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How the Hyundai Tucson has ‘Come of Age’

First introduced in 2006, the Hyundai Tucson first hit dealer lots during a precarious time for the SUV segment. While SUV offerings had been stealing significant market share away from sedans and minivans for years at that point, there were clear signs that fuel costs were about to hit a high point. While normalcy would resume (to some extent) it was a time period that challenged the segment. Prompting an evolution into more friendly offerings (both ecologically and economically) the segment

Now, with twelve years under its belt, the Tucson has enjoyed that same coming of age, placing it high on the list of people’s top picks for small crossovers. With a 2016 redesign, the Tucson received an updated aesthetic, a wealth of technology and even the option of a new turbocharged engine, it’s easy to see why.

These are just some of the features carried over to the 2018 Hyundai Tucson – Charlotte, NC drivers count themselves among some of the Tucson’s biggest fans. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the key attributes worth exploring in the mature (yet fresh) Hyundai Tucson.

Available in five trim levels, the Tucson is accessibly priced around $22,050 MSRP.

The Tucson can be configured for front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder (paired with a six-speed automatic transmission) the base model channels 164 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque.

Depending on the drivetrain configuration, the Tucson is rated for 26 mpg combined (for FWD) and 23 mpg combined (for AWD).

The optional turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission, capable of 175 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy for this configuration falls in at 27-28 mpg combined, adding to the reasons why we recommend it over the base model.

The Tucson continues to earn top scores in government crash tests, as well as accolades from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

If you’re interested in a closer look at the 2018 Hyundai Tucson, why not enjoy this close-up exploration of everything that it has to offer, courtesy of Cars & Technology’s YouTube channel: