Couple with a salesman making a deal in a car showroom

Tips For Buying Used Cars in Colorado

It took much longer than it should have, but there is no longer the same stigma attached to buying a used car that there once was. Modern consumers have finally realized that there are tons of great reasons to buy a used car, often far outweighing the reasons to purchase a brand new one. When [...]

A grey 2019 Nissan Kicks with copper accents driving at sunrise with hills and buildings in the background. Check out the Kicks at a Nissan Dealer.

Nissan Dealers Ring In New Year With Crossover Competition

The age-old saying that any press is good press is a sentiment that Nissan Motor Company is praying still holds some truth to it; that simply getting your name splashed across the headlines and receiving some notice is a benefit that outweighs any negative content in a story. You might even go so far as [...]

Sign at a Toyota Dealership near me

Is This Me…Coming Around to Toyota?

If you’re reading this article, it might have been a search for ‘Toyota Dealership Near Me’ that brought you here. And if we’re giving credit where it’s due, it might just mean that you’re already well-aware of something that I’ve only started to figure out in recent years; that there ain’t nothing wrong with a [...]

Handshake for a GMC lease deal

Considering a Lease? Here’s Some Food for Thought

A lot goes into the car-buying experience. On the buyer’s side alone, a satisfying purchase is the reward enjoyed by a buyer who has performed their due diligence. They have made the decision to pursue a new or used vehicle offering. They have researched the pros and cons of makes, models and trim levels. They [...]

Find the best car dealership in Los Angeles for your next Uber vehicle

A Helpful Guide for UBER Hopefuls in L.A.

When you think of the motivators, the genuine factors that contribute to your choice of a new vehicle, what comes to mind? Price? Amenities? Safety? Power and Utility Ratings? Versatility? Cargo? Of course, these are all normal considerations for most prospective car buyers, but the bolstering of Millennial sensibilities merged with the entrance of Generation [...]

A red 2019 Nissan Altima in front of a glass building

7 Steps to Help you Choose Just the Right Nissan

So there you are, standing at your local Nissan dealership, looking at all those vehicles glistening in the midday sun, and wondering to yourself: “What am I doing here!?” That sense of panic deep in your stomach as you feel increasingly overwhelmed by the number of options in front of you, that nameless dread screeching [...]

A red 2019 Chevy Tahoe in a wooden display room

How Rising Interest Rates Could Affect Your Chevy Lease Deal

Consumers arriving at Chevrolet dealerships around the country looking to lease their next vehicle are realizing that signing on the dotted line also means paying a higher interest rate. According to economic reports, the Federal Reserve raised the benchmark interest rate from 2.25 percent to 2.50 percent. The interest hike equates to 25 basis points [...]

The Atlanta skyline at dusk

Choosing the Right Dealership for Your ATL Vehicle Purchase

When it comes to car-buying, one could argue that geography is inconsequential. The elements of due diligence and dealership relations that feel unpleasant in one part of the country are just as likely to be present any (and dare we say “every”) where else. So if you’re looking for dealerships in Seattle or dealerships in [...]

Car salesman standing outside a dealership

Choosing the Right Dealership for Your Colorado Springs Vehicle Purchase?

What do you consider to be the most important part of a vehicle purchase? The research to find the perfect one? Seeking out the best price? Securing the best-possible financing option for the unique demands of your budget and lifestyle? The fact is that any one of those steps could contain a role to be [...]

Portrait of stressed young man calling on cellphone for service his breakdown car

Understanding Your Rights as a Car Buyer

Meet Dave…who had been making his way through dealerships in Cincinnati to find the perfect new vehicle. Dave had been overwhelmed, but finally signed on the dotted line and drove off in, what he thought, was the right fit. And that’s when the headaches started. Unfortunately for Dave, he was fairly ignorant regarding the steps [...]