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A close up of the front grille and headlight on an orange 2022 Nissan Sentra is shown.

How Nissan Incorporates Technology Into the 2022 Nissan Sentra

Something special happens when you walk past a Nissan Sentra parked on the street—the sleek shape, the metallic sheen, the scowling front fascia—every bit of the Sentra beckons you to come forth and enjoy the experience waiting in the driver’s seat. As a compact sedan, the Sentra has a lot of personality in its sporty, polished attire. Nissan also pours mountains of technology into the Sentra, as it does with its entire lineup, but the 2022 Sentra is priced so affordably it’s hard to believe how much tech is stuffed into a sedan almost anyone can buy. On top of all the tech, the Sentra even drives beautifully with responsive handling and a suspension that absorbs a lot of road chatter. All that aside, let’s explore the technology in the 2022 Nissan Sentra to discover what awaits if you purchase a new model this year.


Does it surprise you to imagine the 2022 Sentra uses technology to improve its performance on the road? Nissan puts the kind of tech into the Sentra that automatically assists the driver in numerous ways, from the performance of the engine to the suspension. In fact, three specific technologies automate driving dynamics through the use of sensors that apply certain actions when undesirable circumstances arise, and they are standard on every 2022 Sentra. For instance, Nissan developed a system called an Intelligent Engine Brake which activates when the driver depresses the brake pedal, and its purpose is to ensure the Sentra stops with less need for the driver to brake and to make braking less jarring.

Nissan designs the engine brake to work in tandem with the Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission (or CVT), sensing changes like turns or slowing with the use of the brake. When the system senses the reduction in speed, the Intelligent Engine Brake kicks on and adjusts the level of braking required according to gear ratios of the CVT and the amount of pressure the driver applies to the brake pedal. In short, it reduces how hard the driver has to brake and makes braking smoother to avoid harsh, jerking stops that can be jarring. Intelligent Trace Control is another system that utilizes braking, though the braking is applied to the wheels instead of through the engine.

With Intelligent Trace Control, the Sentra can send braking power to each individual wheel as it gathers data from the Vehicle Dynamics Control system (a fancy way of saying electronic stability control). What the system detects relates to the yaw, or movement from left to right, that senses when the vehicle is veering away from the path intended by the driver’s steering pattern, particularly when cornering. Corrective measures are taken by applying brakes to each wheel as needed until the Sentra is returned to its intended path. Add in Active Ride Control, and the use of brakes in combination with torque can keep the ride quality smooth through gentle nudges from braking to reduce body motion of the Sentra so you won’t feel the bouncing induced by hitting bumps in the road. Each of these systems is automated through the electronic vehicle systems that react instantly to driving conditions.

An orange 2022 Nissan Sentra SE is shown from a rear angle driving on a city street.

Driver-Assist Safety

Systems like those related to performance are subtle, and you may not even notice when they adjust vehicle dynamics. The features Nissan provides for active safety measures will be more evident when they engage, and driver-assist technology will more directly affect performance in ways you are intended to notice so you will take action to avoid an accident. Nissan calls its suite of features Sentra Safety Shield 360, and it is standard for all 2022 models. While names of many driver-assist features are becoming more recognizable in mainstream society, not everyone is aware of how each feature functions to avoid impacts or assist in maintaining safe driving.

With Nissan’s Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection equipped, the 2022 Sentra uses sensors to gauge the distance between the Sentra and other vehicles ahead. If the system senses the vehicle is closing distance too rapidly, the brakes will engage. These same sensors also have the capability to detect pedestrians in the vehicle’s path and will immediately halt the vehicle to avoid hitting someone crossing in front of you. Rear Automatic Braking works in much the same way, except in reverse, and in the case of this particular feature, Nissan is the only compact sedan to offer this feature as standard. A lot of accidents happen when driving in reverse due to poor visibility, especially in the case of small children or animals, and its inclusion speaks volumes about Nissan’s concern for true safety in a car.

Using the Blind Spot Warning system in the 2022 Sentra can prevent cutting off another driver when you want to change lanes in traffic. Again, sensors read the area behind the vehicle and issue a warning to let you know it isn’t safe yet if it detects a vehicle in your blind spot. Lane Departure Warning works on much the same principle, though it alerts the driver via a small vibration of the steering wheel when the Sentra drifts out of its lane. Rear Cross Traffic Alert works in low-speed situations like parking lots or backing out of your driveway to scan for oncoming traffic that could be crossing your path. A warning once again lets you know you should wait until the traffic passes, a boon for those with poor visibility in their driveway or when your view is blocked by parked vehicles.

The black and tan interior of a 2022 Nissan Sentra shows the steering wheel and center console.


The infotainment system has become an expected feature in new cars at this point, and most buyers want Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at the very least. Smartphone pairing is a convenience that makes it possible to have some of your phone’s apps mirrored on the infotainment screen, thus letting you access those apps to be used in the car. In the 2022 Sentra, iPhone users can pair their phone with the car, so you can ask Siri to make calls, play music, or bring up a map for navigation. Android phones can do much the same by saying, “Hey, Google.” This isn’t much different than pairing your phone via Bluetooth, except that Bluetooth typically allows only phone use or streaming rather than all the extra features that come with Apple or Android functions. While these features tend to lean toward entertainment value, they also mean you can make calls, use navigation, and ask your phone questions like you normally would.

Technology that comes with the Nissan Connect service is more about safety and security, remote services, and providing WiFi service if you choose to subscribe. Though it would be nice if this service was available across the trims, the base S trim does not have the option. Still, the two upper trims can add connected services, and there are a lot of benefits. WiFi service allows for up to seven devices to be used at the same time, a number you probably won’t ever need, but it simply means you won’t have to use all your smartphone data while you drive. Uploading the NissanConnect app will let you look at your Sentra’s status in terms of fuel, battery, tire pressure, and more, so you get a glimpse of whether or not your car is ready for the road.

Remote start and locking or unlocking are also options to use through the app, so your smartphone becomes almost like a second key fob. Once you get in your Sentra, you can use Google Maps on the infotainment screen to look up a specific place you want to go, and then see a street view and details about the place before you decide to leave the driveway. You can get traffic information that can redirect you to avoid congestion, and if you have trouble on the way, you can call for roadside assistance. The system will also call for emergency services if it senses an accident, and you can even use the concierge option to speak with a real human being who can assist you with things your phone may not be able to accomplish.

The Whole Package

Though several technologies are explored here, this is certainly not a complete list of all the ways Nissan utilizes technology in the 2022 Sentra. Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility platform incorporates a lot of technologies to improve the overall functioning of the vehicle, and there are too many to name in a single sitting. If you choose to purchase a 2022 Sentra, you’ll get more than your money’s worth of features that keep you safe and make your life more convenient.