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A close up of the blue Ford logo is on a Ford SUV's black grille.

Ford Covers All the Needs of Any Driver

When you’re looking for a new vehicle that has a lot of options, a Ford dealership near you has you covered. Ford has all the models and makes you need to suit your lifestyle, from luxury sedans to powerful sports cars, and roomy hybrid SUVs to super duty trucks. Even for the eco-conscious buyers, hybrids that still pack a powerful punch are ready to serve the needs of a family car. When you search for a Ford dealership, you’re likely ready to commit to the Ford quality of service and dependability. Your nearest Ford dealership is going to offer you plenty of options to outfit your driving experience. Below, we’ll cover just a few of the options available.

New Ford Cars

If you’re looking for a classy sedan, you may be considering the Ford Fusion, which comes with an Ecoboost 1.5-liter engine, turbo-charged to achieve 23 mpg in the city, and 34 on the highway. It also has four other engine options, which include two hybrids. This car has plenty of peppy sports-like appeal and offers a great suite of safety features that come standard, like auto emergency braking, blind spot protection, rear-view camera, and lane-assist. You also have the benefit of Fordpass Connect, which is an app that allows the user to schedule a remote start, check fuel levels, and lock or unlock your vehicle, all while earning you points every time you use it. Extras like heated seats, a moonroof, and leather are all available.

For the more adventurous, the Mustang is a classic that holds its appeal. With a push-button start, you can rev up your horsepower and roll in style. Where else can you get zero to 60 in under four seconds at the Mustang’s price point? If you go whole hog with the Shelby, you can opt for a 5.2-liter V-8 generating 526 horsepower, or even wilder, strap on the supercharger to take it up to 720. For the slightly milder, you can have the Bullitt, which gives you 480 horsepower on the 5-liter engine. With these numbers, anyone might feel super-human behind the wheel. The Mustang also comes with the option to calm it down with a 4-cylinder engine, and the turbocharged 2.3-liter unit in the EcoBoost versions still holds onto 310 horsepower. Lots of tech comes on board with the neck-cranking appeal of the Mustang: a Bang & Olufsen 12-speaker/1,000-watt audio system, heated/ventilated seats, 10-speed automatic transmission, a suite of automated safety tech, leather seats, sports exhaust, MagneRide adaptive dampers, and plenty of other options to trick out your ride.

A white 2020 Ford Fusion, a popular Ford car at a Ford dealership near me, is parked on a city street.

New Ford Crossovers and SUVs

Here is where Ford really has a great thing going. No matter what type of SUV you need, Ford has an impressive range of options, from the expansive Expedition to the comfortable EcoSport, regardless of whether you want to tow, go off-road, or get around in the snow. EcoSports come in on the most affordable end, with the best fuel efficiency at 27 city/29 highway. This crossover has great cargo space, the option of intelligent four-wheel drive, infotainment, and safety features like rear-view camera and cross-traffic alert. A special feature called “auto start-stop” shuts off the engine when you’re idling, and brings it back online when you hit the gas.

If you need more room, you can bump up to the Ford Escape, which gets 27mpg city/33 highway, and has a hybrid option to bring that mileage up even more. The option for all-wheel drive is available, and this model also enjoys the suite of tech that comes with the EcoSport. Moving up to the Edge offers more trim options and styling, like leather and upgraded tech. The V-6 engine gives more power to the pedal, but you get options like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and fuel efficiency of 21 mpg city/29 highway.

The two higher-end SUVs are the Explorer and the Expedition, with Ford’s Explorer still being in the mid-range of pricing. The Explorer offers a comfortable amount of room in all three rows of seating, a V-6 engine with the option of choosing a hybrid, and the option of all-wheel drive. This SUV has a truck frame and the ability to tow up to 5,600 pounds. A surprising feature of this vehicle is that even as a hybrid, it still tows 5,000 pounds. Ford knows how to build trucks and SUVs that can do the heavy lifting. Aside from being roomy and hard-working, the Explorer also includes Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist.

Moving on to the Expedition, this is Ford’s biggest SUV. It drives more like a truck than a car because of its size, but rest assured that if you need space, the Expedition has it in spades. It’s also got the towing power of a truck, maxing out at 9,300 pounds, which is equal to the power of some trucks with bigger powertrains. If you need to haul heavy gear, a lot of people, tow a trailer, and do it with the style of a high-end luxury vehicle, look no further. You get leather seats, infotainment, power-folding rear seats large enough for adults, 15 cup-holders, and plenty of cubby storage to tuck away travel items. Plus, you get all the tech options of the Explorer, like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and all the automated safety features.

Trucks and Vans

A construction worker is lowering a large generator into the bed of his silver 2020 Ford F-250 that's parked on a muddy road.

With trucks, Ford has made a stamp on dependability and rugged toughness. Even with the “light duty” Ranger, Ford has crowded out the competition with all kinds of extras to make driving a truck more fun than should be legal. Ranger has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine with a 10-speed transmission, can tow 7,500 pounds, has a payload capacity of 1,860 pounds, and possibly the coolest thing a truck could have: a Terrain Management System. You choose the terrain setting, and the truck modifies its performance. What more could a truck need? Well, the tech doesn’t stop with terrain. Ford Co-Pilot 360 tech offers lane-keeping, a blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert (which includes coverage for both the truck and trailer), pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, auto high-beam headlamps, and rear view camera.

If you need a truck with more power, the Ford F-150 is a well-loved machine by many truck owners. The F-150 has a military-grade, aluminum-alloy body, a choice of seven trims and six engine options, specialized shocks to handle the toughest terrain, and the same Co-Pilot 360 package you get with the Ranger. With the bigger size and tougher body, you also get the ability to tow bigger trailers (range varies with each model and engine), and Ford tosses another incredible goody on the pile: Pro Back-Up Trailer Assist. If you’ve ever had to back up a trailer, especially in tight spaces (are there ever big spaces?), you know the value of having tech that can make this job easier. Throw in the options of Ford Pass Connect with a hotspot, and you might want to just live in your truck.

Last on the list of trucks is the heaviest-duty monster in the rodeo. With engines like a 7.3-liter turbo-charged V-8 and torque until the cows come home, these super-duty trucks can tow almost anything you can imagine. Fifth wheels will be child’s play, especially when you get into the turbo diesel options. Once again, you build it any way you want it with plenty of configurations available. Super Duty trucks come with all the tech of the Ranger and F-150, including back-up assist, and the option to add on the Tremor Off-Road package. So, if you need to tackle the rockiest of roads, you can.

Bringing up the rear, Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon and Ford Transit Passenger Wagon have unique advantages. The Transit Connect seats seven and comes loaded with lots of tech like the Ford Pass, and pre-collision assist with auto-braking. It also makes a great vehicle for getting around in tight places, like urban areas, and has excellent cargo-loading space when the seats are folded away. The Transit Passenger Wagon is the big brother of the Connect with a variety of seating options, one of which seats 15. The Passenger Wagon can be built as a camper van with a sofa bed in back, and it can be ordered with a number of roof heights to accommodate its purpose. Lots of versatility and, of course, a tough frame to last.

If you’re looking for power, comfort, style, and technology to make your driving easier, Ford has all those bases covered. When you search for a Ford dealership near you, you know you can find options to build any vehicle, from hybrid sedan to 15-passenger vans, with the specs you need. Every vehicle in the Ford line-up has engine and model options to suit whatever lifestyle you lead. Whether you live a modern life on the go, a life of hard work in rough terrain, or a life of ease and travel, Ford has a vehicle for you.