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A grey 2024 Buick Envista Avenir is shown from the rear at an angle.

Get to Know the All-New Buick Envista

A new Buick is hitting the streets in 2024, and unlike many of its rivals, it’s not electric. It’s a compact gas-powered SUV, which may have you wondering why Buick needs another compact option in its lineup. After all, the Envision remains in Buick’s 2024 inventory, offering plenty of drivers around the country a pleasantly efficient ride and a luxurious experience inside, so why add another compact model? If you take one glance at the all-new Envista, you will be shocked by its appearance, showcasing SUV vibes combined with sedan style, making for a vehicle that’s totally new to Buick’s classic lineup.

With its strikingly modern design and distinctive body style, it’ll capture your attention as soon as you see it at your local Buick dealer. So, what does the Envista add to Buick’s lineup? Besides eye-catching style and a compact solution to many travel situations, you’d be surprised by all the great things you can expect from this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

A Modern Take on the Compact SUV

From the moment you look at the 2024 Buick Envista, you’ll notice that it looks much like a sleek coupe, yet with the capabilities and characteristics of a traditional SUV. An athletically engaging design radiates from front to back, with a curved body style reminiscent of a hatchback, paired with curvy design elements, giving off a majorly futuristic appeal. It’s low to the ground and showcases a wide stance, which allows for more comfort inside and a more riveting performance. A prominent grille placed low in the front, accented by dazzling LED lighting, quickly grabs your attention and holds you in its stare, absolutely mesmerizing you.

Opting for the top-level Avenir trim will enhance the Envista even more, with 19-inch aluminum wheels and a blacked-out chrome grille to elevate its star status with drivers. Meanwhile, its bold Sport Touring model adds a patterned mesh black grille and 18-inch high-gloss wheels to offer an athletic appeal to this elegant machine. The exterior of the Envista will have you doing a double take, waffling between whether or not this vehicle is a car or an SUV, but you may be pleasantly satisfied that it appears to be both. It combines everything we love about SUVs—size, capabilities, and performance, with what we love about sedans—easy handling and style, making for an SUV we’ve not seen before from the iconic Buick brand.

It doesn’t end here, though, as the interior is just as engaging as its shell. Its wide stance creates more space inside, making for an oasis in motion, perfect for taking on the daily drive in absolute comfort. Adding an available moonroof opens up this space even more, while premium appointments allow you to settle into the drive like never before. Its sophisticated Avenir line amplifies the experience to new heights with the addition of more luxurious materials and embroidered logos throughout. Sport Touring models add a touch of vibrant blue to enhance excitement on board. No matter which Envista model you’re admiring, it’s clear that this compact SUV brings something intriguing to the Buick lineup, and that’s a new take on the classic SUV, one that propels us into the future of travel.

The grey interior of a 2024 Buick Envista Avenir is shown from the driver's seat.

Ultra-Accommodating Tech

The Envista maintains its momentum, offering drivers exceptional tech features designed to maximize the ride. What has the industry jazzed is its Ultrawide Infotainment System, which showcases an 11-inch touchscreen display combined with an 8-inch diagonal Driver Information Center, taking up 19 inches of real estate inside the Envista’s premium cabin. Whether it’s contacts, messages, and music that you’re looking for, or details about your drive, speed, and navigation prompts, you have access to it right in front of you at arm’s reach. This customizable system allows you to create the experience that you desire, providing you with the ability to select what’s important to you behind the wheel and make that a priority on your screens.

Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and available wireless charging capabilities help you reduce clutter on board, eliminating unsightly wires. You’ll even have the chance to add in an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot to add even more to the drive to help connect you and your passengers to the day from the road. With more display options than the Envision, plus plenty of standard tech, the Envista adds a more connected ride to Buick’s celebrated inventory, further maximizing the brand’s appeal with tech-savvy drivers.

Serenity on the Streets

Being that the Envista is lower to the ground, it showcases a more comfortable ride with better handling and exceptional efficiency. This makes its ride quality much better than you can expect from other compact SUVs on the streets. It’s armed with a 1.2L turbocharged three-cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which delivers a smooth and stable ride, enhancing its tranquil appeal on the road. In addition to offering a controlled ride, its small size makes it effortless to handle, even throughout bustling city streets, and with Buick’s legendary QuietTuning technology, road noise is severely limited, enhancing the experience for all on board.

Available heated front seats, an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, and plenty of space for cargo make it easy to sit back and enjoy all aspects of the ride. Plus, with some of the most advanced safety systems available in the industry, having confidence during the drive is given inside the Envista. Not only does the Envista bring another outstanding compact option to the Buick inventory, but it also offers some of the best features on the market to make the daily drive more comfortable in every possible way.

A silver 2024 Buick Envista Avenir is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Buick dealer.

Affordable Luxury

Thinking about all of the elements you get to enjoy in the all-new Envista may have you wondering whether or not these features come with a hefty sticker price. Perhaps the most impressive thing that the Envista brings to Buick’s lineup is the fact that it offers all of this for a very affordable price. With a starting price below $24K, enjoying maximum luxury in a truly stylish machine is a reality for many more drivers, especially those keeping a close eye on their budget. Driving a vehicle like the Envista allows you to take on your daily commute in style and comfort while enjoying some of the most advanced tech and safety features in the business, plus elements to make the ride feel blissful. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind model in Buick’s lineup, which will most certainly appeal to more drivers from all walks of life.

What Does the Envista Add to Buick’s Lineup?

Optimal style, cutting-edge innovation, a cozy ride, and an ultra-reasonable price come together to make the Envista a true gem in Buick’s fine selection of top-tier vehicles. If you’ve always wanted to ride in luxury but couldn’t justify the high sticker price, the Envista makes this dream a reality for many busy travelers. Its show-stopping design sets it apart from other compact crossovers on the road, and it’s paired perfectly with the Buick legacy that we have all come to know and respect throughout the brand’s decades in the industry. The next time you pass by your local Buick dealer, pay attention to the new vehicle lot. You may just catch the first glimpse of this revolutionary machine, offering a new take on modern traveling that combines luxury with affordability in a way that only Buick can envision.