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A red 2024 Ford Bronco Outer Banks for sale is shown fording a river.

Ten Comfort and Convenience Features You’ll Love In The 2024 Ford Bronco

Ford’s classic and rugged off-road SUV, the Bronco, is back for another year of adventure and still delivers a host of great features. You’ll still get those terrific four-by-four capabilities, gaining you traction in all sorts of terrain. The G.O.A.T (Go Over Any Terrain) modes are here to stay, too, including snow, slippery, and tow modes. Of course, the Bronco still has good ground clearance so that you can cruise over rocky trails with peace of mind. Tow hooks are still on the table to help you get out of sticky situations. But what drivers looking for a Ford Bronco for sale might not know about are all of the great comfort and convenience features in the model.

Ford Bronco drivers are, by nature, not fussy types. You likely want to get in the mud and make a mess. You’re campers, hikers, and bikers. You sleep under the stars and wash your hands in the river. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate some creature comforts inside of your SUV while you’re en route to your destination (it’s okay. We won’t tell anyone). Plus, the Bronco has some surprising features that don’t just help you get to that great, remote spot — but also help you make the most of it once you’re there.

Here are ten comfort and convenience features you’ll love in the 2024 Ford Bronco. Some are useful when you’re driving, and some are great to have once you’ve gone off-road.

One: Rubberized Floor Mats with Drain Plugs

Between hiking, swimming, and generally enjoying the outdoors, you’re bound to drag a lot of dirt into your Bronco. Luckily, it has rubberized floor mats with drain plugs. Don’t hold back when you’re having fun in the wild, all for the sake of keeping your Bronco clean. These convenient and smart floors are super easy to wash off. Just open the drain plugs and spray down the floor mats with a hose. The water will drain out, and you’ll have fresh floors. (Pro tip: keep it to a modest spray level to avoid flooding the interior).

Two: Mildew-Resistant Vinyl Seats

The inside of the 2024 Bronco is made to remove your inhibitions in the wilderness. When you see an inviting creek and want to go for a spontaneous dip but forgot your towel, don’t worry if you have to hop back into the SUV a little damp. The mildew-resistant vinyl seats are made to withstand some moisture. The same goes for when a four-legged friend goes romping in the water. They can hop back in the vehicle without worrying about ruining the upholstery. Get a little messy. These seats can handle it.

Three: Integrated Molle Panel System.

Keep all of those adventure essentials close and organized with the molle panel systems on the backs of the front seats. Grab some carabiner clips and attach your flashlight, water bottle, biking gloves, and other small gear to the system. That way, you don’t have to go digging through bags for important stuff when you want to go on a spontaneous bike ride down a trail. Plus, with this system, you have no excuse for leaving your small items all over the seats and floors.

Four: Built-in Navigation

Available built-in connected navigation means that you don’t need your phone to know where you’re going. This system uses satellites to track your location. If you’re a serious off-roader, you probably travel far from cell towers. So you can’t rely on phone data to get where you’re going. If you buy a Bronco in order to truly leave the beaten path, then you’ll probably lose cell service from time to time. It’s part of the adventure. But unless you’re great at reading paper maps (is anyone these days?), you’ll still need navigation.

Five: SYNC 4 with Swipe Capability and Enhanced Voice Recognition

The 2024 Bronco gets Ford’s current infotainment system, the SYNC 4. With it, you will enjoy swipe capability, so swipe the screen to navigate through apps, just like you do with your tablet or smartphone. It also has enhanced voice recognition, meaning the system recognizes natural speech patterns. Use this to send hands-free texts, make calls, ask for traffic updates, check for points of interest on your route, and more. This makes for just one less thing to worry about while you are on the go.

Six: Wireless Smartphone Compatibility.

Even though you might want to ditch your phones once you get to your trail, you probably still need them when you’re on your way. With available wireless smartphone compatibility, the 2024 Ford lets you connect your smartphone to the touchscreen without the use of any cords. So, if you’re trying to keep the dash area clean or just don’t want to pack the cords, leave them at home. (Well, maybe stash them in the glove compartment since you need them to charge your phone).

Seven: Remote Keyless Access with Push-Button Start

Gone are the days of digging through your backpack after a long hike to find your keys. The remote keyless access system will let you open your vehicle doors without manually unlocking it. Just have the key fob on your person, and as you approach the Bronco, it will sense the fob. Then, just open the front door handles. You don’t even need a key to start the ignition, thanks to the push-button start. So, if you want to leave your keys in your pocket or backpack from the moment you approach your vehicle to when you start it, you can. You also don’t have to worry about locking your keys in the car, as the doors won’t lock if the car is turned off and the keys are still in the vehicle.

Eight: Remote Start System

When you have the remote start system (available on automatic transmission models), you can actually start your Bronco before you even get in it. There is a remote start button on your keyfob when it’s enabled with this function. Just press it twice to start your engine. This should also activate your automatic climate control so your car will be nice and cool or nice and toasty when you get in it. You’ll love this feature when you’re coming back from a swim in an icy cold lake or a long day of hiking on a hot trail.

Nine: Slide-Out Tailgate

Owners of four-door models can choose to add the available slide-out tailgate. This takes the already awesome swing-out tailgate of the Bronco to the next level with a small slide-out tailgate similar to one you’d get in a pickup truck. This gives you an extra surface to tie up those hiking boots or look over a map before you hit the trails. When you want to chill in the rear cargo area and watch the sunset, this tailgate also gives you extra space to stretch out.

A popular Ford Bronco for sale, a grey 2024 Ford Bronco Big Bend, is shown parked near a river.

Ten: Tremendous Cargo Space

Drivers who opt for the four-door Bronco will enjoy 83 cu.ft. of cargo space with the rear seats down in soft-top models and 77.6 cu.ft. in hardtop ones. This should be more than enough space for all of the gear and goodies you need to maximize your rugged excursions. You can get a large cooler, several backpacks, foldable bikes, four-legged companions, and so much more back there.