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DePaula Chevy Says “Sell Us Your Car!”

Ready to pick up some extra cash by off-loading your vehicle? The team at DePaula Chevy Used Cars is standing by, eager to see you sell us your car for cash today. Compared to selling your car to some random individual, or a big name like CarMax, why not streamline the process and sell to the motivated buyer represented by your local sales force at DePaula?

Rather than waste time advertising your vehicle on social media, or relying on word of mouth via friends and colleagues, just contact DePaula today with your vehicle information and see what your ride picks up as a preliminary offer. Selling us your car couldn’t be easier. We’ll show you how…

Choose Your Own Adventure: On-line or In Person

For sale sign on windshield of car.

If you’re eager to get the ball rolling and find out what your used vehicle might fetch you, click on DePaula’s website and fill out the form with the make, model, and model year of your vehicle.  Make sure you include your contact information and take advantage of the two available photo uploads. We recommend sending us a photo of your vehicle’s interior, as well as the exterior. Our team will review your submission and respond via email with a ballpark figure of what your vehicle is worth.

Time is on Your Side with Our No-Pressure Offer

Row of new cars on lot

This first figure isn’t your official offer – for that you’ll have to come down to the dealership. After all, you can’t expect the team to buy your vehicle sight unseen. At the lot, the team will inspect your vehicle inside and out before presenting you with a no-pressure offer. We say no-pressure because you will not be expected to use those funds for your next car purchase from us.

In fact, you shouldn’t even feel pressured to accept our offer right away. Rather, we’ll give you five days or 500 miles to mull it over and, if you ultimately decide that you’re happy with it, the check is yours to do with what you wish. Of course, if you want to shop our inventory, we’re more than happy to show you our new, used, and certified pre-owned stock. The beauty of selling your car to us is the potential to establish a relationship with your local, community-involved dealership.

Why Do We Want You to Sell Us Your Car?

The landscape of used car sales has evolved to become ever more competitive, with a demand for high-quality vehicles motivating more consumers to consider buying used than ever before. Expectations, regarding used vehicles, have sharply increased and so has the process of selling them. Used car shoppers and sellers have neither time nor patience for unreliable used vehicles, the “lemons” that featured largely on used car lots in the past.

The certified pre-owned realm has upped the game even further, thanks to its rigid inspection requirements and manufacturer-backed assurances and warranties. Now, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle provides consumers with nearly as much peace of mind as purchasing new. No wonder more shoppers are going down this route, which puts greater demand on the quality used car supply, which explains why the crew at DePaula is so motivated to buy your vehicle at a fair price.

Selling us your used car is really a win-win. So, call, click the website, or visit our dealership today to get in on the deal and get the ball rolling.