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Up close of the center of a car wheel with the words "Mercedes Benz" written around the silver Mercedes logo

Emission Free Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is known for their style and elegance, and they’ve been considered one of the most opulent car brands for the better part of three decades. While some consumers may assume that the company hasn’t done much to improve their vehicles in recent years, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the brand has continually found ways to revolutionize and progress not just themselves, but the entire industry. Predictably, this sentiment applies to 2017, as the brand has continued to push the boundaries.

This past year, the company has had a number of innovative technological achievements that have looked to switch up the brand and industry. For instance, there’s been development on a hybrid, emissions-free car, as well as a number of new inclusions to their offering of AMG-related vehicles.

Below, we’ve found several ways that the company has continued to revolutionize the industry. While it may take some time for you to see these specific offerings lying around a dealership lot, it can still help confirm why Mercedes-Benz tends to be atop the entire industry in innovation….

Emissions-free Cars

The brand continues to revolutionize the industry, and this time they’re looking to improve the development of emissions-free vehicles. Specifically, Mercedes-Benz has been focused on producing the world’s “first electric vehicle with fuel-cell/battery powertrain,” a technological achievement that would surely change the entire game. The vehicle is called the Mercedes-Benz GLC F CELL, and it was unveiled at the 2017 IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

“Our many years of experience with fuel-cell technology pay dividends in the new GLC F-CELL: its long electric range, short refueling times and everyday practicality of an SUV will make it the perfect vehicle,” the brand said. “This is made possible by the compact construction of our fuel-cell system. Another genuine world first is the combination with a large additional lithium-ion battery, which can be conveniently charged using plug-in technology.”

Specifically, the brand is looking to make a brand-new version of a plug-in hybrid that is capable of running on both hydrogen and electricity. The vehicle can automatically switch between the two systems to help maximize efficiency, and the unique architecture shouldn’t compromise the corresponding power specs in any way. Ultimately, drivers can anticipate a driving range that’s lingering around 49 kilometers, and the unit will be able to crank out up to 147 kilowatts of power. In other words, the vehicle should be efficient enough to get you to and from work, and it should also be powerful enough to keep up with your fellow drivers on the highway.

GT Concept

Right in time for the brand’s 50th birthday, Mercedes-AMG has unveiled their GT Concept show car, which contains a unique combination of incredible performance and unique, athletic exterior components. The four-door coupe includes cosmetic factors that are based on the brand’s affiliation with AMG GT, as well as a number of EQ Power+ markings that emphasize the nameplate’s hybrid power.

“With the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, we are giving a preview of our third completely independently developed sports car and are extending the attractive AMG GT family to include a four-door variant,” said Tobias Moers, the Chairman of the Board of Management for Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

“The AMG GT Concept, like the AMG Hypercar, which we are presenting at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, illustrates how we are defining the performance of the future at AMG. Impressive driving dynamics coupled with high efficiency, resulting from an innovative drive system tailored specifically to the vehicle segment – that is ‘Future Performance’ made by AMG. With our AMG GT Concept, that means a combination of an ultra-modern V8 gasoline engine and a high-performance electric motor, both intelligently networked with an extremely powerful yet lightweight battery concept. This performance hybrid powertrain offers an impressive electric range and the opportunity to generate a system output of up to 805 horsepower in its last level of development, and covers the sprint from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds – which corresponds to the performance of a super sports car.”

The vehicle may be “just” a show car, but it won’t be reserved for showrooms or racetracks. Rather, the nameplate can be relied on for everyday usage, as the efficiency makes it a more-than-capable commuter car. Meanwhile, thanks to the athletic exterior components, drivers will surely be gawking as you’re driving by on the highway.

GT C Coupe

To further celebrate their 50th anniversary, Mercedes-AMG also included the renowned Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe in their AMG GT grouping of vehicles. With the company looking to emphasize their “50 Years of Driving Performance,” the vehicle includes a number of amenities and features that will appeal to those seeking a stylish, albeit rugged, ride. The vehicle was unveiled at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, with the brand revealing that the nameplate would slide in between the AMG GT S and the AMG GT R.

“With the AMG GT C Coupe, we are now expanding our portfolio of sports cars to six models plus the AMG GT3 customer sports racing car. In fewer than three years, the second vehicle to be developed by us entirely in-house has grown into a family, offering a highly dynamic driving experience in a variety of forms. We are kicking off our anniversary year with the exclusive ‘Edition 50’ model of the new AMG GT C Coupe. We are also taking this opportunity to refine the AMG GT and AMG GT S, both visually and technically,” said Moers.

Specifically, the exterior includes all of the attributes drivers have come to expect from these grouping of vehicles. This includes a notable 15-bar chrome-plated grille, as well as a brand-new bumper. The vehicle has also been redesigned to be situated closer to the ground, helping to further emphasize the nameplate’s sportiness.