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A blue 2024 Buick Envista is shown parked near a Buick dealer.

A Look at Some Notable Models From Buick’s 2024 Lineup

Buick has made a name for itself by delivering vehicles with stylish designs, upscale cabins, and convenience features ahead of their time to drivers working with a mid-range to a small budget. Since transitioning into an all-SUV lineup, Buick has been able to hone their focus and dedicate their attention to a limited but finely-tuned selection of SUVs in different sizes. Buicks are made for those who need the cargo and passenger space of an SUV but don’t want a look that is, for lack of better words, too family-oriented. If this resonates with you, and you want an SUV that looks more at home in front of a five-star hotel than a carpool drop off lane, definitely visit a Buick dealer.

When you see the 2024 Buick lineup, it’s obvious that these are not your regular soccer parent SUVs. Elegant silhouettes, eye-catching headlamp designs, molded panels, and large sloping windows are just some of the design details you’ll find throughout the lineup. However, some of the best features of the 2024 Buick models aren’t obvious at first glance. Only when you step inside and start playing with buttons and knobs do you realize how much attention to detail Buick gave these SUVs. If you have busy days and want a vehicle with features that make you let out a nice sigh of relief when you get in, a Buick SUV is for you. Here’s a look at some of the features of the 2024 Buick models that make this manufacturer stand out.

The Buick Envista

The Envista is new to the Buick lineup for 2024 and redefines what a compact SUV can be. Traditionally, compact SUVs from other manufacturers are often sporty and youthful, appealing to outdoor enthusiasts and road trip warriors. Many manufacturers don’t take the time to put as many luxury features in their compact SUVs as their larger ones. Buick has shown with the Envista that drivers can have all the luxury experiences associated with larger SUVs packed into a compact SUV that drives like a sedan. It’s a beauty on the outside, with its intricate grille design and striking LED headlamps. Step inside, and there’s even more to discover.

The Envista gets Buick’s impressive QuietTuning technology. It’s a rather complex and comprehensive system that involves sound-deadening elements in the insulation, under the vehicle, and even in the glass. If you want an SUV that feels like a true escape from it all the moment you slide into its cabin, all 2024 Buick models have this technology. The inside has a stunning, cockpit-inspired cabin with digital displays tilted down for better viewing and performance-inspired details like a flat-bottom steering wheel (there is a heated version on the Avenir). You’ll also find striking style details on some trims, like the Santorini Blue accents on the Sport Touring and embroidered logos on the head restraints on the Avenir. The 2024 Envista exudes luxury and class in every inch of its cabin and delivers an elevated experience to drivers wanting a spry and fuel-efficient compact SUV without sacrificing the finer things.

The black and gray interior of a 2024 Buick Encore GX is shown.

The Buick Encore GX

Drivers wanting something with even smaller dimensions than the Envista can check out Buick’s subcompact offering, the Encore GX. Its spacious cabin and easy handling make it a pleasure for drivers and passengers alike. The Encore GX is a terrific option for families or professionals who need a practical vehicle but want those special touches that create a VIP experience. One is the available panoramic tilt-sliding power moonroof, part of the Experience Buick Package. A tilting moonroof opens up slightly to allow fresh air in. It can be a nice, quiet alternative to opening the regular windows when you want a breeze. Or, you can open those, too, and get a nice cross-breeze going in all directions.

If you refuse to listen to your music or podcasts on anything other than the best sound system, you’ll like the available Bose premium audio system, with its seven speakers creating a crisp and clear sound that makes you feel as if you’re right there with the performers. Drivers who live in areas with a lot of pollution will love this next feature: an in-vehicle air filter. It purifies the air inside of your Encore GX, so even if your allergies act up in the office, you can at least breathe easily in your vehicle.

Thanks to a built-in universal home remote, you can open up to three garage doors without having to keep stand-alone garage door openers with you (and you know those always get lost). The Encore GX does an excellent job of combining everyday functionality with VIP touches. It’s more than ready for busy families or professionals who commute for work.

A silver 2021 Buick Enclave is shown driving in a city.

The Buick Enclave

Moving along to the Enclave, this is Buick’s three-row SUV. With seating for seven passengers, the Enclave is ready for large families or crew of friends. However, Buick designers did not abandon it when it came to elevated features. Because seeing around a large SUV can be tricky, the Enclave has a Rear Camera Mirror. This means that, instead of seeing the regular reflection in your rearview mirror, you can actually see the SUV’s rear camera footage displayed in the mirror. This will come in handy when you’re backing out of driveways onto busy streets (or even your quiet street, where the occasional kid chases a ball into your driveway).

As for the outside mirrors, you can get heated power-folding ones. If you often find your outside mirrors are covered with early morning moisture on chilly days, the heating feature will get rid of that right away so you can see clearly. You can say goodbye to rear-seat complaints about the temperature in the Enclave, too, because back-seat passengers get their own climate controls, courtesy of the standard Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control.

Find Luxury at an Affordable Price Inside the 2024 Buick Lineup

It’s nice to drive a vehicle made by a manufacturer who really thought about the driver experience. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you want it to be a place you enjoy – rather than a place you feel stuck in. Buick SUVs are designed to be your oasis on the road, and it’s clear from all of the convenience and comfort details found throughout their cabins that the Buick designers spent a lot of time on these models. The attention to detail is immediate when you get behind the wheel.

When you look at a Buick, if you didn’t know the manufacturer, you’d probably think, “That must be an expensive vehicle.” But Buick models are all at a solid mid-range price point, delivering style, luxury, and great performance to a variety of buyers and budgets. They are the true meaning of affordable luxury. If you are looking for an SUV you’ll look forward to driving, check out the 2024 Buick lineup. The Envista is a really exciting addition and, according to Buick, represents a new stylistic direction for the company. Whether you’re a solo commuter or need a vehicle to fit the whole family, you’ll find exceptional value in any model of the 2024 Buick lineup.