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Used 90s Cars That Are Worth Pursuing

The 90s were a simpler time. Full House and Saved by the Bell ruled our television, Bill Clinton was receiving tuggies in the Oral Office (I’ll let you determine if that was a typo or not), and the public wasn’t constantly hounding McDonald’s to re-release the criminally-overrated McRib. It was a simpler time, indeed. Well, if you were a fan of that neon-colored decade, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to embrace those trends. If you’re currently searching for a used car, there are a number of models from the 1990s that would make perfect targets! Now, we know what you’re thinking: these vehicles must be pushing at least 20 years old, meaning their performances are compromised, and their technologies and amenities are dated. Yes, that is all true, but that sentiment doesn’t have to apply to all nameplates. Rather, there are still a number of logical targets that are worth pursuing, and we listed some notable used options below. Whether you’re planning a trip to a used car dealership in Colorado or Florida, these vehicles will appeal to customers around the country. Continue reading to see what 1990s used cars still make for excellently used targets…


Early-90s Chevy Corvette

Most drivers have only dreamed of driving around town in a Chevy Corvette. While that may not be a realistic option if you’re pursuing a new ride, it’s a more-than-realistic target if you’re willing to commit to a used nameplate.

The early-90s versions of the Corvette were among the most impressive nameplates on the market, providing drivers with a surprising amount of power. While these muscle specs may have slightly been compromised due to age, drivers will still be able to expect mighty impressive numbers from these rides. After all, the accompanying V8 engines that were featured under the hood delivered up to 300 horsepower back in the day, so even if the specs are slightly reduced, your used car will still deliver more power than many new nameplates.

Furthermore, the Corvette is just one of the sexier vehicles in the industry, and an early-90s rendition will provide you with a bit of nostalgia. Best of all, you won’t have to break the bank for one of these rides, as this variation of the Corvette typically comes in around only $6,000.


1990-1992 Pontiac Firebird

Even if you knew nothing about vehicles and their applicable styles, you’d still be able to recognize that this particular sports car was available during the 90s. With the futuristic angles, long hood, and tiny cabin, the Firebird provides one of the more unique driving experiences on the market.

The vehicle was renowned as a racer, and plenty of pundits believe that the vehicle can still deliver north of 300 horsepower today. If the previous driver was a fan of racing, you may want to check on some of the mechanical aspects of the ride. Either way that shouldn’t be enough to dissuade you from pursuing this particular ride.

Unfortunately, the early-90s Pontiac Firebird isn’t as inexpensive as some of the other nameplates included on this list. The vehicle has transformed into a surprising collector’s item (and not just because of its Knight Rider fame), so buyers may have to dish out more than $20,000 for this particular variation of the Pontiac sedan. Either way, we’d say that the investment is worth it.


1990-1991 Jaguar XJ-S

This is a sentiment you’ll surely hear several times on this list, but we’re sure you never thought it’d be possible to drive around in a classic Jaguar XJ-S. Well, if you opt for a used variation of this ride, it will be more than possible!

This British-made car wasn’t overly popular during its heyday, but that had more to do with the brand than the nameplate. The XJ-S still managed to deliver a whole lot of power, and while the accompanying technology and features are predictably dated, they’re still practical enough to appeal to any type of driver.

Yes, there is the threat that the nameplate will require a whole lot of repairs, as Jaguar isn’t necessarily known for their reliability. However, figuring a used dealership has done a solid-enough job of assuring that their vehicles are in tip-top shape, this shouldn’t be an overly-concerning factor. Even then, considering the price tag that’s likely to come in south of $10,000, the corresponding repairs still make this a nameplate worth pursuing.


Early-1990s Volkswagen GTI

We understand that hatchbacks aren’t everyone’s cup of teas, but this nameplate was too impressive not to mention. While the Volkswagen won’t be pursued because of its style, drivers will be impressed with the surprising amount of power. The 16-valve engine delivers specs that are north of 200 horsepower, and engineers did a great job of assuring that the hatchback is incredibly easy to control.

The vehicle is also plenty roomy, making it a solid choice for small families. Engineers also did a nice job of making the nameplate plenty comfortable, meaning it could also be used as a logical commuter. Either way, you won’t have many reasons to complain about the quality of the ride when you consider the price tag. Early-1990s variations of this nameplate tend to sell for around $4,000.


Mid-1990s Mazda MX-5 Miata

Admittedly, this nameplate is still plenty stylish today. The convertible is sleek and noticeable, and drivers will appreciate the luxury quality without the high price tag.

The nameplate wasn’t necessarily known as a racer, although former owners still lauded the engine and power specs. Rather, the vehicle was known for its style and comfort, making it an excellent summer-time driving option for those seeking an alternative to their rugged, winter-oriented SUV. While fuel efficiency and passenger room may leave a bit to be desired, we’re pretty sure you aren’t pursuing this nameplate for practicality, anyway.

If you are going to pursue this particular nameplate, it’s important to keep your eyes open for the best possible deal. After all, the price tags for this nameplate tend to vary greatly, as some models sell for less than $5,000 while others sell for more than $15,000.