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Toyota Tacoma

Buy a Toyota With the Ease That You Buy Everything Else

For those interested in driving a new-to-them Toyota, it’s easy for them to wander their way into the pitfall of dealerships. If only they realized how easy it could be to make that perfect Toyota their own. Perhaps they would understand better if they were to compare the traditional dealership experience offered by Toyota Direct vs, a concierge service designed to make car-buying easier.

Rest assured, I’m not picking on Toyota Direct. My criticism can be directed at almost every dealership out there.


Speaking Frankly…

The thought of having to subject myself to dealerships and the traditional car buying experience is not unlike the thought of punching myself repeatedly in the face. While a crude oversimplification of the fact that car-buying can be unpleasant, I say it with genuine sincerity.

Many consumers feel this frustration as a result of traditional car-buying. The scouring of dealer inventories and high-likelihood of having to make concessions, enduring high-pressured sales tactics and (of course) the inevitable waiting game littered with haggling; all of these factors make car-buying feel as dangerous as traversing a minefield. Call me crazy, but I have no interesting in accidentally tripping over a landmine.

Then again, as we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, I’d also prefer not to set foot inside a shopping mall. I’d rather not have to search for a parking spot, endure crowded stores, long lines and frustrated retail clerks. Fortunately for me (and so many others like me), we live in a world that has reshaped itself in the interest of convenience. No longer solely a brick & mortar world, we’re offered the convenience of click & order consumerism on everything from high-end Christmas gifts to Ramen noodles.

If online shopping means that I don’t have to set foot in a mall at Christmas, or even in a Supermarket on a regular Tuesday, why does car-buying remain such an arduous task? The simple answer: it doesn’t have to be.

It was a colleague of mine who brought to my attention. And like so many memorable introductions, it was both an eye-opening and enlightening experience. To provide a point of comparison, the one that comes instantly to mind would be Amazon.

By this, I mean that it creates a sense of ease with which you can make a purchase. You buy what you want, nothing more, nothing less. Zero pressure. Zero expectations. That is an assurance that you can not expect from a traditional dealership.


A Scenario

Knowing that the Toyota Camry has undergone a complete redesign for 2018, you’ve decided that you’re interested in seeing what sort of deals you can get for recent model year Camry’s. Having run the numbers, you find yourself favoring a 2016 model knowing that, by choosing an earlier model year, you can afford the higher XSE trim level. Also, you’ve taken a liking to Cosmic Gray Mica, for a paint color.

So you visit your local Toyota dealership and, although they’re glad to help, they can’t help you. The only 2016 model that they have is an SE trim in Midnight Black Metallic. And while they have an XSE available, it’s from 2017 at a higher price point. Adding insult to injury, Cosmic Gray Mica was discontinued after 2016.

So, what do you do? Do you settle for a lower trim level, something more expensive, or even in a color that you don’t like? Or do you delay a purchase that you’re both financially and emotionally ready to make, just to search other dealer inventories? Why can’t you just get what you want?

Another Scenario

You’ve decided that you’re interested in a 2016 Toyota Camry XSE in Cosmic Gray Mica. You log onto submit the request for those model specs, and the site goes to work for you. No searching. No standby. You can continue about your life and will return with the vehicle that you are looking for. In addition, it will be offered with both a clean CarFAX Vehicle History Report, and at a price $500 lower than you would have found it at a dealership. Which option would you prefer?


How Does it Work?

Simply put, utilizes a nationwide network of dealerships to offer a wider selection than a traditional dealership could ever expect to offer. In addition, they take the same approach in partnering with a network of lenders, meaning that they’re able to guarantee financing options for all applicants, regardless of credit history.


Added Perks

Considering that a customer, located anywhere in the continental U.S. could be buying a vehicle from anywhere else in the continental U.S. makes it all the more impressive offers free delivery. So you’re getting the vehicle you want, at a lower price, with a clean vehicle history, guaranteed financing (if needed) and free delivery to your home or office? Who could compete with that?

Do you have a trade-in vehicle to offer? Not a problem, not only does the site include tools to value that trade-in, but (upon finalization of a purchase agreement) will arrange for the pick-up of that vehicle at no cost to you

All vehicles come with a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. And, if there’s any concern about satisfaction, rest assured that you have up to 3 Days or 150 Miles to decide. If you’re not satisfied, will help you to exchange your vehicle for a better fit.


Shouldn’t You Get What You Want?

Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment. On top of that, it can be an even larger investment of your time, energy and resources, if you are working with a lesser partner. Genuinely considering for my next vehicle purchase, it just seems appropriate to transition away from a tired method, choosing instead to do it with the same ease with which we buy everything else.