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Hyundai Leverages Football…and Facebook

Football fans of all NFL teams are in luck. Just in time to really kick off the season, Hyundai has decided to launch a new social media campaign, courtesy of the Facebook platform. Put Your Profile on the Line is a fun and easy way to kick up team rivalries between friends.

“At Hyundai, we understand the NFL fans’ loyalty to their team and with the Put Your Profile On The Line challenge we’re tapping into that fan passion by providing fun ways for them to express it,” according to the Director of Marketing Communications for Hyundai Motor America, Paul Imhoff.

The deal is, you can challenge your buddies over which of your beloved teams will win the next game. Simply choose your favorite team, and then click those of your Facebook friends who want to challenge. To quote Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, “Challenge accepted,” your friends will then put their profile pics on the line and that’s when the fun really begins.

Depending on which team wins, you and your buddies will get a link to the profile picture belonging to whichever one of your pals lost the bet. The picture will feature an overlay of the logo from the victorious team. The idea, or Hyundai’s hope, anyway, is that both the winner and loser will share the overlay photo to each other’s Facebook pages. The silver lining, even for the buddy who roots for the wrong team? Whenever you participate and “Put Your Profile on the Line,” you are immediately entered into a sweepstakes, with the winning pot containing tickets to Super Bowl LI.

But that’s just the beginning. As the season marches on, the challenges presented by Hyundai’s Put Your Profile on the Line evolve as well. So, what was just an overlay from the winning team might develop into humorous GIFs and other cyber-challenges. Profile participants can visit the Hyundai site to check out their friends’ other challenges, confirm how many sweepstakes entries they’ve collected, and review the outcomes of earlier challenges in the season.

As soon as the regular season wraps, Hyundai will announce the winners of the Super Bowl LI tickets. As Imhoff observed, “Friendly competition between rivals is an important part of NFL culture and this platform allow fans to showcase their passion and have a possibility to win tickets to Super Blow LI.”

It ends up being a win-win situation, even for those whose teams lose and certainly for anyone who participates, regardless of the sweepstake’s outcome.

So, who came up with this unique marketing initiative? Hyundai’s advertising agency, INNOCEAN USA, created the Put Your Profile on the Line campaign because, as Barney Goldberg, INNOCEAN’s Vice President and Group Creative Director keenly observed, “For an NFL fan, there’s nothing worse than having to rep your rival. But even if that happens, we don’t ever judge.”

For those rare creatures among us who are not on Facebook, but still would like a chance to win Super Bowl LI tickets, courtesy of Hyundai, you’re in luck. Provided, of course, that you’re on Twitter. If so, on Sunday, give Hyundai the chance to recognize your fan-status during the game. As soon as you hear the announcer say “Drive,” access your Twitter account and simply tweet #BecauseFootball and #HyundaiSweepstakes. And just like that, you, too, will be entered into the Super Bowl LI sweepstakes.

Like you needed another excuse to make Sundays all about football. 

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