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A white 2021 Toyota Avalon is driving on an open road past the desert.

The 2021 Toyota Avalon: The Sedan That Does it All

You’ve probably heard of the Toyota Avalon. It’s been around for 26 years, making everyone’s full-size sedan dreams come true. While Toyota has stayed true to its Avalon roots for decades now, they’ve successfully evolved to stay up to date with technology, safety, the growing family, and peak performance. The 2021 Toyota Avalon brought quite a few new additions that further solidifies it as the top car in its segment. There’s something for everyone in the 2021 Avalon including, thrilling capability, affordable luxury, standard safety, and maximum fuel efficiency.

Performance Enthusiast

For the performance enthusiast, the Toyota Avalon may not first come to mind. However, the 2021 Toyota Avalon is bound to surprise you with its performance capabilities. Debuting for the 2021 model year is an all-wheel drive option that gives Avalon drivers more traction and control when they need it most. The 2021 Avalon is intelligent, too, meaning if AWD is not needed, it simply switches to FWD again. You won’t sacrifice gas mileage using AWD either. An estimated 28 MPG combined keeps your fuel economy solid while still giving you the bad weather traction you need.

The standard engine for the 2021 Toyota Avalon is a 3.5L V6 that boasts 301 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot of power packed into a sedan, and you will enjoy every turn and acceleration. Both the V6 and AWD options come with an eight-speed automatic transmission, further intensifying its capability. If you want even more power to your drives, Toyota brought back its newest performance edition that changes the game.

The 2021 Avalon TRD model gives you even more grip on the roads paired with a sleek sport-style design. For 2021, you have the option of new summer tires for the TRD, making the experience more thrilling. The 2021 Toyota Avalon TRD features the V6 engine and a dual exhaust system that amplifies the acceleration and idle sounds. Even if your primary use for the 2021 Avalon is strictly business, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a few weekend scenic drives to scratch that performance drive itch.

The interior of a 2021 Toyota Avalon shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

Luxurious Interior

The 2021 Toyota Avalon may be considered a sedan, but that doesn’t mean it lacks interior space. One of the best features of the Avalon that keeps drivers coming back year after year is its interior room. Both the rear passenger and front passengers ride comfortably no matter where you go. With over 40 inches of rear legroom, your back seat crew will stretch out and chill in greater comfort than most SUVs provide. Added features like available heated rear seats, in addition to the more common heated front seats, give that extra premium touch.

Premium and luxury describe every square inch of the 2021 Toyota Avalon. Higher-end models even have the option for leather seats coupled with real wood and aluminum trim, all without paying the high prices demanded by the luxury brands. The luxury continues into the Avalon’s technology. We all need to stay connected, and the nine-inch touchscreen helps you do that with navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Adding to the convenience, you can now see the most important information for your drive right in front of you. The 7-inch multi-information display right above the steering wheel gives you vehicle information, turn-by-turn navigation, and even alerts from Toyota Safety Sense features. The 10-inch head-up display extends this by showing vehicle speed and other information on the lower portion of your dashboard. Both of these features are designed to keep your eyes in front of you on the road while still keeping you informed to make the best driving decisions.

Safety Sense For All

In an effort to keep every drive as safe as possible, Toyota has made its advanced safety suite standard on all Toyota Avalon trims. That means no matter which version of the 2021 Toyota Avalon you purchase, you will get a variety of safety technology features included. There are also more features available to add on.

The standard Toyota Safety Sense P features include a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, and Automatic High Beams. The Pre-Collision System will alert you and even automatically brake if it senses a car or pedestrian in your path. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will automatically adjust your speed to maintain a safe following distance in traffic. Lane Departure Alert can sense the lines on the road to ensure you stay in your lane. Finally, the Automatic High Beams will turn off the high beam headlights when it senses a car is approaching.

Additional safety technology features for the 2021 Toyota Avalon include Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Rear Cross-Traffic Braking, and Bird’s Eye View Camera with Perimeter Scan. All of the safety features, standard or optional, are designed to give you more peace of mind when you get on the road. It also adds to the premium nature of the 2021 Avalon because all the advanced features are included in the base price.

A white 2021 Toyota Avalon is parked in a modern garage.


Avalon Hybrid

One model of the 2021 Toyota Avalon you can’t miss is the Avalon Hybrid. It’s improved for the 2021 model year and still provides everything you love about the Avalon. The 2021 Avalon Hybrid now has a lithium-ion battery pack, which is conveniently placed under the rear seats, so you don’t lose any cargo or passenger space. The true highlight of the Avalon Hybrid is the impressive fuel economy of 44 MPG combined. That’s some serious gas money you’ll save!

The 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid has several drive modes that can increase your fuel efficiency or increase your performance. To maximize fuel efficiency, drive in ECO mode. You can even switch to drive completely on electric motors in EV mode under the right circumstances. The Sport mode increases your performance and allows for quicker acceleration. Driving a hybrid does not mean having a boring car! If you choose to drive the 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid, you will be more than pleased with everything it has to offer.

You have options when it comes to which Avalon hybrid model you want to drive. The 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is available on the XLE, XSE, and Limited trims. This allows you to choose the version that works best for your life and your budget. Now more than ever, it makes sense to switch to a hybrid. The 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is a prime example of how hybrid vehicles can fit seamlessly into your life without making sacrifices for convenience.

Toyota’s Flagship Sedan Is Still Best In Class

The 2021 Toyota Avalon is an impressive full-size sedan. It’s large enough to fit the family but small enough to bring great performance and fuel efficiency. The 2021 Avalon has all the premium touches and convenient technology that you could ask for at a reasonable price point. We’ve only scratched the surface with the 2021 Toyota Avalon, though. Once you jump inside and experience the performance, features, and design for yourself, you will find yourself wondering why the full-size sedan is not more popular among modern drivers.