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A parked red 2024 Chevy Traverse for sale.

Here’s What to Expect With the All-New Chevy Traverse

Among the many vehicles that are being revitalized for 2024, I’m particularly excited about the Chevy Traverse, which is entering a new generation and ready to offer drivers even more during your time on the road. As one of the best family travelers available in the industry, the three-row Traverse has been embraced by the masses, offering those transporting kids around town the chance to drive something that’s just as spacious as a minivan but far less outdated. If you’re wondering about the latest Chevy Traverse for sale, then you’ll want to pay careful attention to the newest model year being introduced. From a more energized ride to a bolder design, the Traverse has been upgraded in about every possible way to make all your trips to school, dentist appointments, sports practice, and more riveting.

Daring New Design

The Traverse approaches you with a bold new style for 2024, stopping you in your tracks and holding you captive in its stare. It showcases an athletic persona from the tip of its compelling grille to its striking taillamps, offering families the opportunity to drive around town in an impeccably stylish vehicle that understands exactly what they need. Depending on the trim level you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy style enhancements like roof rails to add extra cargo options for all of your adventures, as well as a sunroof to let the light in, high-gloss wheel designs, and a truck-like persona that commands respect anywhere it travels.

Inside, the Traverse is undeniably comfortable with available second-row captain’s chairs, leather-appointed seating, an abundance of storage, and more available features as you make your way up the trim levels. Its more intimidating design gives off ultra-confident vibes, making it easy to see why so many families are compelled to test drive this new and improved Chevy staple. When it comes to making a serious statement, the newest Traverse does this without even batting an eye.

Exciting and Enticing New Trims

Perhaps one of the most exciting pieces of news for 2024 is the debut of new trims in the Traverse’s lineup, including the first-ever Z71 off-road model. This adventurous model takes exploration to a whole new level for the Traverse, with an off-road-tuned suspension system and spectacular twin-clutch all-wheel drive capabilities, allowing you to get out into nature alongside some of the most skilled explorers. Reinforced skid plates protect its underpinnings, while tow hooks, all-terrain tires, and more durable elements make it easy to venture into the unknown with immense confidence. Z71 style can also be enjoyed, including exclusive badging to complete the look of this ready-for-anything family explorer.

You’ll also find the RS in the mix to add contemporary style to even the most mundane drives. This alluring model features red and black design cues to elevate its charming appeal, including Jet Black leather-appointed seats and red accents inside, gloss-black roof rails, and more sleek elements. RS badging and 22-inch high-gloss Black-painted wheels further intensify its stylish persona, making this the ideal trim to choose when a high-end experience is on your mind. It also showcases a more exciting suspension system to add even more thrill to your daily drive, making this new trim highly anticipated for many drivers and highway travelers.

A pair of 2024 Chevy Traverse, one red and the other gray.

Turbocharged Driving Experience

Not only is the Traverse more fascinating this year with its dashing good looks and intriguing new trim levels but it’s also equipped with a new turbocharged engine, which delivers ample thrills during your drive. Now armed with a 2.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Traverse offers intense capabilities without sacrificing the quality of its ride. More power means more possibilities, and with a 5,000-lb towing capacity and optional all-wheel drive functionality, the Traverse can take on any challenge that awaits you on the road.

With an estimated 315 horsepower propelling it forward, you’ll be in for a wild ride as you explore your surroundings. When you opt for the off-road-oriented Z71, you get to take advantage of even more capabilities, like Terrain Mode to help you navigate any type of environment with expert precision. Making the most out of your time on the road and beyond, the 2024 Traverse is geared toward offering an unforgettable experience no matter where it’s traveling.

Best-in-Class Accolades

The 2024 Traverse is also proud to offer best-in-class features designed to heighten the ride in numerous ways. For one, it exhibits a class-leading cargo volume of 98 cu.ft., allowing travelers to handle gear and travel supplies effortlessly. Its Smart Sense Liftgate responds to your presence by opening up and revealing its cargo hold. This enhances convenience during all those times you have your hands full, trying to load up your vehicle with groceries. A 60/40 split bench seat in the third row helps you accommodate larger items, and with seating for up to eight, handling an extra passenger or two is no sweat for this family favorite.

Another best-in-class nod comes in the form of the Traverse’s massive 17.7-inch diagonal touchscreen display, which is standard across all trim levels. From in-vehicle apps and smartphone capabilities to OnStar safety services and more, you’ll have access to an extraordinary selection of tech features designed to make your drive more connected in every way. Features like on-board Wi-Fi and wireless charging are also available to further enhance your journey. The 2024 Traverse also features an 11-inch digital gauge display, which provides you with key information about the ride while you’re behind the wheel so you’re always in tune with what’s going on out on the open road.

More Advanced Safety Features

Keeping your family safe on the road is one of the top priorities for parents, and the 2024 Traverse makes this easy with even more standard and available safety features added to its lineup. In addition to the features we’ve come to expect in today’s modern vehicles, like Pedestrian Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the Traverse is packed with even more to add extreme value to the daily drive. There’s an available Side Bicyclist Alert that notifies you when an approaching cyclist is in your side blind zone to help you avoid them when opening your door or maneuvering through city streets. You’ll also find an available Rear Pedestrian Alert to avoid passersby as you back out of packed parking lots.

Chevy offers Adaptive Cruise Control to provide some extra help with maintaining your speed and following distance while in cruise control, while available Intersection Automatic Emergency Braking provides much-needed assistance with navigating tricky intersections. You’ll find it all in the Traverse’s safety inventory to help you stay secure, especially when traveling with your kids. From an HD Rear Vision Camera to help you see more clearly behind you to parking assistance features and more, there’s nothing the Traverse can’t take on during your travels.

A grey 2024 Chevy Traverse driving up a grassy hill.

An Enhanced Version of a Family Staple

There are a select few vehicles that tend to resonate with families, from the driver up front to the kids in the back, and the Traverse is one of them. Its newest form takes all the features drivers love about this Chevy favorite and elevates them to new heights. From a more athletic build to exciting new trims, more standard and available safety features to best-in-class achievements, the Traverse is making a serious statement in the industry. It’s perfect for families and those traveling with more passengers, allowing drivers to feel secure in their choice of everyday travelers. If you want to take advantage of some of the most impressive features in the Traverse yet, I’d recommend exploring the 2024 model and getting ready to add more to your ride than you’ve ever imagined.