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A black 2021 Dodge Charger from a Dodge dealer is driving on a track.

New Things To Look Forward To in Dodge’s 2021 Lineup

Are you looking to buy a new vehicle at your local Dodge dealer but want some updates on the 2021 Dodge lineup? In recent years, car companies have been increasingly making critical changes to their standard lineups, so it only makes sense to do some research. For one, Dodge announced many changes in their 2021 changes in their lineup: discontinuations, remodeling, even innovative upgrades that change the experience of driving a Dodge. With all of this, there has been some confusion about how these groundbreaking changes will affect Dodge fans around the United States. For that reason, we have compiled a few of the most influential changes in the 2021 Dodge lineup right here.

What Is New In The 2021 Lineup?

In general, Dodge has announced some of the most in-character changes to come to a lineup in recent years. Dodge has been a car manufacturer that tends to design a very specific style of vehicle for a while now: a nostalgic, strong-muscled drive with a very smooth style to boot. The 2021 lineup furthers this aim by discontinuing the last Dodge models that didn’t fit this mold and shoehorning even more powerful engines into all of the models that remain a part of their lineup.

Most notably, the company announced that it is discontinuing the Dodge Journey and Dodge Grand Caravan for the 2021 model year. In hindsight, this discontinuation shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the models’ underperforming record in 2020 compared to other SUVs and minivans on the market. While these two historic players in the era of crossovers and modern minivans will surely be missed, it is clear that Dodge is forging ahead to a future based on V8 power, not practical family vehicles.

This focus on performance cars has been the trend for Dodge in recent years, but it may have been accelerated by a recent change in ownership. The former Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), of which Dodge was a part, has merged with the European Peugeot Group (PSA) to form the new organization – Stellantis. While Stellantis’s plans for its many sub brands are not yet clear, this reorganization could push Dodge further towards specializing in high-performance vehicles.

Challenger – A Major Comfort Update

A blue 2021 Dodge Challenger is drifting on a race track.

Muscle cars can often go without much concern for comfort. After all, these are vehicles designed to focus on a powerful feeling full of vibrations and sound, so it can seem at first that heavy investment in comfort should come second to performance features like a high-power engine. Granted, the 2021 Dodge Challenger does have many strong engines like all other Challengers before it, but this iteration of the model even more luxury features while still providing the ideal feeling of driving a muscle car. In other words, Dodge has chosen to implement comfort features that focus on convenience and better interior changes that don’t downplay the feeling of driving such a strong type of car.

Principle among these is the inclusion of driver memory functions for the available power-adjustable steering column, side mirrors, driver’s seat, and radio settings. This will take the hassle out of reconfiguring the car to match your preferences if you share it with other drivers. Now, the seating will always be to your taste, which will heavily increase comfort and conveniences. This makes the 2021 Dodge Challenger an ideal muscle car for the type of driver that values comfort without sacrificing the thrill of high performance.

Durango – The World’s Fastest SUV

Naturally, with the Dodge Journey leaving the fray, the 2021 Dodge Durango will be the lone SUV in Dodge’s 2021 lineup. Of course, this means that the model has become the source of a great number of rumors questioning the plans for this part of the lineup. Perhaps this is the reason why the 2021 Dodge Durango had such a well-rounded update in 2021: not only will it be the flagship for Dodge’s large passenger vehicle section, but it will also have to commit to the needs of all Dodge SUV lovers. Luckily, it looks like the addition will have a bright future ahead of it, with major implementations in all aspects of the vehicle.

Perhaps the most notable change in the model for 2021 is the limited-edition Durango SRT Hellcat. Yes, you read that correctly. In its quest for ever more power, Dodge has fitted its midsize SUV with the legendary supercharged 6.2L V8 HEMI, more commonly known as the Hellcat. With an incredible 710 horsepower and 645 lb-ft of torque, this makes the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat the fastest SUV in the world, outperforming the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which is fitted with a slightly less powerful version of the same engine. However, you had better head over to your local Dodge dealer today if you want this monster because pre-orders have already sold out.

Other than the Hellcat engine, the Durango has received a significant facelift for 2021. The highlight of this upgrade is the SUV’s new-and-improved dashboard display. Known as the Uconnect system, the new dashboard offers a 10.1-inch touchscreen that makes using the infotainment portions of the vehicle easier. In other words, because you have easier access to connectivity features, the 2021 Dodge Durango will also be more connected to the outside world with easier hands-free call features and better access to GPS data.

In the end, the 2021 Dodge Durango is Dodge’s new flagship SUV, and it has been carrying its weight accordingly. Strictly speaking, the vehicle is suitable for anybody looking to buy a large Dodge vehicle, given its well-rounded experience in performance and convenience. However, it is definitely more suitable for people looking to travel with groups of people, as the vehicle offers better connectivity and convenience for family members of all kinds.

A white 2021 Dodge Durango is shown from the side on a highway in front of a river and mountains.

Charger – Power and Comfort

The Dodge Charger has had subtle but valuable changes for 2021. The standard Dodge Charger has not changed nearly as much as the Dodge Challenger and Durango. But the magic of the new and improved Dodge Charger can be found in upgrades to the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat trims. As you may expect, the top trims received a large update in performance, with more powerful engines and other crucial performance parts.

The standard SRT Hellcat had its output bumped up slightly for 2021, increasing from 707 horsepower to 717 horsepower. However, there is also a brand-new 2021 SRT Hellcat Redeye that takes parts from the legendary Charger SRT Demon. With an incredible 797 horsepower, this vehicle is by far one of the most powerful sedans on the market, not to mention in the Dodge lineup. And of course, the other various update choices in performance parts increase the vehicles in many areas, giving it a stock quarter-mile time of 10.6 seconds with a trap speed of 129 mph.

Of course, the Hellcat is about more than just drag strip performance: the vehicle offers great performance in areas like comfort and safety as well. The sedan holds its own with higher quality seating and ventilated front seating. As far as safety, the 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat offers higher-performing brakes for a better reaction time and plenty of standard safety technologies like blind-spot monitoring and parking sensors. That said, if you’re looking for a vehicle with higher comfort than performance, then one of Dodge’s other models may be a better choice for you; the 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is first and foremost a high-performance sedan.

Which Is The Best Buy?

Dodge’s lineup has changed greatly in the 2021 model year. With the notable redesigns and updates, it may be difficult in the years after to decide which of the 2021 lineup was the best of the pack. In truth, no one vehicle in the model years lineup is the best, each model’s updates being suited to different tastes. The 2021 Challenger offers a smooth drive for people looking for a balance between speed and comfort, the 2021 Charger offering a more accelerated experience for thrill-seekers, and the 2021 Durango is suited to SUV-lovers with a need for speed. Despite the discontinuation of the Journey and Grand Caravan, the future’s looking bright for Dodge lovers, and there has never been a better time to visit a Dodge dealer near you.