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The 2021 Chevy WT lineup is shown parked outside of a plant nursery.

Why the Chevrolet WT Trim Is a Great Used Work Truck

When looking at the Chevrolet trim lineup, you’ll notice several abbreviated trim names in addition to the Trail Boss and High Country models. The first few letters you’ll see in the lineup are “W” and “T,” making up the WT trim, which quite literally stands for “Work Truck.” This is a base-level trim that earns its name, as this model includes everything you need regarding power, keeping the tech features at a minimum. Any used work truck dealer worth your time is going to offer the Chevrolet WT trim.

So, what exactly does the WT offer? It varies according to the year and which size you’re looking at. The WT trim is available on the Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500, and is present on every CPO Chevrolet year option. However, the most common option is the 1500 Silverado. For major towing work, you’ll want the 2500 or 3500 models. But unless you’re doing some serious farming, the 1500 model is more than enough.

Generally, the WT trim will offer plenty of tow capacity with a standard V6 engine, alongside an optional I-4 that is still tow-capable and offers better fuel efficiency. You can also get the WT in a variety of cabin and bed options. Whether you want a Crew Cab Short Box, a Regular Cab Long Box, a Double Cab Standard Box, or any variation in between, you’ve got it.

No matter which variation you choose, the Chevrolet WT is the best used work truck option around. Here, we’ll take a closer look at a few CPO WT trims and what makes each one ideal for labor. But first, let’s talk more about why the WT is the best option for folks who want nothing more than a work truck.

A construction worker is shown stepping into the bed of a blue 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT after leaving a used work truck dealer.

Affordability and Simplicity

The WT trim is a base-level trim. A base-level trim offers the bare minimum in terms of features. It’s the cheapest, but also the simplest. While this isn’t ideal in most cases, it’s perfect for a work truck buyer.

Let’s face the facts. Unnecessary technologies are typically what keep traditional truck lovers from buying a newer truck model. While this worked for many years, technology is becoming more and more prominent, while tech-free trucks are aging quickly. This results in lower quality used models (from a pre-technology standpoint), meaning that these traditionalists (like yourself) are running out of used options.

This is why Chevrolet created the WT (Work Truck) trim. It has all the simple modern conveniences you need, such as air conditioning, cruise control, power locks and windows, a radio, and the likes. But Chevy doesn’t make you say “yes” to additional tech features such as driver assist safety technologies or heated seating. As a result, you’ll save money since you’re paying solely for power and functionality rather than power, functionality, tech, and luxury features. All in all, the Chevrolet Silverado WT trim is the modern version of traditional truck driving. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Which WT model do you want to take home?

The 2017 Silverado 1500 WT

Let’s start with the most affordable CPO option. A 2017 Silverado WT 1500 can tow as much as 10,800 pounds when properly equipped and when driving the 4WD Crew Cab Short Box style. You’ll gain a bit of tow capacity if you choose the 2WD Crew Cab Short Box option, but if you’re looking for a work truck, we highly recommend sticking with 4WD.

This is all made possible through its standard 4.3L FlexFuel EcoTec3 V6 with Active Fuel Management engine, paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Despite its low-tier trim level, this model includes a tire pressure monitoring system, power windows and locks, and cruise control with resume speed.

You can still tow plenty when you choose other Silverado body configurations, such as the 4WD Regular Cab Long Box, for example. However, tow capacity does decline with the other configurations. Even still, the minimum “max” tow capacity for the 2017 Silverado 1500 WT is 8,600 pounds, which is on the 4WD Regular Cab Standard Box. This truck is perfect for anyone who needs to do some light-duty labor. Examples include towing or hauling boats, small pieces of equipment, or ATVs. These trucks are also ideal for construction work.

The 2019 Silverado 2500 WT

It’s time to take it up a notch, both in years and size. The 2019 Silverado 2500 LT cranks up the towing capacity to a max of 14,500 pounds with the Regular Cab Long Box model. This is all thanks to a Vortec 6.0L Variable Valve Timing V8 SF engine paired with a 6-speed heavy-duty transmission. Like the 2017 1500 WT, drivers get standard tire pressure monitoring with this model. You can opt for SiriusXM Radio or OnStar safety services if you’d like, but no tech or safety features are forced upon you with this model.

What we love most about this model is that it really is made for workers. You’ll get high-visibility trailering mirrors that include manual-folding and extension options. A Trailer Brake Controller is also present, along with recovery tow hooks and standard trailering equipment. This model is for those who don’t quite need to haul a trailer full of cattle but who also need a bit more power than the 1500 WT has to offer. Examples include folks who own a medium-sized camper or small loads of hay or corn.

A black 2021 Chevy Silverado 3500HD WT is shown showing heavy construction equipment.

The 2021 Silverado 3500 WT

Now we’re getting into the dangerously powerful territory of the 2021 Silverado 3500 WT model. This one is the top-notch work truck option for folks who are serious about their labor, such as farmers. This model includes a standard 6.6-liter V8 gasoline engine that can tow up to 17,370 pounds. That said, you can upgrade to the available Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine that maxes out at 36,000 pounds!

Again, this model doesn’t include anything you don’t need, and it includes everything you have to have. It’s got standard heated trailer mirrors that extend and fold, an EZ Lift power lock and release tailgate, power windows and doors, and a black Work Assist step. You can add features such as the Snow Plow Prep Package or Gooseneck/5th Wheel Package (which we’d highly recommend), along with a spray-on bedliner.

This is the ultimate farm truck. It’s made to tackle the heaviest of loads, such as loaded livestock trailers and loads of corn or hay. Conversely, non-farmers can use this truck for hauling a houseboat or EXTRA large camping trailer.

Picking Your WT Model

As you can see, there are several WT options out there for minimalist drivers. If you want to dabble with construction or need something to haul your fishing boat, the 2017 1500 WT is a great option for you. When you’re planning on hauling livestock trailers, large campers, and the likes, the 2021 3500 WT is a must-have. Finding yourself somewhere in between? The 2019 2500 WT is where it’s at.

You can find year variations of these models as well. If you want a 3500, but you’re on a tighter budget, check out older model years. The towing capacity does decrease a bit with age, but it’s still quite impressive and is likely more than enough for what you need.

There’s no reason to spend more than you need to just to get power. That’s why we love the Chevrolet WT trim. No matter how much time goes by or how tech-savvy the world gets, Chevy is leaving room for those of us who like to keep it simple. When you visit a used truck dealer, make sure to ask about the Chevrolet Work Truck trim.