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Mercedes-Benz Laguna Niguel – Where Customers Come First

If you have already made the decision to purchase a luxury vehicle from the prestigious Mercedes Benz brand, your next step should be locating the perfect dealership to start your shopping. For those of you lucky enough to be situated in southern California, the only answer is Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel. When it comes to really representing such a legacy of luxury that Mercedes Benz is known for, it’s in your best interest to shop at a dealership that embodies those same values. Laguna Niguel presents a legacy of its own. Having been family owned and operated for more than 45 years, the staff has the experience to back up their claims of unparalleled, customer-centric service. Situated on our own private access, aptly named Star Drive, our dealership covers more than 22 acres. That acreage includes not only cars, but showrooms, and service centers. To put it in pedestrian context, if you wanted to walk our property you would need to ensure that you had at least an hour and a half at your disposal. In other words, it’s not hard to get lost in this land of luxury.

Prioritizing What Matters Most: You

A business based on family values tends to put the customer, rather than the bottom line, at the forefront of all its transactions. Being in business for several decades is rare in the automotive world, but speaks to our commitment to every customer. Expect to be greeted with a smile by all of our sales associates, each one of whom is eager to help you find the best new or preowned vehicle to suit your lifestyle. Even though we have a considerable history in the car business, we have evolved over time and finessed our business practices so that the haggling, stressful negotiations, and pushy sales you might have experienced elsewhere are a thing of the past. Our focus is on creating the most relaxed environment for you to shop without worry. At Laguna Niguel, we have banished buyer’s remorse by investing in our customers as much as our inventory. Part of our aesthetics include an on-site horse trail, which we maintain for our guests to enjoy while waiting for a service appointment. And speaking of service…

Serious About Service

As much as we prioritize customer service, we’ve also revolutionized the service department. Again, you’re the center of attention here, even though it’s your car we’ll be working on. But, our perks include more than 60 service bays, as well as a car wash station, which is complimentary for our clients, and available as often as you wish to take advantage of it. This is popular facet of our service center and we see hundreds of vehicles for free car washes on a daily basis. If, for whatever reason, your car will be with us longer than a stroll on the horse trail, we have an abundance of courtesy cars for you to use while we work on your vehicle.

Of course, it’s one thing to briefly read about our dealership, but another entirely to actually experience it. We invite you to visit Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel and consider your next purchase from our impressive inventory.

Let us show you how car shopping was really meant to be.