toyota has equipped with i-TRIL with a front steering wheel angle of 25 degrees. Bottom line – this efficient small concept can whip around corners and navigate tight roadways with the utmost of ease.
  • It’s Technologically Advanced – This may not be the most surprising thing you will learn about the i-TRIL concept from Toyota, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. Offering a fully autonomous driving capability, the i-TRIL concept has no foot pedals and offers flexibility for those who enjoy taking control of this fun-to-drive car. The head-up display projects necessary information for the driver, including speed and ride statistics. Hand controls allow the driver to apply brakes as well as accelerate.
  • It Has an Awesome Cabin – Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this mini car from Toyota is the interior cabin. Butterfly-opening doors reveal a roomy interior that offers easy accessibility. With one seat in the front and a bench in the rear able to accommodate two passengers, the i-TRIL concept offers ample space for up to three adult passengers. The interior cabin is constructed from recycled materials and includes a wood floor finish, Alcantara trim, and a fabric upholstered rear bench.

Will it or won’t it ever see the light of a sales floor? Only time will tell, and I am willing to bet on the fact that most people hope this concept will beat the odds and go up for sale sometime in the future.