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A silver 2018 Jeep Compass is parked next to an orange one in front of a rock wall.

Jeep’s Jeep-Ness Increases Long-Term Value

Jeep has become a legendary brand for many reasons, and brand loyalty aside, what sometimes gets lost in all of the war-hero talk and trail-conquering lore is the quality of the product. Jeep makes a quality product—one built to last. If you find yourself at any other used car dealer, they might say that their vehicles are built to last—that sounds like a car manufacturer slogan, at least—but with Jeep, it is just understood. If you buy a Jeep, it’s most likely going to last for a long time. The long-term value of Jeep vehicles reflects the build quality, the rough conditions Jeep vehicles are made to withstand, and the kind of owners Jeep attracts.

Without even taking into account the sheer joy driving a Jeep brings, the long-term value is already above the timberline. When you add up the other bonuses and intangibles of owning a Jeep, you’re approaching the summit of car ownership or lost somewhere on the trail. Either way, you’re having a blast. And knowing you’ll be able to pass the vehicle down to your kids makes it even better. There aren’t many other vehicles your kids will be eyeing in the driveway long before they get their driver’s license. If you have a Jeep, though, watch out. They’ll start
asking before you know it.

Examples are always useful when researching used cars, whether you are gauging the trade-in value of your Jeep or are trying to sell on your own. Kelly Blue Book offers a handy tool on their website that breaks down the specifics of your vehicle and provides an estimate of its actual value. This way, you know what price is fair for both you and the buyer. Doing your due diligence is essential, especially when trading in your vehicle. You might be surprised how much your Jeep is actually worth.

Knowing the resale value is also important when purchasing a vehicle because the more value your vehicle retains, the lower the total cost of ownership, which might even allow you to budget for additional features when looking for a new or used car. So let’s take a look at some Jeep models and see just how much value you can expect to retain when buying a Jeep.

Jeep Wrangler

A dark grey 2018 Jeep Wrangler is off-roading in a river after leaving a used car dealer.

The Jeep Wrangler is a good place to start since no other automaker has been able to match the longevity of the Wrangler. It is still the world’s most famous off-road vehicle. Drivers often wave at each other when passing as a show of mutual respect, a gesture acknowledging they understand the true capabilities of a Jeep. This vehicle was first built for use in World War II, continued when soldiers returned from the war, and continues to this day.

A 2018 Jeep Wrangler, for instance, with two doors, the Sport S trim and low mileage, comes out to a little under $26,000 as a trade-in and over $29,000 if you decide to sell privately. Keep in mind, the Sport S trim is the second-lowest trim level offered. This is a Wrangler in all of its stripped-down glory with incredible value. Kelly Blue Book came to this number by searching actual Wrangler transactions with similar features and mileage.

The 2018 model year is a great year to look for a used Wrangler because it was the first year of the newest generation, so you are sure to get the latest in updated technology and off-road features with this model year. But with Jeeps, you can expect the unexpected because this seems to be true of all model years. People seem to be partial to whichever model year they happen to own. So let’s take a look at the previous generation of Wranglers.

A 2016 Wrangler 4-door Sport S has a trade-in range of up to $25,000 and a private resale value of up to $29,000. You can keep running the numbers, and the value does not change too much. Of course, the value climbs the more you ascend trims and add features, but for this exercise, only the base-level trims are being used to show how much value is inherent in a Wrangler, and how much value comes standard, before you even start moving up in trims.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Another excellent example of Jeep’s baked-in value can be proven with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. For a 2018 model, with the base trim, you can expect a trade-in value up to over $26,000, and a private party value of nearly $31,000. Again, this is if you have a standard Grand Cherokee. No bells and whistles, just the SUV and its reputation, and still, you have a vehicle with tremendous value. Imagine how much more this model would be if there were more features included. With Jeep, all models come standard with an attitude for adventure.

Moving down in model years doesn’t change things too much. A 2016 Grand Cherokee comes to nearly $23,000 as a trade-in, and over $26,000 when selling privately. Of course, there are many variables to take into account, and everyone’s vehicle will be different, as the Kelley Blue Book website also calculates transactions based on zip code to increase accuracy further.

A white 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is parked on a dirt road at sunset.

Jeep Compass

The Compass comprises the compact SUV segment of Jeep’s lineup and is a good option for budget-conscious families. You get a handsome, reliable SUV with great resale value and Jeep’s iconic badge of honor. The trade-in value for a 2018 Compass Altitude Sport ranges up to $17,700, while the private party value puts you at a little over $22,000. The starting price for a new 2018 Jeep Compass was listed at the time for around $22,000.

It’s hard to get excited about a vehicle’s value after you first drive it off the dealer’s lot, but with Jeep, you can be assured you are making a sound decision. It’s no accident that no matter how you run the numbers, the Jeep brand shines through the years and generations. From a stout off-roader to a budget-conscious family SUV, the Jeep brand brings tremendous value to all of its models. Jeep builds vehicles that stand the test of time. And the Compass is another example of Jeep’s reputation for reliability and toughness.

Long-Term Value

Where other vehicles might depreciate, Jeep soldiers on. Its reputation is just as outstanding as its reliability. Its attitude is as necessary as its features. None of this is by accident—attitude comes from results, and real-world results come from superior engineering and toughness. This is what you get when you buy a Jeep, and all of it translates to one thing: long-term value. It’s hard to find another brand with the same inherent value as Jeep. It’s hard to find a manufacturer that builds vehicles for the toughest of conditions. It’s a rare thing in this world—quality for quality’s sake—and something that you can acknowledge with a simple wave, thanks to Jeep.

The only problem is you might not want to give up your Jeep. You may just have to keep it forever. Or at least until your kids convince you they are ready to get behind the wheel.