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Why the 2017 Toyota Yaris is One of the Safest in the Class

The 2017 Toyota Yaris is rather sturdy for a subcompact car. However, drivers will still need to rely on the vehicle’s array of safety capabilities as they’re looking to maximize their security. Fortunately, this specific nameplate doesn’t disappoint.

The 2017 Toyota Yaris is chock full of innovative safety features and capabilities. Each of these offerings will play a significant role in helping drivers avoid collisions, while accompanying features will assure their safety during an accident. This point has been emphasized by both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any doubts about the model’s safety abilities.

There are a number of reasons why customers should pursue a 2017 Toyota Yaris. When you’ve finished exploring all of the available safety capabilities, you’ll understand that this might be the best attribute of the subcompact car…

Top Safety Pick

The 2017 Toyota Yaris was one of several of the brand’s vehicles to be named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Along with the Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius v, and Toyota Avalon, the brand’s vehicles were commended with their reliable and consistent safety offerings.

In particular, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety required that the honored vehicles undergo several important tests, including small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraints. The group also requires that the vehicle is accompanied by an advanced or superior rating when it comes to the front crash prevention. Predictably, the 2017 Toyota Yaris hit on all of these requirements.

“Toyota is firmly committed to a wide range of initiatives further enhancing the safety of Toyota vehicles and peace of mind for our customers,” said Jeff Makarewicz, Toyota’s Vice President of North American Vehicle, Quality & Safety Engineering Group (via a press release). “This sincere dedication to safety by our engineers resulted in another IIHS Top Safety pick for Toyota.”

Toyota Safety Sense C

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration previously required that every vehicle come equipped with an advanced and intuitive safety system by 2022. Well, the Toyota Yaris clearly continues to innovate when it comes to safety accommodations, and that’s evident by the brand’s decision to include the innovative Toyota Safety Sense C technology.

“Toyota Safety Sense C is designed to help address three key areas of driver assistance: preventing or mitigating frontal collisions, helping keep drivers within their lane, and to help enhance road safety during nighttime driving,” the brand explained in a press release. “Technologies include Toyota’s Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert and Automatic High Beams. Yaris is the first entry subcompact in the segment to standardize these key safety features across all grades.”

These are all especially clever inclusions, as they can play a significant role in helping drivers avoid both devastating collisions and minor fenders. The Pre-Collision System can alert drivers via audible and visual notifications when a collision appears imminent, and the vehicle can even apply the brakes to lessen (or prevent) a collision. The Lane Departure Alert will be especially useful when you’re traveling by yourself on the highway, as the system will inform the driver when it’s safe to switch over. Finally, the Automatic High Beams tend to be taken for granted, but they’ve also proven an effective safety feature. The headlights don’t just provide drivers with better sight on those dark, poorly-lit roads, but they’ll also alert other drivers that you’re about to drive by.

Protective Safety Features

Of course, drivers can’t solely rely on the preventative safety features. Accidents aren’t entirely avoidable, so owners will have to trust that their vehicle will keep them secure during a collision. Fortunately, the 2017 Toyota Yaris delivers in this regard.

“Front side airbags and curtain airbags help protect front and rear seat occupants,” the brand said in a statement. “But the biggest safety news in this low-priced, high-MPG model is a standard Low-speed Pre-collision system that uses a laser to help the driver avoid certain frontal collisions with a preceding vehicle and help minimize damage in the event of an accident. The iA also features a brake override system and a rear view backup camera comes standard.”

As the press released noted, the various airbags will provide maximum protection during a collision, as the cushion will be of utmost importance as you’re looking to preserve your well-being. Meanwhile, the brake override system is crucial on those sleek, icy roads, as the vehicle can automatically adapt itself to cater to the variable road conditions. Finally, that backup camera allows drivers to monitor every corner of their vehicle. Owners can rely on the camera to provide a view of everything that’s happening behind the vehicle, reducing the chance that the driver accidentally reverses into a stationary object.


Fortunately, if you do run into any issues, you can rely on the brand’s limited warranty to handle many of your mechanical needs. The vehicle is equipped with the brand’s standard 36-month/36,000-mile new-vehicle warranty, which basically covers any fixes that don’t apply to general wear or “maintenance items.” An additional 60-month powertrain warranty will protect one of the most important aspects of your new vehicle.

The brand even includes the Toyota Care service, which is a plan that provides free “factory-scheduled maintenance” and 24-hour roadside assistance (for up to two years or 25,000 miles). If you run into any unexpected issues, you can trust that Toyota has your back.

It’s evident that the 2017 Toyota Yaris will deliver its owners with premier safety and security features. Drivers can continue to rely on those offerings as they look to stay out of harm’s way, and they can also rely on these features during an emergency. Fortunately, if the driver does find themselves in a crash, the brand’s accompanying warranty should have you covered.

In other words, if you’re seeking safety for your subcompact car, you won’t find a better choice than the 2017 Toyota Yaris.