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5 Used Fords Worth Considering

Despite the appeal of sitting behind the wheel of a brand new model-year offering, the decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle can prove far more prudent for many car buyers. There are countless reasons to support this (and we’ll touch on some of them) but ultimately, one of the most compelling arguments rests in the quality in recent model year offerings.

And regardless of any preference, you may have in terms of vehicle make, rest assured that you have countless options to choose from. Think of it this way: if all automakers combined are responsible for releasing 350 new model year offerings, that number increase exponentially with each model year you are willing to consider. Even if you favor a particular automaker, their 10-12 model year offerings become 40-48 if you’re willing to extend your search to the last three model years.

For example, someone searching Used Fords for Sale may be unaware of just how many options the last five model years have produced. Expanding your options to include earlier model years means that you can explore Ford Certified Pre-Owned options, as well as traditional used inventory.

Either way, you’re empowering yourself to get more care for your money. Buying a previously-owned vehicle means that you’ve allowed the previous owner to absorb the lion’s share of the vehicles depreciation. If owned for three years, that vehicle may have depreciated by as much as 46% (63% if owned for five years). This enables you to purchase a more expensive vehicle or trim level than you would have been able to if bought new.

With that in mind, here are five pre-owned Ford vehicles that are well-deserving of your consideration?

First and foremost, it’s fair to say that Ford might be most recognizable for their iconic lineup of pickup trucks. Not only does the F-Series rate as the best-selling trucks of all-time, but they actually outsell every other vehicle on the planet. Widely celebrated for their longevity and dependability, those in the market for a pre-owned truck will be well-served by either the light-duty F-150 or its Super Duty stablemates.

With seventeen years and three generations behind it, the Ford Escape may not be the most fresh-faced entry but, as recently as 2017 it has been the recipient of’s SUV Challenge. For families with young children, the Escape deserves additional recognition for its inclusion in the ‘Car Seat Honor Roll’ meaning that its design is rated as superior in terms of accommodating the safe use of children’s car seats.

With a number of powertrain options available, the Ford Fusion serves as a worthy poster-child for the level of innovation found in Ford pre-owned offerings. Whether you’re in search of a traditional gasoline engine, the EcoBoost variant, a traditional or plug-in hybrid, there is a Fusion made just for you.

Across recent model years, the Ford Explorer has continued to receive a wealth of accolades. Most notably, it has been recognized as both a ‘Top Rated’ and ‘Most Popular’ vehicle from Earning Kelly Blue Book’s praise for its low rate of depreciation, as well as its lower fuel and maintenance costs, the Explorer endures as one of Ford’s most celebrated offerings.

And for those with an interest in a performance vehicle, the Ford Mustang continues to stand as a clear favorite. While this seems like a no-brainer considering the iconic nature of everyone’s favorite pony car, there is a tendency to overlook its strong value offering. In recent years, the Mustang has been repeatedly recognized by for its ability to retain value. With lesser depreciation, a well-maintained pre-owned Mustang might just be too good to pass up.

And as mentioned above, your dealership might offer some of these as part of their Certified Pre-Owned offerings. As shown in the following video, Ford’s CPO program is worth taking a closer look and offers additional peace of mind when buying pre-owned.

Regardless of which of Ford’s offerings feels like it’s the best fit for the unique demands of your lifestyle, you can rest assured that it deserves further exploration.