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A red 2021 Toyota Corolla is shown parked in a city near a used Toyota dealer.

Our Top Toyotas for City-Dwellers to Buy Used

Are you on the prowl for a dependable and efficient used vehicle to help you navigate the hustle and bustle of city streets? Living in the city means dealing with limited parking spots, narrow roads and corners, and congested traffic on a regular basis; you need a vehicle that can take on all these challenges with ease while still giving you ample practicality and comfort.

As you set out on your hunt for your next car, consider a pre-owned Toyota to achieve the perfect blend of performance, style, and affordability. Renowned for their resale value and reliability, Toyota models cater well to urban life—but before you run out to visit your local used Toyota dealer, take the following picks into consideration.

Toyota’s Best Older Models for Urbanites

Which used Toyota models are best for city-dwellers? After careful consideration, here are our choices for buyers who want to make getting around the city easier and more efficient.

Toyota Corolla

An icon of the auto industry for many years, the Toyota Corolla is a compact sedan that effectively combines fuel efficiency, dependability, and a reasonable price tag. This makes it a stellar choice for those living and working in the city. This car has a reputation for living a long life and having relatively low maintenance costs compared to its rivals. Navigating the concrete jungle has never been such a smart decision!

The Corolla, due to its compact size, easily maneuvers through traffic and can squeeze into cramped parking spaces without issue. Additionally, it has a well-appointed and comfy cabin with many modern amenities, thereby creating a pleasant experience while cruising through the city and beyond.

Toyota Yaris

If you are a city-dweller who needs an even smaller and nimbler vehicle than the Corolla, the Toyota Yaris should more than suffice. Expect high fuel economy from this subcompact car, as well as an agile build that is ideal for zipping along busy city streets. You can likewise park this car quite easily in those tight spots thanks to its equally tight dimensions.

Sure, the Yaris is a small vehicle, but its cabin is remarkably roomy, and this comfortable interior is enhanced by a smooth ride quality. So, if you require a vehicle that is both easy to park and efficient at the pump, the Yaris might just be your urbanite BFF. It’s been discontinued since 2020, but you’re sure to find it on the pre-owned market.

Toyota Camry

Blending performance and comfort is Toyota’s specialty, and they especially achieve such excellent results in the well-loved Toyota Camry. This midsize sedan offers more space than the Corolla while still not compromising on high fuel economy. City-slickers needing more space for their people, pets, and things will find the Camry to be a solid choice.

Since the Camry is a bit bigger in size, it gives a composed and cozy ride quality, even on those rougher city streets that are in dire need of repaving. If you crave more space and an upscale riding experience while still being able to get around crowded streets with ease, the Camry provides that desirable balance.

Toyota Prius

Eco-minded city folks often pick the Toyota Prius, a hybrid car that has long dominated its segment. This pioneer combines a traditional gasoline engine with an electric motor, resulting in exemplary fuel economy. The Prius adeptly handles stop-and-go traffic scenarios that tend to plague urban areas since it can run purely on electric power at slower rates of speed.

In addition to its outstanding fuel efficiency, the Prius is insanely quiet and smooth on the open road. Your daily commute can benefit from such a chill car—and that’s not to mention the hatchback design that gives this vehicle ample interior space, making it practical for anyone who needs to haul cumbersome cargo to and fro in the city.

A red 2023 Toyota RAV4 Prime is shown driving.

Toyota RAV4

Perhaps you need more cargo space and prefer sitting in a higher driving position. If that’s so, then the Toyota RAV4 should prove more than suitable for city life. As a compact SUV, its size is manageable in the city, and its ample versatility is perfect for urban adventurers.

Whether you are grabbing a few weeks’ worth of groceries, running errands across the city, or heading out for a fun weekend excursion, the RAV4’s abundant cargo space and all-wheel drive (AWD) capabilities make this vehicle a top pick among city folk who like to get out and hit the road less traveled. What’s more, there are hybrid versions available for enhanced fuel efficiency that help in stop-and-go traffic.

Toyota 4Runner

While the Toyota 4Runner might not be at the forefront of your mind, perhaps it should be if you are someone who loves a great adventure. This rugged SUV is not quite as compact as the other vehicles on this list, but it can handle off-road driving as easily as driving in the city. Just watch—it can tackle any terrain, particularly those pesky potholes!

Those who like to take road trips or enjoy outdoor activities find that the 4Runner’s cargo area offers plenty of space, and the build quality is outstanding. It might not be the most adept at parallel parking, but the 4Runner can handle the urban jungle with athleticism backing it up.

Toyota Avalon

City folks who crave a more luxurious sedan crafted with spaciousness in mind will find the Toyota Avalon to be appealing. This full-size sedan is suited for lengthy road trips and daily commutes as well. With a tranquil and smooth ride quality, the Avalon offers refinement in droves, making it an excellent choice.

The Avalon’s slew of advanced tech gadgets, spacious cabin, and high-quality materials make this vehicle a top pick for those who want to add a degree of luxury to their urban living. While it is a larger sedan, it is still easy to navigate through city traffic. It’s been discontinued since 2022, but you’re sure to find it on the pre-owned market.

Toyota Tacoma

Need a pickup truck for your urban exploration? The Toyota Tacoma is a solid option, given its compact size and ample cargo volume. You can easily maneuver through city streets and tackle some home DIY projects with this truck’s cargo capacity.

The Tacoma’s off-roading abilities and athletic design make this truck perfect for those who lead active lives. Its versatility ensures you can manage the demands of city life—and with the proper configuration, you can easily park it in urban areas.

A grey 2024 Toyota Sienna is shown parked in a driveway.

Toyota Sienna

We cannot neglect to mention the minivan of all minivans: the Toyota Sienna. Sure, minivans have a stronger association with the suburbs, but the Sienna is practical and comfortable, with a plush interior and sliding rear doors.

Shuttling kids to and from schools and sporting events is easy with this minivan. On top of that, you can get the Sienna as a hybrid model, ensuring fewer trips to the pump and reduced carbon emissions from the tailpipe.

Some Final Thoughts on Buying a Pre-Owned Toyota

As a city dweller, you have the luxury of choosing from a variety of used Toyota models that cater to your needs. Whether you need a compact sedan, subcompact car, midsize SUV, or even a hybrid minivan, Toyota has you covered. Visit your local Toyota dealer to learn more about these models and take one out for a test drive.