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Purchasing the Perfect Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz

Purchasing a new car is exciting, especially when it comes from a luxury automaker like Mercedes Benz. The only drawback to the heart-racing thrill of getting behind the wheel of your very own new Mercedes is driven by depreciation. Of course, all new cars suffer depreciation pretty much the second they are driven off the lot, but the sting feels sharper in the luxury segment. But, like death and taxes, depreciation is just a fact of car life and not much can be done to offset it.

Unless, of course, you can forgo the buzz for brand new and consider another possibility: pre-owned. At Foothill Ranch, we have such an extensive inventory of pre-owned Mercedes Benz models you’ll feel like you’re shopping new. We believe in serving our expanding customer base by providing plenty of options for purchasing, and that includes our pre-owned stock.

Unmatched Pre-Owned Potential

When it comes to purchasing pre-owned from Mercedes Benz of Foothill Ranch, you’ll be surprised by how many choices are available to you. Of course, the bulk of our pre-owned stock hails from the Mercedes Benz line, but it doesn’t end there. In fact, you don’t even have to limit your search to Mercedes Benz models. We have outstanding pre-owned vehicles from other popular, top automakers. Stay within the luxury lines by test driving one of our pre-owned Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, or Porsche models. Or, stretch your pre-owned savings even further by opting for a pre-owned Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, MINI Cooper, Toyota, or Volkswagen.

And the options don’t end there. Our pre-owned inventory includes specific collections like certified pre-owned, which provides additional warranties and assurances, almost in line with those expected from a new car purchase. Or, you can shop our selection of pre-owned vehicles priced under $20K. Finally, we have the retired service loaners, which are the vehicles our customers have relied upon while their own vehicles were being serviced. These cars are significantly discounted and offer a very affordable option for purchasing pre-loved luxury.

But Why Buy Pre-Owned from Foothill Ranch?

Such a new and elegantly built dealership is an obvious destination for new car shopping. But, why should you purchase a pre-owned model from such an illustrious dealership? Simple. We, like you, have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the cars we sell. We have an eye for vehicles that represent the best of what the auto industry has to offer. So, it’s no wonder that our same keen attention to detail and discernment carries over to anything we intend to offer as a pre-owned model.

It’s All About the Numbers

Our location is perhaps one of the primary reasons behind our lead presence as a top dealership. Nestled within a booming community, with incredible growth projections, we have a valuable resource when it comes to our supply of pre-owned vehicles. You. With such a high population of affluent neighbors surrounding our dealership, it’s easy for us to be home to the best selection of pre-owned vehicles for our customers.

Call or stop by our shop and let our staff introduce you to a whole new car buying experience.