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Two of the 2021 Ram commercial vehicles, both white 2021 Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City vans, are parked in front of a large metal building.

The Robust Utility of Ram Commercial Vans

The ProMaster and ProMaster City vans make up an important part of the Ram commercial vehicles lineup and offer a wide range of useful capabilities straight from the factory floor. The ProMaster and ProMaster City act as mobile workstations, cargo and passenger transports, and much more. They are supremely reliable workhorses that can be upfitted with everything a business needs, without any need to have extra work done to make them perfect for even specialized vocations.

The vans provide comfort for the driver and peace of mind for the fleet manager, with built-in fleet management tools that make taking care of a business array of vehicles easier than ever before. While a wide range of amenities can be added to the already robust base vans, the entire range of both vehicles is quite reasonably priced, allowing for a quick return on investment. Ram commercial vehicles are useful and versatile in a way that any business would want to have.


Both the standard ProMaster and the compact ProMaster City Van are capable of doing all kinds of work to earn their keep, and these capabilities are delivered through a wide range of configurations and upfits. With the ProMaster City Van, the four available configurations are similar to trim levels on a passenger car. These four configurations are the Tradesmen Cargo Van, Tradesman SLT Cargo Van, Wagon, and Wagon SLT trims. The Wagon configurations have a row of seating behind the driver and passenger seats, as well as side windows. The Tradesman Cargo Van is exactly as the title implies: a straightforward cargo van designed for maximum utility and volume.

The larger ProMaster van is available with a more diverse set of possible configurations, some of which completely change the vehicle’s capability set. The Cargo Van and Passenger Van variants both offer huge amounts of space for what they carry, while the Chassis Cab and Cutaway variants allow virtually any attachment imaginable to be fitted to the van frame.
The Chassis Cab uses a complete closed-off cab, while the Cutaway does not have a back wall to the cab, enabling a rear upfit to have an interior that seamlessly connects with the vehicle’s stock cab.

A white 2021 Ram ProMaster City van is driving on a city street.


Specialized additions, known as upfits, can to any of the Ram van models. The breadth and depth of just how much an upfit can be tailored to an industry or even an individual’s needs is nothing short of spectacular. Packages are available to make the ProMaster or ProMaster City into the perfect vehicle for plumbing, electrical, delivery, or construction work, all right off the factory line. Each of these upfits is pre-tailored to perfectly house every tool, part, and piece of equipment any job might require.

With the standard large Ram ProMaster van, these upfits are available with a wide variety of wheelbases and cargo bay lengths as well. Cargo area length options include 8, 10, 12, and 13 feet. The 10-foot option is available with a high roof option that is tall enough for most people to stand up naturally in the cargo area, aiding comfort and ergonomics. The 12 and 13-foot options come with the high roof as standard. The Cutaway and Chassis Cab variants can be outfitted from the aftermarket with any oversized upfit one can acquire, adding infinite possibilities to the ProMaster van’s overall capability.


Hauling business-essential cargo where it needs to be is the bread and butter of cargo vans, and the Ram Commercial Vehicles van lineup has the power to do it with thrift and without effort.

The larger of the two Ram van offerings use the tried and true, silky-smooth 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. The torquey and lightweight high-tech V6 engine is relatively simple and quite robust in terms of both output and durability. Equipped with variable valve timing, the Pentastar pulls hard enough to give the ProMaster van significant pulling power and does so through the front wheels. The front-wheel drive nature of the ProMaster is unique in the large van class and makes it easier to drive in slick conditions.

The smaller and lighter ProMaster City Van uses the 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder Tigershark engine. This little wonder produces 178 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque, topping the small van class. In addition to class-leading power, the City Van also boasts class-leading efficiency with 21 miles per gallon city and 28 miles per gallon highway. Similar to its larger stablemate, the City Van also uses a front-wheel drive layout, helping with stability under acceleration.


Being on top of things brings peace of mind, and that peace of mind is what Telematics offers. Telematics is a suite of sensors and software that allows a fleet’s operations to be optimized. Overall, it improves productivity, efficiency, safety, and return on investment.
Essentially speaking, Telematics delivers on the phrase “knowledge is power.”

Geo-fencing, location markers, advanced vehicle diagnostics, vehicle route history, and far more are all brought to a fleet manager’s fingertips when Telematics is being used. Automatically generated analytics and visualizations help one easily and succinctly get the most out of a fleet of vehicles. Telematics can help drivers automatically navigate around traffic and hazards and help those drivers use the smallest amount of fuel possible. In addition, drivers can use Telematics to call for assistance when required. Put together, these capabilities enable true savings to anyone using them. The system is available on all Ram Commercial Vehicles, including the ProMaster and ProMaster City van.

A white 2021 Ram ProMaster florist van has the side door open at a farmer's market.

Amenities and Options

One of the greatest strengths of cargo vans is their extreme degree of factory-customizability. That is just as true for options and amenities as it is for upfits and configurations. Both the ProMaster City Van and the large ProMaster offer Ram Telematics in one, three, or five-year subscription packages. Both vehicles also offer the choice between vinyl and cloth seats, allowing to optimize durability or comfort.

The ProMaster also has several mirror variants as options, including wider heated mirrors. Other exterior options include fog lamps, a splash guard set, several wheel and door options, and the ParkSense park assist system. The interior options of the ProMaster, just in the cockpit area, are almost as numerous as the options are for the exterior and cargo area. A double passenger seat can be added, or any combination of swivel seats. Seats with lumbar adjustment can also be fitted, as well as heated seats. Navigation is a possible option, as well as a 65, 70, or 77 mile per hour maximum speed limiter.

The ProMaster City van is almost as buildable as the larger ProMaster van with options, inside and out. Both SiriusXM satellite radio and GPS navigation are separate options. Additionally, a parking assist system and cruise control are also offered to aid drivers in easy and safe maneuvering of the City, both in and out of town.

Customizability Is Key

Both Ram van options are tough, reliable, surprisingly economical, and incredibly useful. This is even before specializing them to a task with a particular upfit or customizing them to suit the exact requirements of the driver. Options like Telematics can provide surprising perspectives that allow fleets of vehicles to be more productive, safer, and more efficient. The Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City vans offer businesses large and small the ability to get the job done more efficiently and more seamlessly than ever before.