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A close-up on the front wheel of a 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is shown.

Getting to Know the 2024 Ford Explorer

Do you need a family vehicle but want it to be equipped for action and adventure? Have you taken a look at the 2024 Ford Explorer? This SUV is perfect for the family that enjoys all sorts of activities like hiking, fishing, camping, biking, and off-roading.

You don’t have to worry about how much the 2024 Ford Explorer can handle, as it has you covered with plenty of seating, tech, and features perfectly suited to an active lifestyle. With the latest Ford Explorer, you can reach mountaintops, explore off-the-beaten paths, go on a road trip, and more. The possibilities for what you and your family can do are endless when you have the 2024 Ford Explorer along for the ride.

Ford’s SUV is ready to take on the elements, paved and unpaved roads, twisting turns, and hilly terrain, all with practiced ease. Ford’s vehicles are known not only for their toughness but also for their flexibility, endurance, and power. When you want an SUV that can seat the entire family comfortably while also towing your recreational vehicles and boasting plenty of entertainment options at hand, then you’ll love the 2024 Explorer; it has everything you could want and more.


The 2024 Ford Explorer comes with an impressive powertrain, the first component being the 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine. EcoBoost engines allow a better air/fuel combination than a normal engine, which is why it is far more powerful; this is great news for the family that wants to travel cross-country, see some of the state parks, or go off-roading to find the perfect camping spot. This engine pairs with a ten-speed automatic transmission, which gives you unparalleled performance as you direct your powerful engine. If you’re ready to start a journey, the Explorer is the perfect fit.

With the EcoBoost engine and the ten-speed transmission, you’ll be capable of reaching greater heights, whether you’re driving your family round and round on a mountain or you’re driving on the highway in search of a hotel and a hot plate of dinner. You’ll look forward to getting in the Explorer and taking off, no matter where you’re going. Whether you’re loading up the kids to take them on a school trip or you’re enjoying a day off at a museum, the Explorer is a willing companion, capable and ready.


The Explorer comes in multiple trim levels, so it depends on which one you choose whether or not you have particular features installed or not. There are several helpful features and available options for you to consider, so remember to take your time and really think about what you want to drive the Explorer for. Do you wish sometimes that your car had some fancy gadgets that would make life just a bit more sublime? You can opt for one of these exterior features: a twin-panel moonroof, the Yakima SkyBox, a power liftgate, and adaptive LED headlamps.

The adaptive LED headlamps are capable of adjusting with your vehicle, including on turns. These lights adapt to the twists and turns of the road, highlighting what’s ahead with cool precision. You’ll also enjoy the power liftgate, which will make loading and unloading groceries, luggage, sports equipment, camping gear, and the like so much easier. You’ll also get the chance to try out the Yakima SkyBox, an easy, simple way to add more space for luggage on top of the vehicle. The FrontLoader and MegaWarrior Cargo Basket will then complete the ultimate travel package.

A dark green 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is shown driving in a desert.


The interior of the Explorer is a sight to behold, complete with seven seats—for a driver and six passengers. Multi-color ambient lighting enhances the atmosphere inside the Explorer, making it easy to keep everybody interested in what’s happening or allow for some much-needed rest between activities. The third row boasts PowerFold seating, so it can be taken down if you need space for larger items. Whatever you want to take with you, chances are, the Explorer has a spot for just about everything you could ever want, along with plenty of spaces for those necessities like drinks, snacks, phones, tablets, and headphones.

If you’re looking for something that will allow for stargazing, sunrises, sunsets, a cool breeze, or other appreciation of nature, you can choose to get an Explorer with a twin-panel moonroof. That’s right: every trim level (except for the base trim) has access to this twin-panel beauty. Not only is it a beautiful, relaxing way to enjoy nature, but it’s the perfect opportunity for taking pictures, enjoying the rain, or watching a meteor shower. If you’ve been looking for a vehicle with all the bells and whistles for a growing, athletic family, the Explorer is for you.


Ford does not skimp on technology, which is why the Explorer is jam-packed with a wide range of electronics, from Ford’s SYNC 3 technology to the Ford+Alexa app to the Bang & Olufsen sound system. The B&O audio tech is perfect for those who like clear navigation, listening to the radio, podcasts, audiobooks, talk radio, and other activities that require a great sound system. With B&O’s twelve to fourteen speakers (and a subwoofer), you’ll be able to have family sing-alongs as well as step-by-step instructions for how to get where you’re going.

The Ford+Alexa app allows you to link your smartphone to your smart devices in your home and your Explorer, as well as hear news and traffic information, navigation instructions, etc. You can also do some online shopping while you’re waiting in traffic or when you remember the item you didn’t grab at the store. As for safety, Ford’s standard driver assistance features include automatic high beams, a rearview camera, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), and a Pre-Collision Assist, among others. You also have the option to charge your phone with the Explorer’s wireless charging pad: simply lay the phone down and watch as the battery percentage starts to climb.

A dark green 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is shown parked in a forest.

Start Your Journey Today

If you and your family are always on the go—seeing and doing new things—then you need a vehicle that will seat you all comfortably, keep you safe, and give you those little luxuries that make driving fun. You need something that will adapt with you over the years, and that can handle a variety of activities, from dropping the kids off at the movie theater to taking a trip to see relatives over the holidays. You’ll love how easy it is to drive and how many ways there are to enjoy the ride. With the 2024 Ford Explorer, you’ll have everything you need to create plenty of happy memories with your family.

So, now that you’ve found the perfect family SUV, it’s time to read reviews, ask forums, get a closer look, go for a test drive, and talk to mechanics to see how well the Ford Explorer measures up or exceeds expectations. Once you buy one, you’ll notice how streamlined and rugged it is, and you’ll love all the special touches that make the Ford Explorer so great. You’ll appreciate the safety, utility, and infotainment tech as they help you navigate treacherous conditions or improve the comfort and convenience of your drive. With the 2024 Ford Explorer, you’ve got everything you need to make every trip memorable.