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Guide to Buying a Used SUV

There is no denying the fact that buying a used SUV for sale will allow you to get a better deal than purchasing new. The most significant benefit from doing so is that the vehicle has already taken a major depreciation hit during its first two years of original ownership by someone else. But there […]

Buying a Car Online: How It Works

Some traditional brick and mortar dealerships have started to dive deeper into the digital world, offering online services to compete with the companies who made online car shopping and door-to-door delivery their mainstay practice. If you haven’t ever purchased a vehicle online, this may be all new to you as a customer. You may be […]

Reconsider the Chevy Bolt

Battery technology has now improved to the point where an electric vehicle (or EV) can be a legitimate replacement for a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine (or ICE) vehicle, and many drivers today are now considering buying an EV for their next car. Not only does driving an EV help protect the environment, but they also […]

Buying a Used Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer’s history began when the first production rolled off the assembly line back in March of 1990, in time for the 1991 model year. It quickly became one of the top-selling SUVs, helping usher in the current era of the sport utility vehicles – one that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. […]