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A silver 2021 Chevy Spark is parked in front of a brick building.

2021 Chevy Spark: A Well-Rounded Car For The New Car Buyer

Choosing to buy a car can be a difficult process, especially if you’re a new driver and are purchasing a car for the first time. There are so many factors to think about when looking for a car that the process can seem daunting at first, and it can be hard to find a car that matches your preferences and budget. However, one car in the model year, the 2021 Chevy Spark, is looking to be a very affordable option. Not sure where to start when evaluating a vehicle like this? Let’s look at why each feature in a car is essential and how those features relate to a car as well-rounded as the 2021 Chevy Spark.

Chevy Spark

The 2021 Chevy Spark has been an awaited addition to the model. As a remarkably small, affordable car, the Chevy Spark has not seen many innovations over the years, with only slight changes being implemented with each new addition. To an extent, this may be because the Spark is meant to be an affordable vehicle, with less focus on extravagance and more of a focus on access to everybody. That said, the newest addition is very notable for its increased balance of innovations, which can make the decision to buy a Chevy Spark far more appealing. Of course, as a smart consumer, it’s incredibly important to make a decision looking at all parts and features of a car.


Performance is one of the most important variables to consider when deciding to purchase a vehicle of any kind. This category deals with the evaluation of fuel economy, overall mobility, a vehicle’s versatility when dealing with difficult conditions, as well as engine and brake functionality. Of course, this should be one of the first categories you look for in a vehicle, as more preferential features will be meaningless if the vehicle can’t drive efficiently. In other words, you don’t want a pretty car if it’s going to break down every few miles.

When talking about the 2021 Chevy Spark, one of the first things you’ll think about is size. The Spark is a very small car, only about 143 inches in length, a fact that makes the car very mobile. If you’re located in the city, this is going to make for a car that can manage to fit into very tight turns and park into very tight spaces. This is in addition to light steering, making it far easier to maneuver through traffic in areas where it would typically be difficult for a bigger car.

Fuel economy must also be taken into account. A good way to look at fuel economy is the distance your car can go before having to stop for refueling, which is especially important the longer your daily commute is. The 2021 Chevy Spark rates among the average for gas mileage with about 32-33 MPG combined, so having to stop for gas too often shouldn’t be an issue in the 2021 Spark.

A red 2021 Chevy Spark is being approached by a woman.

What Makes a Safe Car?

One might argue that safety is more important than performance when deciding to buy a car. For the most part, yes, good performance would undoubtedly mean less in a vehicle if it’s at the cost of getting hurt. Granted, sometimes analyzing safety can be unproductive, seeing that cars on the market should be able to pass safety tests. Nonetheless, being safe is important, and therefore your car should reflect this. Luckily, the 2021 Chevy Spark is a very safe car with a large inventory of safety features.

For Chevy Spark, crash testing results have been excellent. Long story short, testing shows that the Chevy Spark is a very safe car, a trend that will likely be upheld by the 2021 addition. Certainly, this is very beneficial to the 2021 Chevy Spark’s case; however, most cars pass safety testing. Otherwise, they would not be sold on the market because their test results would hurt sales, and recalls would hurt the company’s margin of profit.

Nonetheless, if safety is the primary concern you have for buying a car, there is another factor to consider: optional safety technology. Crash testing makes up only one area of overall safety, but cars also offer a lot of safety technology to spot crashes before they happen. The 2021 Chevy Spark, for example, offers collision warning systems, emergency braking, rear parking sensors, as well as lane departure warnings. These features help to warn you about dangerous situations before they cause an accident, so it may be beneficial to take these into account when making any purchasing decisions.


After performance and safety receive an okay, it is generally good to think about your preferences inside the car. This is ultimately going to depend on how much money you’re looking to spend, or in other words, the balance between affordability and comfort you’re looking for. Comfort can range among various features: seating, entertainment technology, cargo space, and generally anything you can imagine that would make your drive feel more enjoyable.

The 2021 Chevy Spark does not lack comfort features, with varying standard features depending on the variant of the model you choose to purchase. What makes this suitable for a new buyer is that you can select your ideal comfort-to-price balance based on the specific trim you decide to buy: whether it be the basic LS trim for a softer price at the cost of less comfort, or the 2LT trim with a plethora of comfort features including proximity keyless entry and push-button starting. The LS trim offers an infotainment system, four-speaker stereo, and many other features, with each trim up offering more in terms of comfort technology.

A burgundy 2021 Chevy Spark is parked in front of a market.

How Much Should a Car Cost?

Pricing is the last of many important factors involved in purchasing a vehicle of any kind. And to many, it is the single most important factor if you’re working on a tight budget. “What is a good price for a car?” you might ask yourself. Well, the answer is going to vary depending on the type of car, the model, and your preferences and situation.

As for the 2021 Chevy Spark, Chevrolet has largely put a lot of thought into their pricing. The 2021 Chevy Spark, as of its release, is the cheapest small car on the market in its model year. Starting at $13,400, this car is at least $1,500 cheaper than its competition, which is a very affordable price for a car of the Spark’s model type. Whether this is a good price for you is going to depend on your own preferences, but overall this car is not breaking the bank for the overwhelming features that it provides.

Is the 2021 Chevy Spark for You?

Whether you’re new to the car buying business or have several cars under your belt, it is always important to carefully think about what you want in a car. Cars have several different factors that make up their worth, and not properly evaluating these factors can leave you with a vehicle that just doesn’t feel right for you. In analyzing the 2021 Chevy Spark, its multitude of benefits in performance, comfort technology, and customization, make it an ideal easy-to-drive car for any driver. Therefore, if you’re a new car buyer, the 2021 Chevy Spark may be a car to consider for your life.