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How Much Super-Duty is ‘Too Much’?

If you’re interested in a 2018 Ford F-250 (or any of its’ Super Duty stablemates) you might be looking for more than just rugged capability. And if you’ve got money to burn, the upscale truck market has plenty to offer. Nowadays, nearly every automaker aspires to include luxury-inspired offerings, capping off each segment, from sedans to SUV’s.

But within the truck segment, upmarket models tend to fuel the debate as to whether a truck should focus on utility, or on luxury. While plenty of middle-of-the-road trucks offer a bit of both (proving that the two are not mutually exclusive)

Take Ford for example, who stands unchallenged as the reigning champion in ‘all things truck’. Not only does the F-Series stand relatively unchallenged as the top-selling truck line-up, they stand as the best-selling vehicles of all-time. This is a powerful indication of Ford’s market share, both in terms of the truck segment and the marketplace, overall. But just because you’re in the lead, doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels…and Ford hasn’t.

Leading the charge in terms of weight-reduction (a precedent most notably followed by Chevy in the upcoming 2019 Silverado) today’s F-Series has evolved significantly in terms of design, construction (and in turn) performance. This continues in more ways than just a restyled aesthetic, 2018 heralds the introduction of a new level of upscale SuperDuty offerings in the form of the Limited. Here’s a quick look at the Super Duty Limited, courtesy of YouTube channel Everyman Driver.

But with a price tag that can float all-too closely to the $100K mark, is this high-end variant of the iconic Super Duty ‘too much’? The short answer is ‘no’. Bottom-line, the Limited might not fit everyone’s needs (or budget) but if there’s a strong enough customer base to support it, Ford (or any automaker) would be fools not to explore it.

Because, ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with wanting some luxury to accompany your Super Duty capability.