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What You Need to Know About The 2017 Ford Explorer

When shopping for an SUV, you might think you are loosing out if you decide to buy anything other than brand new. You might suspect you will end up cutting corners in order to save money, such as skimping on the latest technologies, safety features, interior enhancements or engine upgrades. But with the proper research, you’ll find that this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider how much money you will save just by purchasing last year’s model? Often engineers and designers only make certain adjustments to each model every year and sometimes make little to no changes at all. So, if you are in the market for a 2018 Ford Explorer, in most instances, buying a pre-owned 2017 model doesn’t have to mean you lose out on all of the newest amenities. Most 2017 models already have them. And the 2017 Ford Explorer is exceptional in its wow-factor. So, here is everything you need to know about the most recent used Ford.

The 2017 Ford Explorer is a Top-Seller

It’s important to note that in 2017 the Ford Explorer was the number one selling midsize SUV in America. It’s still setting sales records in 2018 because the model is much the same as it was in 2017. This is admittedly because much older models of the Explorer, and we are talking a decade ago, were not known for their appeal, especially stylistically. But recently in  Ford has made some big changes, and those changes include exterior enhancements that make the modern Explorer a much more refined vehicle inside and out.

Ford Interiors are Exceptional

The 2018 Ford Explorer’s interior is known for its comfort and cargo space, something that designers of the 2018 model barely touched. And Ford does its best to be unique in its class, with the Explorer being no exception. Once you open the doors to the Explorer and get in, you’ll be so comfortable you won’t want to get out again. Though the interior is built with lots of plastics they are durable and solid and not cheap-looking like in other models in its class.

And the cargo capacity is definitely a selling point. In the 2017 Ford Explorer is mostly due to the second-row seats being easy to fold, powered by an easy to find button. Testers of the vehicle say that the act of raising and lowering the last row can be done with only one finger. The interior cubby storage is also a popular selling point of the 2017 Ford Explorer. The well-kept secret of these storage spaces is that they not only keep your items secure, but they also keep them hidden from anyone you won’t want to see it, an extra safety feature. Critics note that the front door pockets are much larger than one might expect. If you get the model that had the second-row bucket seats available, you will be able to get a rear center console and extra storage cubbies.

Ford Has Lots of Infotainment

Yes, even in the last model year’s used Ford you can expect all the latest in infotainment. Much of it comes standard so you won’t need the option of an upgrade to a more expensive trim to get them. The Sync 3 operating system comes complete with Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto, depending on your needs. Even pre-owned models have built-in navigation systems with detailed mapping, a 180-degree parking camera, and Sony audio with Bluetooth streaming, and a colorful visual display.

All standard models have HVAC controls used not only for adjusting temperatures in the interior but also for heating and cooling the seats. And in those moments when you don’t need to cool down, but to warm up, the leather-wrapped steering wheel, covered with its own gadgets and gizmos, can be heated. This is a quality only most luxury SUVs have in their highest level trims. The Explorer has also an active noise reduction, and all of the interior material is sound-deadening making a pleasant, quiet ride.

Ford’s Exteriors are Eye-Catching

Depending on what’s available, you could get your 2017 Ford Explorer in a beautiful Ruby Red among many other available colors. Also, all of the Ford exteriors are chrome plated, and silver painted on the front and rear skid plates, exterior trim, roof rails, and exhaust tips. You might also luck out and get with it the auto high beams that go great with the rain-sensing wipers, LED headlamps, fog lights, taillights, and keyless remote entry keypad.

Ford SUVs are Off-Road Capable

With less weight on the front wheels handling is a breeze in the all-wheel=-drive 2017 Ford Explorer. Ford’s Range Rover-style Terrain Management System allows this crossover SUV to swiftly enter trenches and corner around trees in any unpredictable wilderness trail. It’s even capable of entering sandy, snowy, and gravel terrains with minimal swerving.  Finally, the Explorer’s hill descent control comes standard in the 2017 model, which acts like an emergency brake, slowing any loss of traction up and down steep grades. acting like an engine brake to ease the SUV down steep grades, while standard hill start assist can be useful both on- and off-road.


The 2017 Ford Explorer also is well equipped for towing. The good news is the 2017 Ford Explorer has a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. Critics suggest that this used Ford’s forte is cargo hauling, which is mostly due to the upright shell which is sizeable in comparison to other crossover SUVs in its class.

A Used Ford Explorer is a Great Option

So, if you are in the market for a used Ford, consider the popularity of crossover SUVs, before settling for your average beater sedan. Purchasing a pre-owned 2017 Ford Explorer is a responsible and smart choice to make when you have so many luxuries, comforts, accommodations, and equipment available to you. The economic benefit of the 2017 Explorer is that it’s just like owning the 2018 Explorer except at a fraction of the price.