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A family is shown sitting in the rear cargo area of a grey 2021 Chevy Equinox.

You Can’t Go Wrong with These Used Chevys

Daily driving is different for everyone, and whether you’re a frequent commuter or a performance enthusiast, there’s a used Chevy model out there to satisfy your needs. If you’re on the lot of your local used Chevy dealer, chances are you’re looking at some versatile offerings, but you may not know exactly which model will be the ideal choice for your lifestyle. From family-oriented SUVs to efficient sedans, the Chevrolet brand has a selection that far surpasses many others in the industry, which is why so many drivers trust their travels to a Chevy. When it comes to some of the best used Chevy models for each type of journey, there are a few that tend to habitually outperform their rivals in key areas.

Everyday Traveling

It’s a broad term; however, it encompasses the majority of drivers on the road. Everyday traveling means running errands, driving into work, making it to appointments on time, and many other scenarios that make up daily life. Not everyone is a performance junkie looking to harness the power of an ultra-fast sports car, and not everyone is seeking to load their family up for a weekend camping adventure. This is why everyday traveling calls for a set of vehicles that offer comfort, quality, safety, and efficiency, which are all key areas of concern for drivers shopping for their next car. Fortunately, the used Chevy lineup consists of fabulous options designed to maximize the everyday drive, and we’ve picked a couple of our absolute favorites.

Holding its own as a lone sedan in a sea of SUVs, the Malibu continues to be a Chevy favorite to this day, and if you’re looking to save money on must-have features, used Malibus are the way to go. Not only is the Malibu pleasantly affordable, but it’s also stylish and roomy, making it the ideal sedan to have during your everyday travels. Known for its exceptional handling and smooth ride quality, the Malibu makes any trip more engaging. Opt for newer used models for enhanced tech and upscale appointments inside, including heated seats and premium upholstery in higher-level trims. All in all, the Malibu is an outstanding choice when you’re looking for style, space, and affordability.

Another top everyday traveler is the Chevy Cruze. Although discontinued after the 2019 model year, the Cruze is still widely available at many used Chevy dealers across the country. This compact sedan features ample trunk space, can’t-miss tech features, especially in later models, and a lavish ambiance that’s surprisingly alluring. Newer models showcase upscale appointments to make any drive more comfortable, including a standard power-adjustable driver’s seat and an available heated steering wheel. If you’re looking for a compact option that boasts supreme styling and luxury, you’ll be enamored by the Cruze.

A blue 2022 Chevy Suburban is shown driving on a dirt trail after visiting a used Chevy dealer.

Family Hauling

Families have different needs than other types of travelers, and if you’ve ever traveled with kids, you know that your vehicle needs to be able to deliver more. More space, more kid-friendly features, and more safety options are just a few of the must-haves that families look for when shopping for a vehicle. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a little style, which makes an SUV the top choice for virtually every family, as opposed to the achingly outdated minivan. No parent wants to roll around town in a minivan anymore when they could be enjoying a sleek SUV instead, which is why the following options are among the best in the Chevy arsenal.

No matter how big or small your family may be, you always end up needing more room than you realize, which makes the Suburban the ultimate family vehicle. Your kids bring everything along for the ride, including friends, so additional seating is key. The Suburban can accommodate up to nine, with three rows of seating and a cargo volume of over 144 cu.ft. in newer models, perfect for everything your family is bringing along with them for the journey. Opt for more recent used models to take advantage of more space, as well as increased camera views, so that you’re able to see better while you’re traveling, making for a safer ride with your precious cargo.

For those who may not need a full-size SUV for their family, another best-seller is the Equinox. A strong option in the Chevy lineup for years, this compact crossover offers drivers favorable space, as well as incomparable efficiency. This makes it perfect for all of those trips to and from school, the dentist, baseball practice, and everything else on your kids’ schedules for the day. The Equinox is extremely reliable as well, which is another reason why it’s so popular. Plus, with incredible handling and control, the ride inside the Equinox can be described as pleasantly smooth with just the right amount of excitement.

A blue 2020 Chevy Camaro SS is shown driving on a highway past a body of water.

Pure Exhilaration

Finally, there are drivers out there searching for that spark of pure thrill, and perhaps nothing can ignite that spark quite like Chevy and its selection of exceptional performance vehicles. The best part about shopping from the used performance car inventory is that you’re able to enjoy some of the top features in the industry for far less money than if you were to buy new. Imagine cruising down the highway on a weekend trip across the state in a high-end sports car with all the bells and whistles, knowing full well that you saved money because you bought it used. There’s nothing like the feeling of adrenaline coursing through you, and it’s made even better when you’re traveling in a couple of our favorite models.

The top of the list deserves to house the best options, and no other performance vehicle can compare to the Corvette Stingray. Chevy has always been on a mission to deliver high-powered, top-performing cars to the everyday driver, not catering just to the rich, and you’ll find that the Corvette Stingray isn’t just reasonably priced; it’s loaded with high-octane features. We recommend models from 2019, the final year before the engine was relocated to the middle of the vehicle. With a powerful V8, offering up 455 horsepower, the ‘Vette jumps from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds, and with superior agility and precision, the Corvette Stingray boasts one of the most impactful rides of our time. If you want to take advantage of the new mid-engine Corvette, known for a more balanced and smoother ride, you’ll find that in 2020 models and newer.

You won’t find a list of the best used Chevys without seeing a Camaro on it, and for good reason. The Camaro is one of the most recognizable sports cars in existence, and like the Corvette, it was designed for the everyday driver, not the elite. We recommend choosing models from 2017 to take advantage of the 50th Anniversary Edition, which sports a redesigned grille, racing stripes, and exclusive detailing inside and out. Not only does the Camaro showcase a stunning appearance, marked by an intimidating front grille and stunning bodywork, its ride quality is spectacular, offering precise and controlled handling, accentuated by unmatched exhilaration.

The Best Used Chevys

Shopping used inherently comes with a host of benefits, from being able to enjoy more features to paying a more reasonable price for your vehicle. Put these benefits together with the outstanding Chevy inventory, and you’ve got a winning combination. Whether it’s an everyday traveler you plan on using for daily errand running or the high-performance sports car that you’ve always wanted to own, there’s a used Chevy out there waiting to wow you. Families, too, can benefit from the selection of kid-friendly vehicles, ranging in size to accommodate their unique needs. In the end, Chevy makes it easy to find the vehicle that will take your journey to new heights, and buying a used Chevy is one of the best choices you can make the next time you’re shopping for a car.