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Looks Like Chevy Plans on Reviving the Blazer Name Soon

Looks like Chevy’s planning on reviving the Blazer sometime soon, based on some spy photos that have surfaced of GM testing its new midsize crossover vehicle. If it is the Blazer (which is the new vehicle’s expected name) it’s going to end up slotting between the Equinox and Traverse in the Chevy lineup, which puts it about the same size as the 2017 GMC Acadia, for reference. Why is it most likely the Blazer? Because Chevrolet plans to launch the Blazer for the 2018 model year, several months after the redesigned Equinox comes available. The redesigned Equinox is actually going to be smaller than the current one, so the Blazer has a unique spot in Chevy’s lineup.

While we still don’t know much about this spy vehicle — other than it’s potentially a Blazer — the question is, is it what we want?

Behold, the Return of the Blazer? 

Other than seeing enough of the grille to know it’s a Chevy vehicle, all we have left is speculation. But, judging by the fact that the company plans on bringing the Blazer back eventually — and the fact Chevy would have no need to come up with a brand new midsize crossover — chances are this is it. In 1982, the Blazer name was given to a S-10-based midsize SUV, which is where it stayed until Chevy retired it in 2005.

Will this upcoming vehicle be a direct reincarnation of the famous model that spanned almost two decades? Chances are, probably not. But, it should be around the same size as that S-10-base model (hence why it looks like a midsize crossover). Various sources suggest it will most likely share the same platform as the Traverse, which is GM’s “Chi” platform.

What We Want

But, is this what we wanted? Hell no! A Colorado-based SUV would make much more sense, and up the appeal factor. I figured Chevy would be doing anything and everything they could to piggyback on the recent success of the Colorado. A midsize SUV with Colorado looks would undoubtedly be hugely popular.

However, another midsize SUV that slots between the Equinox and Traverse and shares the same platform as the latter of those vehicles? We’ll just have to wait and see. Personally, I’m not convinced. But, then again I could be wrong.

What Chevy (Probably) Needs In Order to Take on the New Ford Bronco

What’s the other reason this upcoming vehicle would be best based off the Colorado? Because Ford is bringing back its Bronco for 2020, which used to be the direct competition of the Blazer that came out in 1982. Would a Traverse-based Blazer really be rugged enough, good-looking enough, and widely popular enough to take on a shiny new Ford Bronco? I don’t think so. I feel Chevy needs to have the Colorado’s spirit attached to its new midsize SUV in order for it to have a fighting chance.

Or, I could be completely off the mark again. My point is, Chevy already has two midsize SUVs circulating through the market, and will need to make its third one gain some serious attention by somehow setting itself apart.