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The All-New 2017 Jeep Compass Truly Deserves the Brand Name and Fame

I’m sure some of you are confused. An all-new 2017 Jeep Compass? That piece of junk? That thing that looks weak and has a whining engine? No. I’m not talking about that Compass. I’m talking about the revised second-generation of Compass that was just released in spring of 2017. That’s right, the Compass got a makeover – and this thing is badass. It might as well be a miniature Grand Cherokee with the way it looks, which is a good thing. It also has off-road performance that’s surprisingly above-adequate. But, what’s the real mark of a true Jeep? Modifications. MOPAR alone has more than 90 mods to choose from for the all-new Compass.

It looks like a true Jeep, performs like a true Jeep, and mods like a true Jeep. Clearly, the all-new Compass deserves the fame that’s associated with the brand name.

It Looks Like a True Jeep

It’s a good thing this second generation Compass will be replacing both the first generation and the Patriot. Both of those vehicles are regarded by many to be the worst models Jeep has ever produced; at least in terms of capability and looks. Even the more fun-looking Renegade enjoyed more success than the other two. But, that’s because the Renegade had a good-looking design.

Now, so does the second generation Compass. Even with the Renegade’s somewhat outlandish design, it was clearly still a Jeep. With the all-new Compass looking like a cross between its predecessor and the Grand Cherokee, it’s now also very clearly a Jeep. This fact alone will help the new Compass sell well.

Performs Like a True Jeep

The looks weren’t the only thing that got a makeover on the second generation Compass, either. It also got enhanced performance in the form of an off-road suspension. You most likely still won’t take this Jeep out rock-crawling, but it will be enough to move it effectively through mud and over stumps, and tackle snowy or rainy conditions as well – something you wouldn’t dream of doing in the first generation model.

In order to mark this enhanced off-road performance, Jeep gave the Compass a Trailhawk model. Combine that off-road suspension on the Compass Trailhawk and the turbocharged 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder Tigershark engine that produces 180 horsepower and 175 lb.-ft. of torque, and it certainly looks like it will perform like a true Jeep. At the very least, it’s going to perform much better off-road than the first generation Compass.

Mods Like a True Jeep

The expression “Jeeps are built, not bought” is perhaps the most highly regarded truism in the Jeep community. This “built, not bought” spirit is something the previous Compass was lacking, which was also a big reason why it didn’t feel like a true Jeep.

The all-new Compass fixed that. Right off the bat, a full line of MOPAR parts is available at launch for your modding pleasure. (More than 90, actually).

These parts range anywhere from molded splash guards, rooftop cargo baskets, steel rock rails, roof racks, to special packages that offer black graphics for the hood and body side. Specially badged door sill guards, all-weather floor mats, stainless steel pedals, cargo totes, and molded cargo trays are available as well.

The first generation Compass might have had a few parts for modification purposes, but not nearly as much as the all-new Compass.

Clearly, the Compass Deserves the Name and Fame

The new Compass checks out: it’s got the Jeep style, the Jeep performance, and the Jeep versatility through MOPAR mods.

It deserves to be called a Jeep, and I predict this Compass is going to do exceptionally well on the market.